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  1. Artistunknown

    Videos and Dick (In That Order)

    So this weekend we were going to be working on something different, but @lynexer had to be a faggot and wasn't around to help, so instead we just played GTA a lot. Maybe next weekend though! Anyways, now for videos. And now for some DICK! The most famous dick on this forum in fact, bus.png!
  2. Artistunknown

    Two Weeks of Videos (Plus Dick)

    I am dumb and forgot to update with last week's videos, so now here they are along with this week's. Last week: I also made some cartoons: And this week: And now finally, as promised, a dick. It's not drawn though, so I'm not sure how disappointing that is. For whatever reason I...
  3. Artistunknown


    This week's videos Alex has also done a couple live streams on youtube if you wanna see them. I'm not linking them, 'cause what's the point, right? Alex also made this live action video some time. It's unlisted though so I don't think he wants people seeing it. I'll just put it in a...
  4. Artistunknown

    o man

    I don't know what else I can put in these news posts to give them any substance. I guess when we have some sort of actual news though, that won't be a problem!
  5. Artistunknown

    Click Bait

    Am I doing this right? Also, I've been writing short descriptions of the parts in the youtube description, but since most of you are probably watching these on the forum page, should I also put the descriptions here so you'll know what you're getting into?
  6. Artistunknown

    Generic News Post

    Last week's videos (because as established last news post, I am forgetful) As you can probably tell, we're now at a point where we can release 2 videos a week. So now every Friday and Saturday you can expect a new nuzlocke part until that's finished, and whatever other random videos get...
  7. Artistunknown

    I am so FUCKING forgetful

    I forgot to post last week's video, so I'm going to do that now as well as this week's video, they are both parts of my nuzlocke because that's all that's going on right now. There's a short machinima that I wanna get made and I feel like we could do it but it doesn't seem like anyone wants to...
  8. Artistunknown

    More Come

    Last week I promised "more come soon" well I meant "cum" so here is the more cum Next week will probably not be cum, but a new nuzlocke video will certainly come, along with another Mach Adventures Supercut 'cause I have time to edit those again. Also Alex spammed youtube with The Division...
  9. Artistunknown


    here more come soon ok
  10. Artistunknown

    oh yeah

    i forgot to link the videos here they are ok bye
  11. Artistunknown

    More Videos or whatever

    Two videos this week. Up first, the first actual part of my Fire Red Nuzlocke. I've been told it's pretty great. And last, the 2nd Mach Adventures supercut. Who'd have thought Mach Adventures would be watchable and maybe even funny just by removing all the silence and boring shit? Hard to...
  12. Artistunknown

    Quick Question

    Okay, so for those who have been watching the videos we've been making, or just like watching gameplay videos in general, how long can a video be before you think it's too long? Asking this 'cause, while I try to make the videos heavily edited to keep you interested, if the video is too long...
  13. Artistunknown

    New* Video(s) this Week

    Through a last minute attempt, we managed to release a new* video on Friday, further continuing our kinda accidental attempt to release a video every Friday. I feel like we could continue this trend for the entire year, plus some other videos here and there. If that actually happens, I'd say...
  14. Artistunknown

    This Week's Video is Out of this World! (And maybe next week's too)

    This week's video is part 1 of a short-lived Starbound playthrough that me and Alex did back in 2014 or something, I don't know. It's pretty fun I think, and Alex put a good bet of effort into editing it, so there's that. This is currently the last finished video we have, but dammit we've...
  15. Artistunknown

    A New Video for this Week

    Hello everyone, as our efforts to provide "frequent" content to you guys, here's a new video: This is a failed attempt by me, at doing a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Fire Red. I was expecting it to be short but... wow. I will continue (rather start over) this at some point, when I have a more...
  16. Artistunknown

    This Week's Videos

    So, this week was an anomaly, we released TWO videos! One of them's a shitty old thing I wasted time putting together, and the other is something from Alex. Yes, rejoice, for once a video not by me! First, our final Minecraft machinima. I say "our" but it was all done by me, still made for...
  17. Artistunknown

    Mach Adventures and What's to Come on Youtube

    So in case no one noticed, at the beginning of the year I started uploading archive footage from 2013 that was meant to be an on-going Minecraft let's play on the Mach server. That series has now finished uploading, with it's 6 episodes that didn't really feature much adventuring, or much of...
  18. Artistunknown

    Pollywogs #6 - Angus

    Page 6 of Pollywogs is here! Here, to be exact: heh. I had fun making this page, so hopefully people like it. Also, I'm aware that "awesome" is spelled wrong. I have determined that it would be too hard to fix and that store is now...
  19. Artistunknown

    Pollywogs #5 - Here's the Neighborhood

    Page 5 of Pollywogs is here! It was supposed to be up yesterday but there were some problems with the comic part of the website (NOT LIKE THERE'S EVER ANY PROBLEMS WITH IT). This is the official start of "chapter 2"...
  20. Artistunknown

    BACK FROM THE DEAD (AKA Pollywogs #4)

    Okay, so I haven't had internet for about 2 weeks, so I wasn't able to upload the last few Pollywogs pages on time. I do have #4 and #5 done though, with #6 partially done. Page 4 is here: And with that, chapter 1 is done...
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