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  1. RECONmaster

    Games People Play

    Space Station 13: /TG/station 13 /TG/station 13 is a branch of Spacestation 13, a role based game where players are tasked with playing their part in keeping a Nanotrasen station running. However, it would seem that fate has other plans, with biological lifeforms of all types invading and...
  2. RECONmaster

    Forum Mega-Migration 11/29/19

    Changelog: Server migrated to new host. Backend re-implemented. New server has less hardware but should be cheaper going forward. Xenforo upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1 Implements security fixes and some style changes. We're still behind on security updates but that requires renewing our license...
  3. RECONmaster

    Another Migration Update!

    Migration to the new host completed today. There were major changes made to the backend. Lots of things are the same but re-implemented in different ways. What does this mean for you the end user? Hopefully nothing! However, more likely than not there's going to be glitches and hitches here or...
  4. RECONmaster

    Minecraft 11/3/2019 Capitalism 3.0: Recon's Big Fat Stimulus Package

    Capitalism 3.0: RECON's Big Fat (Stimulus) Package Update! UBI Players will earn $10 for every 20 minutes they're online. Shops now cost $10 to create, instead of $100. Towns will now only get 16 chunks per citizen instead of 32. Towns can claim chunks for free. Cost to claim bonus chunks...
  5. RECONmaster

    Minecraft 10/25/2019 Capitalism 2.0: Capitalism is better together update!

    Capitalism 2.0: Capitalism is Better Together Update! Implemented Towny Creation costs set: Starting a town costs $1000 Claiming a chunk costs $25. This increases 10% for every claim. Creating an outpost (Non-contiguous chunk claim) costs $250. Starting a nation costs $10000 Teleporting...
  6. RECONmaster

    Minecraft 10/8/2019

    Changelog: Server spawn protection reduced to 0 (As per TC's request) New plugin immigrated. Plugin documentation written (in Spanish). Server migrated to new Executable to improve performance. Moved from Spigot to Paper. JVM max RAM increased from 4GB to 5GB. Laid framework for permissions...
  7. RECONmaster

    Forum 10/20/2018

    First changelog in a while and it's not even about the forum! Added musicbot to Discord Added musicbot to Teamspeak Go wild.
  8. RECONmaster

    [CLOSED] Threads and Posts Disappearing.

    Threads and posts have been disappearing from the server. The previous thread mentioning this had disappeared. The single time that I was able to observe it was caused by the database failing to be updated prior to server reboot doing fuck if I know. I've looked into the issue and believe that...
  9. RECONmaster

    [CLOSED] The Donor Color Debate

    I'm thinking of having donor's of the top tier have a username that's colored. Suggestions? Gold but with sparkles!!! Gold Blue Orange Purple Dark Red
  10. RECONmaster

    First Video in a Long Time

    Mach Entertainment's YouTube has a new video uploaded on it for the first time in a while. It's not the usual stuff either but I'm not sure I'd go as far as to call it better than a Let's Play. No, worse instead it's a montage of a convention I went to.
  11. RECONmaster

    Forum 4/27/2017

    Changelog: Updated streaming plugin to version 1.2.4 Applied Twitch clientid Re-enables Twitch stream info scrapes
  12. RECONmaster

    General Update Post

    It's been a while since we made the last news post, so long in fact that we've had several new members join and several others leave and in this community that means something. I digress, let's get to the news at-hand. As the end of the year draws near and begins our Christmas cheer it also...
  13. RECONmaster

    Another Winblows 10 Thread

    Just got the anniversary update and it's been nothing but a terrible time. I was actually streaming while the update was installing in the background. Kinda funny too, I was testing a new setup for the equipment and because of it you can see mid-stream when a Window's popup notified me that...
  14. RECONmaster

    Momentary Downtime

    We apologize for the momentary downtime while we upgraded our server to have some more RAM. This should put a stop to the random hangs the community has been experiencing as our server randomly got starved for RAM. This also has a downside of increasing out monthly rent but it's still within...
  15. RECONmaster

    Forum Games: Guidelines

    Introduction May I begin this thread by stating, I am not in anyway qualified to make a post like this. However, I do have the time and credentials to make a sticky and as such I'm going to go ahead and do so. This thread will be continuously updated as players and game masters (GMs) submit...
  16. RECONmaster

    Sorry about that.

    Mach Entertainment was temporarily down earlier today. I would like to apologize for that. Just to fill you in on the details, our domain entered it's grace period before being released. Due to a problem with the billing department (the most cluttered section of my desk) the payment hadn't...
  17. RECONmaster

    ARK: Survival Evolved

    Gentlemen, we've once again found a game that suits our fancy. This time around a friend of ours is hosting it and so there's no cost to keep it up and running. We're inviting all of you on the forums to join us. If you're wondering what ARK is, make sure to check out my Twitch streams. I'll...
  18. RECONmaster


    DO YA'LL WANT A STARBOUND SERVER!? We're probably gonna host one after the next update and everybody here is invited.
  19. RECONmaster

    Forum 10/6/2015

    Log Re-implemented imagick PECL extension Adds animated avatars.
  20. RECONmaster

    It's Been A while.

    Once again, let's see how long it lasts this time, Mach Entertainment is hosting. We have acquired a completely separate server to host some games off of and at the moment Arma 3 is what strike our fancy. We're hoping to start up a Milsim guild and of course, anybody on the forum is free to...
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