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    Show Your Desktop!

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    Forumer Chat Thread

    It would be the cutest stream ever. 11/10 would squee~ again.
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    Forumer Chat Thread

    The only way we know how, duh.
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    Work Thread

    So I've been working six days a week for the past two months, and I will probably be on that schedule for another 3-4 weeks at least. I average about 9 hours a day, with some days in the 10-11+ hour range. I've had close to or over 100 hours on every paycheck since the end of March.
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    Bye Danny~

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    Who we are as a community

    Alright, I think I'm basically caught up now. Most of what I say may end up rehashing what other people have said, but I'mma throw my two cents in anyway cuz why the hell not. I apologize in advance if this ends up ramble-y as fuck or doesn't make sense. Work is kicking my ass and I'm tired...
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    Who we are as a community

    Been dead for the past month. Didn't realize y'all were being serious. My bad. Carry on.
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    Who we are as a community

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    Forumer Chat Thread

    Just Monika
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    Continuous Mafia Sign-Ups & Discussion Mega Thread

    That means there's a first cosplay project. Pics pls <3
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    Continuous The Forum Court (Tirin v. Thunder: Concluded)

    That's why all these accusations are coming out all at once. He's harmed so many people over the years with his malicious bamboozling, but enough is enough. We can't stand idly by and watch him continue to hurt the members of this community. He shall be brought to justice for his crimes. #metoo
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    Coolpool For Mayor 2018: The Dopest Flyest Most OG Party

    And the irony is that the harder he fights his cuteness, the cuter he becomes.
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    Zircom for Mayor 2018: The No More Dunsparce party

    Just like you, cutiepool~ *winkyface*
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    Mach Entertainment Situation Room

    Can't we just take the bomb away from him? Due process can come second, if need be.
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    [Video] TC's Twitch: T&TR @7:30pst - Now a Thing Again!

    Yet another thing on TC's stream inspired by me. Now you need a !hangingsayori command.
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