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  1. AndyM03

    [ADULT] Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    Adam Driver shirtless What'd you guys think?
  2. AndyM03

    Ended The Great War - Mafia 1917 [SCUM WIN]

    “The next great European war will probably come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans.” Otto von Bismarck, 1888 The Great War is upon us. All nations, willingly or not, are affected by these times of turmoil. Only together can conflict be stopped. Townies are Entente and Neutral...
  3. AndyM03


    While for some this may be too personal, I think it'd be cool getting sneak peaks of peoples lives that you sort of know from all over the world. I use it pretty often, so assuming you old geezers are hip you can add me on it yo. my snap is: andyzm03 my snap stories are usually Lego mindstorm...
  4. AndyM03

    Andys True Blue Stream

    Tomorrow i've got the day off uni so I'll try and stream for an hour or so because i'm awful. I'll actually set things up on the day so for now vote for what game you want. I'm free all day so I can accomodate for wacky time zones. Currently i'm thinking 1pm UTC+10:00, which is like, 7 or 8 pm...
  5. AndyM03


    Here's a thread to strengthen and build a hearthstone community out of this forum, because I am a cancer and I demand to grow. Since many of us will be new players, we will eventually host a BASIC DECK tournament, so all players will have an even playing field. For now though, this thread will...
  6. AndyM03

    The Best Beer

    And why is it this - (Not really I prefer Carlton Dry out of the bottle and Carlton Draught off tap but still) I've heard the American beer industry and such is far better than any Australian brew but I've created this thread for banter purposes. We should all get sloshed on Skype together or...
  7. AndyM03

    Grand Strategy General

    So after a quick glance i've seen a fair few people have gotten into EUIV. Have you guys branched out into the other Paradox games? My personal favourites are Victoria 2 and Hearts of Iron III. And in case the fandom overlaps we could discuss Total War here too. Which I do enjoy. Except for...
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