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    [ADULT] Toxic Mafia: Cancer Wins, No Surprise

    The real cancer was the friends we made along the way.
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    Golden Lore: Chapter 1

    Outer Poria, South End, Park The bottle shattered against the ground and an instant puff of smoke clouded the ground. For a moment, it seemed a simple thing, just a bit of broken glass and slowly dissipating smoke. The next moment, the smoke and glass seemed to coalesce together, whipping up...
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    Forumer Chat Thread

    Happy belated birthday, Stealthy!
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    List Thread: MCU

    I don't know about secretly unhinged. I've had a pretty great 12 months, but I'll take the hulk all things considered. It's not like it doesn't fit
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    [CLOSED] Threads and Posts Disappearing.

    I blame @Colonel Thunder. This is COLONEL%20THUNDER all over again.
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    Golden Lore OOC - New Beginning (Open)

    Yep, two weeks later. I'm still focusing on school, im sorry, but you'll have to wait.
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    List Thread: MCU

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    List Thread: MCU

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    List Thread: MCU

    I'm not really into pain, giving it or receiving it. If I'm wholesome, I don't really know who I'd be in Archer. Woodhouse is close to that, but even he has some moments that make him not fit too well. It's definitely a tough list to fill. lol, no.
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    List Thread: MCU

    Walrus is Kreiger because he's constantly making things (board games) that none of us really want or need, but still appreciate (to varying degrees). He's also insane and we keep him out of sight until he's needed.
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    List Thread: MCU

    Walrus is Kreiger.
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    Forumer Chat Thread

    Happy birthday, Jeroth! Happy birthday.
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    uhhhhh.... Hi?

    Gone, but never forgotten.
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    Continuous Mafia Sign-Ups & Discussion Mega Thread

    If Ro wants to represent us, I say godspeed.
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