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  1. Tirin


    The person reading this is a dumb, dirty, Czech-stinking plebeian haha gottem
  2. Tirin

    The Vote Part 2: Electric Pollaloo

    We have two days because this shit's already taken too long and we have a tie between direct and preferential voting. Choose carefully; you may not change your vote using the poll, and I will only accept a change in vote if you post publicly in the thread to say that you made a mistake before...
  3. Tirin

    The Vote: The Actual Vote!

    Alright, kids, it's time to vote. Pick one or two of the options above; note that votes cannot be changed at any point. -Direct voting: forumers vote on every candidate in a vote in a single thread, and get one vote each. If no clear winner is selected, all but the top candidates are eliminated...
  4. Tirin

    Cutiepool General

    Since clearly Mafia General isn't the place to discuss how bonafide adorable Coolpool is, I figured we should make a place for it. Post how sweet you think he is here, just don't get him into some gangster rage.
  5. Tirin

    Forum Election: The Vote

    Who gets the vote? How is the vote done? Ranking system or direct polling? What restrictions should be put on who can vote, if any? Do we need to designate some poor soul as an electoral officer? Post here about what you think is fair or makes sense; once it seems like everything's died down...
  6. Tirin

    Tirin for Mayor 2018: The Tirinny Party

    Good ladies and gentlemen of Mach Entertainment, I would like to announce my candidacy for mayor of this good forum from 2018 until whatever inconsistent date our next one will fall upon. The crux of the most prominent issues regarding our great forum appear to lie in its constitution; however...
  7. Tirin

    Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day to few Canadians that are actually fuckin' here! I hope you enjoy the holiday as much as I'm gonna, being a drunk and absolutely savaging some steaks. To all you Americans out there - you guys are trash, and this is our day of lording it the fuck up. Fourth of July ain't shit...
  8. Tirin

    Unofficial Mach Entertainment Discord

    I've gone and created a cheap, shitty Discord server for us that'll serve until such a time as we all die of old age or the world ends. It's pretty barebones right now, but you guys are welcome to join and make suggestions on features you'd wanna see. Link is below. @RECONmaster, do I have your...
  9. Tirin

    Personality Types

    Though this thread has been created before, I'm bringin' it back. What Myers-Briggs personality type do you have (complete this test for an answer)? Do you think that this personality type accurately describes you? Complete this test for I certainly think that mine is a pretty good fit for me...
  10. Tirin

    The New Year

    I suppose it's a bit late, but I figured why not make a thread? Post what kinda shit you're expecting to happen in the coming year, celebrate 2016 (as if anyone's happy about it), and tell errybody your New Year's resolution - if you've got one. Me, I expect to finish my undergrad degree and...
  11. Tirin


    Summer sale's on, boys! Report back with the best deals you can find on good games, and brag about your excellent purchases!
  12. Tirin

    our suffering will never end

    Ruin has come to our users. You remember our venerable board, opulent and imperial, gazing proudly from its stoic perch above Console Gaming. I spent all my years in that ancient, rumor-shadowed forum, fattened by the Great Divide and Aladane - and yet I began to tire of conventional...
  13. Tirin

    Noli Timere Messorem

    Rest in peace, Terry Pratchett. You lit one hell of a candle.
  14. Tirin

    The Michael Brown Case

    The jury decided that Darren Wilson was innocent, but what do you guys think about this controversial case? All I ask is that everyone try to keep it civil.
  15. Tirin

    Fantasy Nations RP

    Post 1: Dragonruby/Galadon God-King Cryan paced down a hallway, his heavy footsteps making filling the hall with quiet noise as the metal of his armor clattered against itself. It would've been a simple matter for him to silence it, almost as easy as breathing, but for the moment, Cryan...
  16. Tirin

    Fantasy Nations RP [OOC]

    This is just a repost of the information I could recover from the old Fantasy Nations RP OOC thread, initially posted by Dragonruby, though edited a little by myself. Character Sheet/Information This is going to be a collaborative RP effort. Essentially we're going to have a blank, empty...
  17. Tirin

    Roleplaying Rules and Suggestions

    Newbies, I'm going to tell you something important now, so you better dig the wax out of those huge ears of yours and listen close. We've got rules that you need to follow if you intend to RP on this forum, because if you don't follow them nobody is going to want to RP with you and your posts...
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