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    [ADULT] 2018 Mayoral Election: The Vote (Results)

    I want those votes. I need to misuse something or I shall perish!
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    Tabletop Characters

    Monk who dressed like a wizard. Basically, a charlatan who figured out that monsters always go for the squishy mage first and wanted to mitigate that. In terms of cloth armour there’s no difference between beige robes and twilight blue robes with little stars and moons on them. And they’re both...
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    Oh, you shall get them. How you shall get your power points! Ten thousand pages, each one more beautiful and polished than the last. Each word art an illumination, every diagram a masterwork, and each animation an epic. Soon you will be consumed by madness and adopt a terrible new sanity, the...
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    And also Scarvexx was there.

    Thank you all, you’re an amazing group of people I plan to disappoint.
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    And also Scarvexx was there.

    Hello everyone; Dearest regards. I'm Scarvexx, I like old-school RPG's and running games. I think a lot of you know me (because I'm egotistical) but it takes a little nudge before I tend to remember people (because I'm an idiot). I'm mostly here to try to run and play in forum games, I've...
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