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I forgot to post last week's video, so I'm going to do that now as well as this week's video, they are both parts of my nuzlocke because that's all that's going on right now. There's a short machinima that I wanna get made and I feel like we could do it but it doesn't seem like anyone wants to JUST LIKE OLD TIMES. Ah, the memories :c

Also, here's some shitty cartoons

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Last week I promised "more come soon" well I meant "cum" so here is the more cum

Next week will probably not be cum, but a new nuzlocke video will certainly come, along with another Mach Adventures Supercut 'cause I have time to edit those again.

Also Alex spammed youtube with The Division live streams, so you can watch those too. I'm not linking to them 'cause there's too many.

Also I made this, not that anyone here is interested in seeing my bullshit

Okay, that's it. Should be able to start recording more frequently, so we might get to a point where there can be two nuzlocke videos a week soon.
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i forgot to link the videos
here they are

ok bye
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Two videos this week.
Up first, the first actual part of my Fire Red Nuzlocke. I've been told it's pretty great.

And last, the 2nd Mach Adventures supercut. Who'd have thought Mach Adventures would be watchable and maybe even funny just by removing all the silence and boring shit? Hard to believe, I know.

And that's it. Plenty of videos coming though. I've got another two parts of my nuzlocke ready, with more on the way when I can film more, and then of course the remaining Mach Adventures supercuts are coming, still need to edit those. I might end my life before that though, because editing them is SO BORING. Alex is also working on a few videos too, one being the finale of our old-ass Starbound playthrough thing, and another being a highlights video of a few Guns of Icarus matches, I think? There's also some non-let's play stuff coming in the near-distant future, but those are still in planning stages.

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Through a last minute attempt, we managed to release a new* video on Friday, further continuing our kinda accidental attempt to release a video every Friday. I feel like we could continue this trend for the entire year, plus some other videos here and there. If that actually happens, I'd say that's some sort of accomplishment considering our poor attempt at releasing stuff in the past. Sure, these may just be let's plays and occasionally short, stupid things, but we're at least managing to work on SOMETHING, and that's more than we would've done previous years, because it seemed so hard for us to just do it.

Anyways, last minute new* video this week is a more watchable version of the first episode of Mach Adventures. Managed to cut out nearly 6 minutes of trash, so hey, check it out if you want.

And the last video this week ('cause we're counting Sunday as "this" week), and the actual NEW video, is the continuation of an old Starbound playthrough me and Alex did. This one's better than the first, and I have no doubts that the 3rd one will be even better than the first 2 COMBINED. It'll also probably be the last in this mini-series. Won't be the last Starbound thing we do though, that's for sure. Expect something BIG(ish).

As for Future videos, this week I'll be able to start recording my Nuzlocke, and depending on how well that goes, plus with the supercuts of Mach Adventures, whatever stuff Alex is working on, other let's plays I want to do, and actual non-let's play videos that we intend to work on, we might just have enough content soon to start releasing multiple videos a week.

If we can release multiple videos a week, which days would you guys like to see videos released on? Not that it's really that important because once it's up, it's not going anywhere, but it is nice to have a set day that people can expect content, so then we don't have to constantly remind people that a video is there.

Also, a side note: Even though we've released 12 videos this year, most of them getting a decent bit of watch time due to their length, the ecpm on our channel is kinda shit, so we've pretty much made nothing off of it. I bring this up because, with the recent revelation that the forums are actually covering hosting costs (kinda), it'd be cool to see the Mach youtube channel be able to make a decent bit too. Maybe it's just because earnings are typically lower in the first quarter, I don't know. I suggested to Alex that we should partner with a network, and he didn't seem against it, so maybe that'll help. I don't know why I'm sharing this, I guess it could lead to interesting discussion or something.

Welp, whatever we end up doing, from this point out you can expect at least one video from us a week. We've managed to do it every week so far this year, so you can bet we're going to try to keep it up.

*Not actually new, more of a re-cut. More watchable though, so totes watch it or whatever.
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Mach Entertainment was temporarily down earlier today. I would like to apologize for that. Just to fill you in on the details, our domain entered it's grace period before being released. Due to a problem with the billing department (the most cluttered section of my desk) the payment hadn't been processed and so the domain entered a parked state. The domain has since been transferred into my sole possession, as before it was under another account. Now the bill can be paid easier and this issue shouldn't occur again.

Two-Step verification is back online as well. Users who protect their account using it may now authenticate properly.

Let me clarify right here and now, money was not an issue. While we do appreciate donations to offset the cost of the server and domains, it's actually not all that expensive and we'll manage to get by month to month.
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This week's video is part 1 of a short-lived Starbound playthrough that me and Alex did back in 2014 or something, I don't know. It's pretty fun I think, and Alex put a good bet of effort into editing it, so there's that.

This is currently the last finished video we have, but dammit we've released 1 video a week for every week this year so far (plus one extra) so we're gonna try to keep this going. Alex was working on part two of this, but his media drive started failing or something so that had to be delayed. Hopefully it's done in time though. If not, I still have some stuff that I could theoretically put together.

In other news, out of all the videos we've uploaded so far this year, the most successful seems to be part 0 of my Fire Red Nuzlocke, so I take it people want more of that. All the more reason to start on the actual nuzlocke as soon as possible.

Hopefully we'll be able to have a new video ready for next Friday, and depending on how much of my nuzlocke I can record, we can probably get out two videos a week. I really wouldn't expect that though, nor do I think we should attempt it, at least not right now, not until we have a plan for bigger projects that you can actually look forward to. I do have a lot of ideas for "interesting" let's play series though, so once I get finished with this cartoon I'm working on and I have some free time, I'll get to recording some of those.
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Hello everyone, as our efforts to provide "frequent" content to you guys, here's a new video:

This is a failed attempt by me, at doing a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Fire Red. I was expecting it to be short but... wow. I will continue (rather start over) this at some point, when I have a more appropriate recording environment, and hopefully I'll last longer, lol.

Alex says this is pretty funny, so I guess that's as good a reason as any to watch it.

More videos are in the works!

Also, sidenote: This was unintentionally released super close to Pokemon's 20th anniversary, so that's cool.
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So, this week was an anomaly, we released TWO videos! One of them's a shitty old thing I wasted time putting together, and the other is something from Alex. Yes, rejoice, for once a video not by me!

First, our final Minecraft machinima. I say "our" but it was all done by me, still made for Mach though. I wrote and filmed it in 2014, and then just kinda gave up on it for over a year 'cause I couldn't figure out how to make it presentable, and after taking time away from it, I think I've managed to put together something decent. And no, the story doesn't make sense, even if I explained what's happening, it wouldn't make sense.

There will be actual GOOD machinimas from us in the future still, just not Minecraft.

And now, the first installment of an alleged series, MELP (Mach Entertainment Let's Play). This time, Alex plays through the demo for Mafia II, and it's pretty funny and stuff.

There's still one video left on queue, but other than that, we're still working on putting together more content. I've got a bunch of old shit I could still put together, but it's all Minecraft, so I'm not sure if I should even bother since we're trying to move away from that. I guess it shouldn't matter what the content is though as long as it's funny, so if you guys wanna see that, let me know.