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So in case no one noticed, at the beginning of the year I started uploading archive footage from 2013 that was meant to be an on-going Minecraft let's play on the Mach server. That series has now finished uploading, with it's 6 episodes that didn't really feature much adventuring, or much of actually showing off the server. Most of them honestly aren't worth watching 'cause this was 2013 and I'm an idiot, however the 5h and 6th episodes are definitely worth watching. There's also some funny moments throughout the rest of the episodes, but again, since these were moreseo uploaded as archival stuff, they're not edited (mostly). Also, the finale "movie" is definitely worth watching in its entirety. I actually did edit out some stuff and it's definitely an enjoyable experience throughout, despite being nearly an hour long. Even the credits are enjoyable 'cause they're more of a joke.
Here's the series:

So yeah, aside for the last couple videos, this really isn't worth watching. What is worth watching though and is a much better representation of what our server was like at the time, is the Let's Pretend to Play Minecraft that Alex and Kyle did. So yeah.

Also Alex did a Kerbal Space Program thing, so go watch that too I guess:
Not sure how entertaining it is 'cause I haven't watched it, but I'm not in it so I'm sure it's just automatically funny.

In other news, for once we're actually working on TRYING to get a steady stream of content going. We've already got another 2 videos fully done, plus some others that have been gathering dust for a while that really should be finished, plus a bunch of other ideas of what we CAN do. Hopefully we'll get to the point where we have enough content to post videos a couple times a week. Don't worry though, if we don't think it's entertaining, we won't upload it!

So yeah, there's stuff to look forward to, and not all of it will be Let's Plays, I can assure you that... if we can actually pull it off of course...

-Mach Adventures:
-Better than Mach Adventures:

-Kerbal Space Program:
-And more stuff is coming, which may or may not include more Machinimas.
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Gentlemen, we've once again found a game that suits our fancy. This time around a friend of ours is hosting it and so there's no cost to keep it up and running. We're inviting all of you on the forums to join us.

If you're wondering what ARK is, make sure to check out my Twitch streams. I'll have another one going live today around 3 or 4 pm. I'll answer any questions and you can see what the game is like.

Like all the other time we've hosted we have no guarantees to how long we'll host.
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DO YA'LL WANT A STARBOUND SERVER!? We're probably gonna host one after the next update and everybody here is invited.
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Once again, let's see how long it lasts this time, Mach Entertainment is hosting. We have acquired a completely separate server to host some games off of and at the moment Arma 3 is what strike our fancy. We're hoping to start up a Milsim guild and of course, anybody on the forum is free to join if they're into that sorta thing.

If you're not, we also have some plans to put Starbound running on it in the background for those of us more interested in the side-scroller, resource collecting type of game. As the details finalize, we'll get back to you on that one.

I'm keeping this one short. If you haven't heard of either game, they're worth a google search. While completely different, they're both good games.
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Page 6 of Pollywogs is here! Here, to be exact: heh.
I had fun making this page, so hopefully people like it.
Also, I'm aware that "awesome" is spelled wrong. I have determined that it would be too hard to fix and that store is now canonically "Awsome Games", 'cause they're rebellious and stuff. WORLD BUILDING!!!
Pollywogs is back to every Saturday now, unless something else happens that would make me not able to upload them!

Okay that's it, I think.

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Page 5 of Pollywogs is here!
It was supposed to be up yesterday but there were some problems with the comic part of the website (NOT LIKE THERE'S EVER ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT).
This is the official start of "chapter 2" and therefore the actual story. Should I have started it here and not bothered with the first 4 pages? Probably, that's done and over with now though and it's still important for stuff that will happen later.

Also, disclaimer/spoiler: You don't actually see much of the neighborhood here, it's all a sham! I'm just bad at naming things, OKAY?

Okay ._.

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Okay, so I haven't had internet for about 2 weeks, so I wasn't able to upload the last few Pollywogs pages on time. I do have #4 and #5 done though, with #6 partially done.

Page 4 is here:
And with that, chapter 1 is done, though maybe it makes more sense for this to be the beginning of chapter 2, but who cares.

I'm not sure when #5 will be up, maybe Monday, since if I DO continue to upload these, #6 is scheduled to go up next Saturday, and I kinda have to stick to this schedule 'cause certain pages have to go up at certain times for it to make sense, so if I do manage to miss a day again, double update a week it is!

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Over the course of the day, I've put in a few minor tweaks. Most of them revolve around the way ads are displayed and fixing features of our donor system. Oh I bet you didn't see this coming...

It is at this time that we would like to humbly ask that our users try to offset the costs of the server with a few generous donations every now and then. I've done a lot of work to try to minimize our costs and I'll be completely honest with you. It only costs $30 a month to keep the server running. That's not bad, but we have a yearly license costs too that while only yearly (Uh.... duh) are actually still pretty substantial.

I understand that the community hasn't seen a lot of activity lately. Maybe it's because things are too peaceful, perhaps there aren't enough engaging posts; It could even possibly bee that everybody got a life and moved on (Is it really possible?) but the forums are still here and I hope to make this a resource that will always be here. It may be a small community but its kinda like a home away from home, but on the internet. So, it would be kinda cool to keep this place.

That being said, donors get the usual range of perks that I've advertised before but I'll reiterate them again because I recently reimplemented them (They were lost in the move. Which one? Pffft, like we'll ever know?) and I need to inflate my ego. Any donors who give any amount will no longer receive ads for a month from donation. The minimum donation has been lowered to $2. It used to be $5 because of Paypal's way of eating a large portion of small transactions. You'll also get a little tag under your name that will say "Donator" so that you can inflate your own ego as well. These things might take a bit of time from donation to activate. If they don't work though, feel free to rage at my inbox and I'll give you a hand.

Now, I'll mention a bit more about tweaks. The maximum width of the forum was increased to allow a larger sidebar. This, in turn, allows us to use a new ad format. Since we like to be tasteful, we have made the necessary tweaks to assure that only two ads are displayed per page. Also, ads no longer show on searches, 404 pages and a bunch of other miscellaneous pages where they could be mistaken for actual content (as per Google's requirements.)

There were also some other tweaks here and there that you'll have to find on your own.

Happy Hunting and thank you in advance for any donations or even seriously considering donating.

P.S There's a typo in this post that made me chuckle so I left it in there. Feel free to point it out if you've got snarky commentary or dank memes to follow it up with.
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The 3rd page of Pollywogs is here! One day later than usual 'cause I'm an idiot and this one's really long and has a ton of unnecessary details so hopefully that makes up for it? ._.

Also it was supposed to be up at noon today, and even though Alex said he fixed that issue with the comic thing IT STILL DIDN'T PUBLISH. Ah well.
The page is here:

And now for the usual bit where I beg for feedback and no one gives it to me! Oh wait, this isn't Newgrounds, I DO get feedback here. AIN'T THAT WEIRD, HUH?

Enjoy! :3
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The 2nd page of Pollywogs is now up on the comic section of the site! I don't know if there's any sort of way to follow a comic, and I'd assume there isn't since a lot of the stuff on the comic section (like comments) IS BROKEN, so I guess for updates, I'll just make news posts! Every week...


I mean uh... something.