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  1. chibeast

    Anyone Even Remember Me?

    bad puns -12 all around
  2. chibeast

    Active Guess the Poster Below You!

    NO DICE! Req?
  3. chibeast

    meep-dee-illy-meep (I am excellent at making this noise IRL)

    meep-dee-illy-meep (I am excellent at making this noise IRL)
  4. chibeast

    What up, dorks?

    TO BE FAIR, you were shit talking the hell out of bob and you were like "EH, EH whaddya think of this guy, eeeh?" I still feel bad!
  5. chibeast

    What up, dorks?

    Zoinks! It's nice to see y'all again (and I remember you too, Bob!) I was more of a lurker even when I was active. More active on skype etc than anywhere else.
  6. chibeast

    Your Face!

    Oh, shall I be that person? I take a lotta pictures, I post a lotta pictures, I ain't gonna apologize for this one being breathtaking. Enjoy XP
  7. chibeast

    What up, dorks?

    Yeah, dorkwad, we have, but nice to see you again, too.
  8. chibeast

    What up, dorks?

    Hi-lo some of you might remember me from the ancient and decrepit Urealms forums. I was the insane person who tried to make a stream database - with timestamps indicating when each game started. Req let me know y'all are still doing things of a questionable nature so here I am. Remember the old...
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