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  1. Jeroth

    Guess Other Forumers' Search Histories

    @Colonel Thunder - How to Update Website - How do I fix %20 issue? - Internet forums are on fire. - What should I be protesting? @Dragonruby - What to do when being threatened? - How do I protect my loved ones? - What is the average flight length from Oregon to Hawaii? -...
  2. Jeroth

    Mach Entertainment Town Hall

    Mod-Mayor Jeroth gave a puzzled look at TC. "Taxes? I haven't enacted any taxes." The gears turned in his head before suppressing his laugh into a wry smile. "TC. For a renowned blunderer and bamboozler, I think you're experiencing what most of us have. I never appointed Firedemon to the...
  3. Jeroth

    Mach Entertainment Town Hall

    Mod-Mayor Jeroth adjusted his sleeves, rolling them up as he glanced out from behind the curtain. From what he could tell, there were only two people waiting front and center. @Colonel Thunder and @Requiem Great... TC for the politics and Req for the free food. Well.. Showtime. Glancing in...
  4. Jeroth

    What Are You Listening To? (podcasts)

    To chime in, Not Another D&D Podcast - Done by Headgum/College Humor folk. Great D&D podcast. Dungeons & Daddies - D&D podcast done by Rocketjump. Really fun isekai idea and it's a blast. Story Break - Done by Rocket Jump. They take games and the two writers break down how they would turn it...
  5. Jeroth

    Continuous The Forum Court (Tirin v. Thunder: Concluded)

    Uh. Tirin wins for the sake of actually posting. So I say TC is guilty.
  6. Jeroth

    [Literature] Fate: Cookie - Outline of the Remaining Story

    That's... actually really fair and I was thinking that.
  7. Jeroth

    Active Walrus Court Mafia (2/5) - ...?

    Lynch Walrus
  8. Jeroth

    Mach Plays Diplomacy

    I'm happy to see that you've learned the err of your ways, but unfortunately, I think it's far too late for you.
  9. Jeroth

    Mach Plays Diplomacy

    Hm? What proof do you have of these outrageous accusations?
  10. Jeroth

    Mach Plays Diplomacy

    If you still need someone, I can jump in.
  11. Jeroth

    [Literature] Fate: Cookie - Outline of the Remaining Story

    I'm eager to see who TC classifies as "Heroic Spirits" vs Mages.
  12. Jeroth

    Discord Chat Wins/Fails

    That was beautiful to read.
  13. Jeroth

    RWBY Volume 6

    Overall, I was strangely okay with it. I'm a sucker for starting in media res, working back and then starting over again. I absolutely love that trope and I'm glad they not only did it, but managed to show two different perspectives. I'm surprised at how quickly Jaune learned to control his...
  14. Jeroth

    Continuous The Forum Court (Tirin v. Thunder: Concluded)

    I vote in favor of The Hound.
  15. Jeroth

    Forumer Chat Thread

    I've been posting in mafia and trying to stay active. To be fair, we all generated a lot of content and the forum court is the latest trial. I think folks are just busy compared to the summer. My guild just hit Ahead of the Curve for Heroic G'huun in WoW and I made this.
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