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    Forumer Chat Thread

    Covid's just a government conspiracy to solve the collapse of the American Social Security system.
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    Forumer Chat Thread

    Wow it's a total ghost town in here.
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    Pyro has entered the match

    Please don't mess around like that. You guys will be sorry when Prince actually dies.
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    Pyro has entered the match

    I'm the guy who runs the community. P.S I'm the guy who runs the servers.
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    Pyro has entered the match

    Welcome to the Forums and the SS13 server! It's great to see a new face around here. The forums have been pretty stagnant of late but it's the community has a pretty solid core. Also, be sure to check out our Discord! All the chitchat about SS13 seems to go there.
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    Games People Play

    Space Station 13: /TG/station 13 /TG/station 13 is a branch of Spacestation 13, a role based game where players are tasked with playing their part in keeping a Nanotrasen station running. However, it would seem that fate has other plans, with biological lifeforms of all types invading and...
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    Forum Mega-Migration 11/29/19

    >implying we can't bludgeon one another.
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    Forum Mega-Migration 11/29/19

    Yeah, I'm not sure if I like them either. They kinda just sprung out on me with this update.
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    Forum Mega-Migration 11/29/19

    Changelog: Server migrated to new host. Backend re-implemented. New server has less hardware but should be cheaper going forward. Xenforo upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 Implements security fixes and some style changes. We're still behind on security updates but that requires renewing our license...
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    Another Migration Update!

    Migration to the new host completed today. There were major changes made to the backend. Lots of things are the same but re-implemented in different ways. What does this mean for you the end user? Hopefully nothing! However, more likely than not there's going to be glitches and hitches here or...
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    Minecraft 11/3/2019 Capitalism 3.0: Recon's Big Fat Stimulus Package

    Capitalism 3.0: RECON's Big Fat (Stimulus) Package Update! UBI Players will earn $10 for every 20 minutes they're online. Shops now cost $10 to create, instead of $100. Towns will now only get 16 chunks per citizen instead of 32. Towns can claim chunks for free. Cost to claim bonus chunks...
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    Minecraft 10/25/2019 Capitalism 2.0: Capitalism is better together update!

    Capitalism 2.0: Capitalism is Better Together Update! Implemented Towny Creation costs set: Starting a town costs $1000 Claiming a chunk costs $25. This increases 10% for every claim. Creating an outpost (Non-contiguous chunk claim) costs $250. Starting a nation costs $10000 Teleporting...
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    Minecraft 10/8/2019

    Changelog: Server spawn protection reduced to 0 (As per TC's request) New plugin immigrated. Plugin documentation written (in Spanish). Server migrated to new Executable to improve performance. Moved from Spigot to Paper. JVM max RAM increased from 4GB to 5GB. Laid framework for permissions...
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    Forumer Chat Thread

    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm a little late to this because of the colored horse festival but now that I'm back, thanks again!
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    Show Your Desktop!

    Whoa, gonna have to stop you right there sir. This is a "Show Your Desktop" thread, not a "Show Your Desktop" thread. I'm gonna have to delete your post and give you a warning to post content in the appropriate thread. Them's the rules bud.
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