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Yesterday I posted the first page of an ongoing webcomic I've been wanting to start for a while now, Pollywogs, a spinoff of FrogMan the Series, starring Toady and some other kids we'll meet later. A new page of the comic will come out every Saturday, and it's an ongoing story so hopefully there will always be something to look forward to!

This comic is also special because it's the first comic to be uploaded through the new comics part of the website!
The comic is also on Newgrounds, but it's probably best to keep traffic here, heh.

So go check out the first page if you haven't already:

I'll probably also make a subforum for discussion of the comic, if Alex is okay with that, since comments on the actual comic page don't work apparently.

Okay, that's it.
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We've built a new section of the website specializing in showcasing webcomics. Hopefully over time we can build a large library of interesting comics.

For users who wish to browse the new section:

Please note that the site is still being worked on and that there are bound to be issues. Please report any issues to us in the comments here.

Also, users are not allowed to signup yet. There are future plans to implement a system where forum accounts can be used on the other site, but we're holding off on that to see if this section of the site is worth maintaining over time.
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Welcome back!!

We've made the transfer while you were out and let me just say that despite the issues we ran into making the transfer, I'm happy to be back on Linux. The downtime was quite a bit longer than I had originally wanted but with perseverance we didn't have to start from scratch.

Users, please tell me of any issues that occur while you are browsing about. There were some things during the transfer that had to be manually changed and as such are prone to error. I've done the best I could trying to scan for errors in basic behavior but we'll see.

Now to the fun stuff.

I would like to reintroduce several old features we lost some time ago. First is the user friendly URLs, besides being a SEO thing, they're generally prettier to look at and easier to read when linked. My favorite feature has to be though that ANIMATED GIFS ARE BACK. While always supported, we lost the ability to resize them and maintain their animation. Well, they're back. It's yet another feature that's prone to errors, don't get too frustrated trying to upload them, we have some tweak and changes to make to the new box to make it work for us.
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It's been a while since the last time we changed server hardware, and considering our past that means we're overdue for a change. This time around we'll be switching off of dedicated hardware and into a cloud based VPS. Don't consider it a downgrade as much as a lateral movement. While we won't be on a dedicated server instead we'll have better hardware but with the downside of existing on a shared server. For the layman, there should be generally no change. We will be switching back to a Linux based OS, simply because: A) They do server stuffs better; B) I like them better; C) They're cheaper; D) They're easier to secure.

With this change, Mach Entertainment will loose its ability to host games. This isn't a major change however considering that in the past few months we haven't hosted anything. We sat on this server hoping that one day a game would catch the fancy of the community as a whole and we could all share a nice server together but I'll probably die of old age before that happens.

We do have plans for reentering game hosting if we ever decide we want to, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This change of hardware should happen in the course of a few hours tomorrow. The plan is close the websites and transfer them during the hours of 12AM to 4AM 1PM to 4PM on May 2nd. In the event that the transfer goes wrong, we may additionally need some time. We're hoping for a smooth transition, as I've had experience with the software and hardware being used.
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Hey guys and gals,

I've been really busy optimizing the server once again. Early this morning I've managed to further decrease page load times. Users should notice that the site responds a lot snappier. While optimizing the site, I've also fixed a lot of bugs involving the newsfeed and javascript. The fixes implemented should also make for a faster response.

I've launched a new service in anticipation of the upcoming changes to the site. Staff users can now upload private files to the server where they will be securely stored but available from any location provided the user is able to authenticate themselves successfully. This cloud service is completely secure. Staff should feel free to upload anything to it.

Enjoy your new and improved browsing experience.

April Fools!!

Yours Truly,
Alexander (RECONmaster)
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Excuse the title, I've been playing a little too much Arma 3 (A military sim game) and couldn't help myself.

First and foremost, I would like to thank the donors once again for keeping our site alive for this long. A specific shoutout goes to @Milamber for his very generous donations that have assured that we have made our goals for the past couple of months. Unfortunately, we did not make our goal last month, actually we didn't receive any donations at all last month. So this month I'll foot the bill so we can continue to exist and do what we do. I don't have a whole lot of money so, I can't do this too often.


In hopes of improving the site, Mach has began the work required to implement a Content Delivery Network. This should speed things up and increase security for the site. At the moment the project is on hold as we work things out but the end result should be a faster content delivery with less strain on the server. Over the upcoming days we should see the improvements and maybe a few issues as we work out what can and cannot be cached on the CDN. If you notice any problems, make sure to contact us.

Mach Entertainment's inner circle has been in talks about expanding the site. At the moment we host a community and while that's something it's not exactly going to generate additional traffic. So while nothing is final, with no specific dates mentioned, we've decided to add a real home page along with a section of the site that hopefully will be occupied by creative content such as web comics and things of that nature. While not exactly a stride in the most original direction it's an idea we had and it seems like it could be fun for us.

On the other hand, we have stopped hosting Rust. Rust being in early development is updated on a daily basis and keeping up with that on the server side is a bit frustrating. Automation is also a bit hard to employ considering the nature of the updates and the software we use to run the server. While we had it though, we did have a decent attendance with the majority stating how they liked the server and how well it ran. Such a shame that we have decided that we no longer wish to continue down that path.

Now we'll continue to a section where each individual will be able to state what they've been up to.

Alexander Jimenez (RECONmaster): For the most part I've been working to improve the site in a general sense of the word. Recently you might have noticed the implementation of the SSL certificate. There was also other things that I've added that do not pertain to the website that will hopefully be useful. Some other sites that are owned by family members also exist on our server too. I've been working on getting a system working where they can conduct administrative tasks on their own without directly logging into the server. Also, if you read above, I'm currently working on enlisting the power of a content delivery network. This should be a general improvement for the site. We'll see what happens though.

