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    Welcome to Mach Entertainment!

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    Forumer Chat Thread

  3. Dunsparce

    PM me a link to the server.

    PM me a link to the server.
  4. Dunsparce

    White History Month 2020

  5. Dunsparce

    Change One Word in This Sentence

    Tirin's happy to fuck a Tirin Airplane!
  6. Dunsparce

    Forum Mega-Migration 11/29/19

    >Circle avatars
  7. Dunsparce

    Forumer Chat Thread

    This might possibly sound just a little bit edgy, but I remember my dad sitting me down to watch Alien when I was like 15 or so, and after it was over I said that I wouldn't have even known it was supposed to be a horror movie if nobody ever told me. That's how not scary it was.
  8. Dunsparce

    Active Get the Cookie

    I acquire the cookie through peaceful negotiation. Then I lick it so no one else wants it. My cookie.
  9. Dunsparce

    Active Get the Cookie

    You wake up in a tub of ice. As you try to get out, you suddenly feel a sharp pain over your belly. You have a stitched up scar, and you feel somehow less the man you were. Someone has removed one of your kidneys. But more importantly, the cookie is missing. My cookie.
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    Change One Word in This Sentence

    @Dunsparce must worship @coolpool2 as King of Reddit.
  11. Dunsparce

    Guess Other Forumers' Search Histories

    @Regis - cheap dog food - cheap antipsychotics - shoulder porn - am i on a watchlist - how to delete search history
  12. Dunsparce

    Continuous Mafia Sign-Ups & Discussion Mega Thread

    Having finally watched through Breaking Bad, I'd really appreciate an opportunity to make a bunch of references to it.
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    Inactive 2020 Democratic Primary Mafia: Brainstorming

    My suggestion is don't do what I did for my Republican Primary Mafia. Half of the roles in that game either had multiple votes, zero votes, or something to do with votes. I thought that was fitting since it was about elections, but that just made it pointlessly confusing.
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    Show Your Desktop!

  16. Dunsparce

    E3 2019 Report Cards

    Updated to include EA's conference. Hopefully Sony won't change its mind last minute so I won't have to change it again.
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