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    [Video] The Requisition (Stream and Maybe Podcast?)

    We are live with Kingdom Hearts 3!
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    [Video] The Requisition (Stream and Maybe Podcast?)

    Third post just to lock it in, in case I need three posts to myself at the front of the thread. Also, sorry for the gross screenshots. I had to use my phone because for some reason you can't take screenshots or video when you're not actively inside a game.
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    [Video] The Requisition (Stream and Maybe Podcast?)

    Second post to show off currently installed titles and anything that can be installed. The list will surely grow over time as well.
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    [Video] The Requisition (Stream and Maybe Podcast?)

    So first off, the link to my stream: As you guys might remember, I did that podcast thing for class roughly under a year ago and I called it The Requisition. I decided to keep that title for my stream. Right now, I'm still figuring out my days to stream. I'm...
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    Netflix's The Dragon Prince

    Just so everyone knows, season 2 is amazing. @AndyM03, I'd suggest giving it a try again, especially if you like Claudia, the daughter of the dark mage guy, Viren.
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    Active Walrus Court Mafia (2/5) - ...?

    Oh look, I appear to be voting to Lynch Walrus.
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    [Literature] Fate: Cookie - Chapter 14: Please Hold

    Post more and with greater frequency, you coward.
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    Active Walrus Court Mafia (2/5) - ...?

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    Continuous The Forum Court (Tirin v. Thunder: Opening Statements)

    You should totally reopen the case.
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    Hot Takes General

    Solo should have come out this December instead of randomly in the middle of the year when no one was gonna watch it. Disney doesn't realize that they've essentially made December their "Star Wars Month" for lack of a better term. Probably not that hot of a take, all things considered.
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    Forumer Chat Thread

    I've seen the insta posts you've been putting out, they're pretty great
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    [Audio] VanJasper's Forward Nerd Podcast

    You mean the wild and beloved Kojima series, as published by the bastards that are Konami?
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    No one replied to this, but the game looked like a lot of fun and was definitely a cool, small game in its own right. The full release should be interesting.
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    Robert Moran Archives

    It's mostly that Youtube has killed itself, really. It'll chug along for a long while, but unless they make it more profitable for content creators to upload and stream there, Twitch is the new place to go for content. It's really all Youtube's fault though, what with the adpocalypse...
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