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  1. Ibix

    My condolences to Europeans

  2. Ibix

    Forumer Chat Thread

    I already PM'd Recon about this. I don't like the color and it being flashy aswell. Even the slighted insinuation of this on my character makes me not want to even have it next to my name at all.
  3. Ibix

    Forumer Chat Thread

    Outside of the silly title idea I'd basically agree. Though I think every idea so far has been more in the vein of having your name in the credits. Giving server-related benefits, a special forum section, or anything similar are things I'm absolutely opposed to.
  4. Ibix

    [ADULT] 2018 Mayoral Election: The Vote (Results)

    Round 1: Tirin - 3 Blooky - 2 TC - 2 Zircom - 1 Jeroth - 7 Walrus - 2 Coolpool - 4 Pally - 1 Round 2: Tirin - 3 Blooky - 2 TC - 3 Jeroth - 7 Walrus - 2 Coolpool - 5 Round 3: Tirin - 3 TC - 5 Jeroth - 8 Coolpool - 6 Round 4: TC - 6 Coolpool - 6 Jeroth - 10 Final result: Jeroth 19 of 22...
  5. Ibix

    [ADULT] 2018 Mayoral Election: The Vote (Results)

    I don't know when they plan on doing the count so you best vote now buckos.
  6. Ibix

    [ADULT] 2018 Mayoral Election: The Vote (Results) Czechmate, also posted April 10th, 2018.
  7. Ibix

    [IMPLEMENTED] Re-introduction of the Donate tap

    They charge for that? oh wow
  8. Ibix

    [IMPLEMENTED] Re-introduction of the Donate tap

    This is probably on the to-do list, but I was considering donating right after the site change here and noticed we don't have a link anymore.
  9. Ibix

    Hot Takes General

    Gender dysphoria is a hell of a disorder. People get pretty weird with it and I think that is at times compounded by having perfectly healthy people telling them there are more than two genders/biological sexes in the case of people that call extra/fewer chromosomes different sexes/genders.
  10. Ibix

    [ADULT] 2018 Mayoral Election: The Vote (Results)

    If he is interested I'm behind it 100%.
  11. Ibix

    Bye Danny~

    It wasn't automatic to my knowledge. If you type the #nword you get lovable black man. But combined it doesn't do that.
  12. Ibix

    TC for Mayor 2018: The Blunder Party

    The scandal !!
  13. Ibix

    Bye Danny~

    At worst, it looks bad on me when it comes to my post. That is the way I'd see it. I didn't literally call Pally; my friend. A #nword and/or faggot because I hate his sexual preferences and skin color. You guys know I like dick and don't dislike anybody who likes dick on that basis. I don't use...
  14. Ibix

    [ADULT] 2018 Mayoral Election: The Vote (Results)

    Calling all registered voters! Tomorrow is the last day to PM Easy your vote! Vote to Lynch Tirin
  15. Ibix

    Bye Danny~

    Wonder if this was similar language to what I used. Which was actually partially a reference to the fact it was called the "Pally is a N*ggerf*ggot" wiki minus the obvious censoring (so whoever decided to delete my word before doesn't get his edit button out.)
  16. Ibix

    Bye Danny~

    Pally is a niggerfaggot
  17. Ibix

    [Audio] Req has to do a Podcast to Graduate!

    The Podcast Which Drew Makes edit: Possibly could join if available. I'm busy all day tomorrow til saturday.
  18. Ibix

    Consumption of Alcohol

    Most beers I've had taste pretty bad, but I also thought coffee was bad until I drank it for months. Even for someone that isn't a big fan though; the quality is what matters most taste-wise. A bud-wiser tastes awful when compared to Guinness or even a Rolling Rock. Granted maybe you could argue...
  19. Ibix

    Tirin for Mayor 2018: The Tirinny Party

    Looky here you lookyloos. Now is the time to pick sides and take a stand! Election day is this coming sunday (4/22) I declare my public support for the Tirinny Party ! What we need in these times is STRONGSTABLETIRINNY The man that can make his will manifest is the one that takes a stand and...
  20. Ibix

    Who we are as a community

    I'm in agreement with Shadow's sentiments and don't really have much to add other than that I think we are all adults that can get context/consent. I don't want us to be a community that gets stuck with either people dying on the hill of calling everybody and anybody a niggerfaggot or people...
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