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Happy Halloween everyone! Here's a video we never finished:

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May I have a drum-roll please? Out of the two final contestants for the forum's primary theme, the winner is... Flat Awesome!!! That's right the polls closed yesterday afternoon and the majority of users, 11 to 7 to be exact, want Flat Awesome to be the forum's primary theme. This means that while Flat Awesome will be the default theme for new users and will be the supported theme, users can elect to remain with Nadulas Gamer as their chosen theme. If you choose Nadulas gamer, you should know that your theme is unsupported and that the majority of threads will be designed around the primary theme.

Flat Awesome is now going onward to be tweaked for our forum. I'm taking recommendations and requests now before any changes are made. Here is what I have so far.

  • Dark Theme
  • High Contrast for Text
  • Attempt to support "snowflake colors"
Nadulas gamer will also be tweaked to allow most posts to be legible in it. No promises though.

On a side note, if you notice the forum takes a while to "connect", characterized in Chrome by the backwards spinning loading icon, then you might want to clear your cache, cookies and data for "". While the forum was being worked on, there were redirect issues that may cause a hang.

It's simple to do.

For Chrome:
Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Content Settings > All Cookies and Site Data
  • Search
  • Delete data by using the "X" to the right of it.
Note, it will log you out because you also delete your session data.

For Firefox
Menu > Options> Privacy > Remove Individual Cookies
  • Search
  • Delete data.
Note, it will log you out because you also delete your session data.

You should notice decreased page load times if you suffered from the issue. If you didn't, then the only bad thing is that you have to log in again.
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It's simple, what theme will be our new theme?
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Today has been a productive day on the web end of Mach Entertainment. Some features were were reintroduced that were lost in the transfer.

Users may now choose to login using several popular social networks rather than create a user account from scratch. Users who already have an account can choose to associate their accounts with their social media allowing them to login using them as well as with their regular forum accounts. There is also some integration between our site and the social media sites for any of those who are into that.

Tapatalk, the mobile forum app, has been reintroduced and users may now begin to browse the forums using it once again. This makes browsing the forum from a mobile phone a much more streamlined process that is less data intensive and should put less strain on your phone. It also offers push notifications for the forum whenever another user has interacted with you.

The forum software was updated today and it brought some great renovations to missing features for our forums. Threads polls have received the much needed attention that has been missing from previous versions. Thread creators may now elect to have users choose one choice, multiple choices or a set number of choices. Polls can now have their results hidden until the voter has made a choice, or to have the results hidden altogether. This reduces the group-think phenomenon.
Another feature introduced is the ability to directly quote small passages or selections from quotes. Previously a user could quote a whole post or even multiple posts, thanks to the team behind our forum software we have yet another extremely intuitive quote system being introduces. Users may now quote small sections of posts by highlighting the section with their browser and then choosing to reply. It works in conjunction with the multi-quote system.

Previously, profiles updates were a rather static and under developed part of Xenforo, our forum software. Now, they have had some modification that brings them closer into the light and makes it easier for users to interact with them.


Under the members section of the website, users can now view a chronological list of user's profile posts making them more accessible than before. Although, rather quasi-facebook/twitter-esque it makes the profile post system a lot less useless and makes it a somewhat more viable way of seeing what the community has been up to. As a side note, our portal has always had the recent profile updates block but now there are quick ways to interact with them.

Moving away from the new features and onto the forum's asthetics, the vote for the forum's theme has heated up and is running a close campaign between FlatAwesome and Nadulas Gamer. However, since this can send the community in an uproar larger than some political campaigns I've seen; we'll do something that you can't do (but should be able to) with politicians. Mach Entertainment is going to run both themes and users will be able to switch back and forth between them to get a feel for both. Themes can make certain features more accessible or even add features and pictures simply can't describe whether or not they'll be as intuitive as they are aesthetically pleasing. In the lower left corner of every page users can see a "Flexile Dark." This is the name of the current theme and clicking it allows users to choose another theme. Over the next few days the new theme choices will come up and we'll be able to interact with them. Themes will remain unmodified until a champion is chosen. The chosen one will move on to be customized for our website.

Enjoy your stay,
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Hey users,

My sources have told me that the vast majority of you aren't exactly happy with the aesthetics of the forum. Since we are getting a fresh start, let me open this up for the users to decide upon. I just chose this theme pretty much at random because it wasn't default. However, there are other styles available to us that I'm sure would fit your discerning tastes.

Feast your eyes on some of the other choices!!11!
FlatAwseome - Choice 1

Nadulas Gamer - Choice 2
Fusion Gamer - Choice 3
Be Mine - Ultimate Choice 4

The color choices in the styles can be changes to suit our needs but it's the overall form and shape that should be basis of your vote. It's easier to change colors than to restructure pages.

Happy voting,
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Hey guys,

So, I've posted about this before, but here it is again.

You should all go like up the Facebook and Twitter pages. Because you peeps need to stay informed.


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Welcome back users of the old,

I regret to inform you that our old threads couldn't be salvaged. Unfortunately settings in the old database made the forum unsuitable for the new OS and as such we lost it all. I would love to have had everybody come back to home sweet home, but I'm sorry but I couldn't pull it off.

Now that we're starting fresh, I decided that a new skin would be appropriate to make things feel different than before. It's currently being worked on but this is the new place.

If there is information that you absolutely needed from the old forums, RP threads or things of that nature I can try to pull important posts from the old database. There's no guarantees though.

Enjoy your stay,