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  1. Colonel Thunder

    Rank Your Steam Library

    Steam updated it's library options so it's a lot easier to customize. The organization Nazi in me enjoyed spending 2 hours last night renaming and resorting all my games into relevant categories. I sorted all games into rather utilitarian categories. (Complete but May Replay Someday, Currently...
  2. Colonel Thunder

    Recruiting Lo-Fi Vanilla Mafia - Beats to Lynch To (0/?)

    Hey everyone, Let's do a vanilla mafia game, it's been a while. I'm thinking standard roles, standard rules, with a generous week-long timer on day phases so there's no pressure. Sign up below!
  3. Colonel Thunder

    Guess Other Forumers' Search Histories

    Just some good 'ol fashioned public mockery. Try it yourself! @Rondait : -how to fall from heights without getting hurt -best helmets under $20 -best helmets under $20 that aren't green and make me look like a leprechaun @Tirin : -tip of pen in dick feels good -how to stop dickhole bleeding...
  4. Colonel Thunder

    Experiment Seeking Volunteers: Play Civ5 to Make Our Prophetic Powers Improve

    Alright nerds. Who among you plays Civ 5? I know at the very least @Tirin does Professor Tetlock studies how to make better outcome forecasting decisions, and one of his latest initiatives involves amassing volunteers to play/watch Civ 5 games and predict outcomes. If you're interested in...
  5. Colonel Thunder

    Inactive 2020 Democratic Primary Mafia: Brainstorming

    I doubt we're going to have enough players to do this theme justice, but it's fun just to brainstorm the potential roles. Via @Easy Beto and Booker role must run all posts through Google Translate into Spanish Castro must post everything in the best Spanish they can manage, with outside...
  6. Colonel Thunder

    The Big Left Argue Show Round 6: TC's Sparknotes of the Democratic Primaries

    This is something I did for a few debates last election. Folks that just wanted a highlight reel of the debate seemed to appreciate it, so I thought I'd do it again and share here. There are many typos as this was done quickly IRL, but I ensured the meaning behind candidates word were preserved...
  7. Colonel Thunder

    Game of Thrones Dead Pool

    Who's going to be dead by the end of the series? Below is a list of pretty much all living characters. Post who you think is going to die, and we'll see who was most correct.
  8. Colonel Thunder

    Endgame Dead Pool

    Same thing as last year. The following is a list of all characters confirmed to have an appearance in in the film via IMDB. Please state which characters you believe will be dead as of the end of the final end-credits scene. I'll toss your answers in a spreadsheet. If y'all want to hammer out...
  9. Colonel Thunder

    [Literature] Fate: Cookie - Chapter 20: End of Season 1

    Prologue: Weeb Shit "Hey, Tirin!" smiled TC, approaching the booth. "Have you heard about my new forumfic, "Fate: Cookie?" "You're pathetic as you are annoying," growled Tirin as he wiped his mouth. "Get your self-indulgent fantasy writing out of my face." "It's pretty weeby to make a...
  10. Colonel Thunder

    Predictive Text Thread: Here Lies NAME. He was...

    In this thread, use your phone's predictive text to finish the sentence. Feel free to introduce your own predictive text prompts. Here lies TC. He was a vanilla Townie and a good time.
  11. Colonel Thunder

    Forum Olympics: Brainstorming

    Greetings, forumers! Historically, we have hosted the Forum Awards on a semi-regular basis. The idea is that we vote for who is the best roleplayer, debater, comedian, best biceps, best thread, etc. However, this award format tends to act as an assessment of activity that has already occurred...
  12. Colonel Thunder

    Choose Your Own "Choose Your Own Adventure"

    In this thread, whoever wants to post next picks an option left by the post before them. They then continue the story however they want. --- Shadow continues to blast "Train Simulator Bitch" from his newly-built mansion next door. "It's been several hours of non-stop joke songs," grumbles...
  13. Colonel Thunder

    Key and Peele Meet and Greet Sketch

    Is this not the perfect format? Share your favorite versions and praise/denounce opinions therein. Legend of Zelda is pretty spot on. Can't find a better link for it at the moment.
  14. Colonel Thunder

    Netflix's The Dragon Prince

    Go watch this show. Nine 24 minute episodes, from the guy who made Airbender and the Director of Uncharted 3. The animation is a little wonky, but very unique. It took me less than 2 episodes to appreciate it. I really like The Legend of Korra, but this show is truly, truly the spiritual...
  15. Colonel Thunder

    Forum Flavored Quiplash

    It's possible to create custom games of Quiplash in Jackbox, so why not do that? This thread will be an attempt to crowd-source the prompts for such a game. Then, on a date and time when lots of us are available we can play it together/stream it! Our community has a uh..."rich" history that I...
  16. Colonel Thunder

    [Audio] VanJasper's Forward Nerd Podcast Blooky and I started a podcast about connecting the themes and content of notable nerdy media to real-world topics and issues! As Dunsparce would say, "sounds like SJW shit" and maybe kinda? Anyways, the first episode is about the...mostly troubled journey of...
  17. Colonel Thunder

    Ended Small Vanilla Mafia: Mafia Victory

    Will insert generic OP later. 1 mafia, 1 town power role, 3 townies. A small game, for players who are willing to make posts of some substance at least once every few days. Anatrons need not apply ;) Players: Jeroth - Townie FD Dunsparce Andy
  18. Colonel Thunder

    The Stock Market

    I'm a white guy with a decent job, so I think that means I'm supposed to do the fancy gambling with some of my disposable income. You guys buy stocks yet? Are we that grown up yet? I'd love your thoughts on it. I've been thinking of moviepass (assuming they're publicly traded) since their...
  19. Colonel Thunder

    Spoiler-Free New Film Discussion

    We talk about movies a fair bit, but often don't feel like one film is worth an entire thread. I think we might lose a lot of discussion that way. So, in this thread, discuss all new(ish) releases! This will be differentiated from the Discord film channel, because here all spoilers should be...
  20. Colonel Thunder

    Art Trade Thread

    Thread to set up art trades! Because some of us like drawing, making shitty memes, etc. Someone gimme a request and I'll give you one too!
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