Minecraft 10/25/2019 Capitalism 2.0: Capitalism is better together update!


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Capitalism 2.0: Capitalism is Better Together Update!
  • Implemented Towny
    • Creation costs set:
      • Starting a town costs $1000
      • Claiming a chunk costs $25.
        • This increases 10% for every claim.
        • Creating an outpost (Non-contiguous chunk claim) costs $250.
      • Starting a nation costs $10000
    • Teleporting costs set.
      • Teleport to your town's spawn: $5
      • Teleport to another town in the same nation: $10
      • Teleport to another town in an allied nation: $15
      • Teleport to another town: $25
    • Wars between towns and nations is possible, but not economically viable yet.
  • Implemented ChestShops
    • Chestshops are restricted to creation in Towny Shop chunks.
  • Implemented Worldborder
  • Implemented FantasitcallySimpleDiscordBot
    • Use !link to link your MC account to your discord.
  • Modified Dynmap
    • Moved Dynamp URL from machentertainment.net:8123 to map.machentertainment.net
      • If you receive an error, you may have a badly cached redirect.
        • Clear your browsers redirect cache to clear this error.
  • Removed uShops
And even more unposted stuff!!
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