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  1. Dunsparce

    E3 2019 Report Cards

    I made the template myself this year, so if you're wondering why it sucks, that's why. I'm particularly excited for Bethesda's conference. There's literally nothing they could do to disappoint me. Nowhere to go but up.
  2. Dunsparce


    What's the best element?
  3. Dunsparce

    International Women's Day 2019

    Captain Marvel sucks.
  4. Dunsparce

    Black History Month 2019

    Black Panther sucks.
  5. Dunsparce

    D̶̪̭̳̄͌̚Ȩ̵̨̜̟̓̈́͘͝͝Ḷ̶̰̭̣͋͋͐͝T̷͈̽A̴̠̟͔͔̿͋R̵̠͓͙͒̇̋͘Ȗ̷͚͗̒N̶͔̞̰̮̂̐Ȩ̶̙̞̣̳̍͝ A secret new game created by Toby Fox. Don't tell anyone.
  6. Dunsparce

    Ended Dunsparce's Pathetic Excuse For A Mafia Game - Game Over! Town Wins!

    A boring, ordinary, nondescript game of Mafia with no particular flavor. Phase Time -Day Phases will last about 72 hours. I may extend the day if I see fit, but without a hammer, the day will end without a lynch. -Night Phases will last about 36 hours, or until all possible actions are sent in...
  7. Dunsparce

    Internet Persona Vs Real Life Persona

    Is there a difference between how you portray yourself on the internet and how you behave in real life? There's been a couple of times where people said they think my forum persona is just a full on act and that I'm probably completely different in real life. On the one hand, everything I've...
  8. Dunsparce

    [ADULT] The Antepenultimate Debate

    A few years ago, I made a thread called The Final Debate, where we argued if you're gay if you like traps. Since it's been unanimously voted no, I guess we'll have to argue over something else. Do you prefer tits or ass?
  9. Dunsparce

    E3 2018 Report Cards

  10. Dunsparce

    Avatar Thread

    Where’d you get that avatar from? Why did you choose it to represent you? Handsome Face Dunsparce I google image searched the word “dunsparce” and this was the most amusing result. Apparently it’s actually part of a meme called “handsome face.” I’ve used it for years without ever knowing...
  11. Dunsparce

    Dunsparce for Mayor 2018: The Anarchist Party

    >Zircom says traps are gay >Tirin likes his post >I say traps are gay >Tirin deletes my post I have had it with this damn Anarcho-tyranny. I say it’s time for just plain Anarchy! I’m officially challenging Tirin’s lawless rule as mayor for life. The rules outlined in the Forum Constitution are...
  12. Dunsparce

    International Womyn's Day 2018

  13. Dunsparce

    Black History Month 2018

    [Removed for degeneracy and poor taste]
  14. Dunsparce

    DDLC: The Best Girl

  15. Dunsparce

    Dunsparce's Inactive Mafia - Day 1

    Day One begins! There are 104 players (the total number of registered forumers, not counting myself). 53 votes to lynch. Players: Requiem: Mayor - mod killed Day 1 for editing a post. Tirin: Backup Mayor - chose to reveal himself Day 1. Coolpool: Jester - lynched Day 1. TC: Vanilla Townie -...
  16. Dunsparce

    TV: The Orville

    It's a Star Trek-esque comedy by Seth MacFarlane, and it's my new favorite show. If the fact that it's made by the creator of Family Guy discourages you, I promise The Orville is nothing like it. It's leagues ahead of Rick and Morty, or whatever shows you gaybies like to watch these days.
  17. Dunsparce

    Hella Funtime Adventure Friends

    Hella Funtime Adventure Friends In addition to the rules in the pic, I'd like to add that you can't have a friend that somebody already picked. So you can't have Murdley or Zambi, 'cause there on my team. Suck it. Team Dunsparce: Murdley (83) Zambi (61) Team Tag_Ross: Libral (64) Durdle (81)...
  18. Dunsparce

    5 YouTube Channels

    YouTube has just rolled out an exciting new censorship feature where users may now only subscribe to five channels! Which do you choose? My list: #1 Mister Metokur #2 Dunkey #3 The Rageaholic #4 Retsupurae #5 Probably some edgy political channel that's too edgy to mention in polite company.
  19. Dunsparce

    Forumer Theme Songs

    Pick a forumer, give them a theme song. You can also give yourself a theme song, if you're that fucking vain. Also, I'll give you 20 Dunbucks, redeemable at any participating Dunsparce store, if you pick a theme song for RECONmaster that isn't a random Prince song. Here's one for Easy:
  20. Dunsparce

    Invader Zim

    2017 is the year of cool shit getting revived. Samurai Jack, Rick & Morty, the competency of the white house, and now Invader Zim. Did we go back to the BerensEin Universe or something?
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