Billy Stevenson (Artist "The New Jesus" Unknown): Basically all I've been doing recently is working on finishing FrogMan and Pico. It is my main priority until it's done which should be in April. Other than basically animating all day every day I've also been doing some conceptual stuff. I've been trying to come up with ideas for future works and just doing general planning. I've been wanting to make some live action stuff too but with Alex and I being in different states now, that's not going to happen. For now I'll continue to work on FrogMan and Pico, which is almost done, and get ideas for stuff to do eventually. When FrogMan and Pico is finished I won't be immediately available to do stuff for the website 'cause I have a commission to do for a friend, but that should only take a few more months, so I should be done with my prior commitments by June or so and then things can finally start moving forward here!
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If you've recently been watching the staff on Steam, you've might have noticed that we've taken an interest in fun little game . Mach Entertainment has been looking for a new game to host and we might have just found it.


We've been working on getting a server up and public and at the moment we've got a server ready to go with a mere hours more work.

For those who haven't heard of Rust, it's a survival game in which you spawn as a man, naked, with a rock and a desire to survive. After gathering wood and stone you can set out to advance with better weapons and bigger and stronger houses to protect yourself from the wolves, bears and other people roaming the procedurally generated landscape because once you log out, your player is left vulnerable laying in deep slumber.

The game is currently in development by Facepunch, the same people who made Garry's Mod. At the moment there is a fairly developed building system with a choice selection of weapons awaiting the proper materials to be made.

Our server was tweaked away from the vanilla Rust and allows players to spawn some basic items like a bow, arrows and some pants to cover their genitals. 'Cause, that was kinda.... awkward. While tweaking we had a build off to see if the regular gathering speeds were adequate enough to build a decent home within an hour. Those can be seen above and below.


As a game in development, you can expect to see new features being implemented bringing great changes to the game. Already, the game has had the renderer overhauled. This also comes with the downside of having some glitches and incomplete features.

2015-01-11_00001 (2).jpg

Personally I don't mind it, most of the glitches are easily dealt with or just downright funny.

If you would like to join us, the game is available on Steam for $25USD. Our server can be connected to at

If you have any questions about the game, would like to comment, or have anything to say just feel free to post below.
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After seeing multiple threads and discerning, perhaps with some difficulty, that the threads are spam I have decided that enough is enough. Spam is nothing new to forum boards but never has it been a welcomed thing. Personally I find it to be the most ineffective method of product advertisement. Seriously, if I wanted a product I wouldn't even consider purchasing it from a really shady company that uses spam as a marketing method.

Spam, how I despise thee. Spam is probably my pet peeve of the internet. So, when I say it finding its way onto my website, which is my pride and joy, it kinda pisses me off. In order to prevent more advertisers from trying to sell us muscle enhancers and male "performance" products I have implemented several anti-spam prevention systems. These vary from checking databases during registration to scanning a new users first few messages. Mach Entertainment is not and does not want to be a place for spam.

We ask that you, the user, please report any spam that makes it through the system. I still can't believe that you guys greet the spammers by name but don't report the post. Let's do our part of spam prevention.

Thanks guys and gals,

P.S I hate spam.
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Since the move to the new server, I've been learning and working with a new server environment and today was no different. I noticed from the very beginning that the server had an issue with Time to First Byte response. Basically, after the client sends a request, it took a while for the server to respond with a relevant file. This is visualized in modern browsers as the time the loading wheel spins backwards while it connects to the server.

Beginning the day of diagnostics the server's Time to First Byte was around 1.25s. No matter what though, it always averaged over 1 second.
It was probably the first thing I noticed once the web server was up. I pushed the issue to the back burner though because this issue was minor and while annoying to me; there were other issues to attend to. Today was spent tracking down the source of this latency and figuring out a fix.

I can gladly say this long lived issue has been taken care of.


Time to First Byte is now significantly lower from a measurable and perceivable standpoint. Users should be able to notice the improvement in the server's response time. I hope you enjoy the drop in latency of 1.23 seconds, which in terms of Time to First Byte optimization is a significant improvement.

Digressing from my server showboating, I turn the point of this post towards the users. I would like to take the time to assist members who are having issues with connection to the server. There were small lapses of time during the implementation of forwarders, redirects, and DNS records that a user might have obtained a faulty file that may result in a rather unfavorable experience. Any user experiencing weird connections issues such as long page loads should feel free to contact me via this thread or PM.

Thanks users,
by RECONmaster at 10:34 PM
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Hello forumers,

By the time you read this post, you will already have (hopefully) noticed the reintroduction of advertisements on our forums. This was a choice I had to mull over for a while and have finally decided would work best in our favor.

You all know that the financial situation of this forum is not a story filled with unicorns and gold at the end of rainbows. Trust me, I checked. For the past few months, we have survived off the gracious donations of some very generous donors that I cannot thank enough. However, I would like the server to try to remain as self-reliant as possible and I cannot let this community come to rely on donations. With this mindset, I have taken the effort to re-implement the ads.

For users that do not wish to view ads, the donor rank will soon make its come back. I would like to emphasize that making a donation and paying for the donor rank will not be the same thing. Donor rank, are people who pay to remove advertisements. Donors, are people who donated out of the generosity of their hearts.

More information will be released as things develop.

Thanks for you continued support,