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  1. Dragonruby

    Druby Streams Cooperative XCOM (Interest Check)

    Hey, a few years ago I streamed a cooperative game of XCOM with people on the forums taking control of characters and going with me through a playthrough of the game. We never reached the end, but it seemed surprisingly popular with people here, and so I was considering bringing it back whenever...
  2. Dragonruby

    Goodbye Forever... Not Really

    Gonna be disappearing for about three months in a week. I don't really have much of a presence on these forums at the moment, but I figured I might as well say my (temporary) goodbyes.
  3. Dragonruby

    Ended D.R.U.B.E Securities Now Hiring

    In the far flung future of the 25th century, there is only war... Okay, not quite, but people are people, and with the rise of megacorps, all of whom have spread themselves across the stars, and the fall most conventional governments have gone the way of the dinosaurs, and not the ones that...
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