Inactive 2020 Democratic Primary Mafia: Brainstorming

Colonel Thunder

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I doubt we're going to have enough players to do this theme justice, but it's fun just to brainstorm the potential roles.

Via @Easy

Beto and Booker role must run all posts through Google Translate into Spanish

Castro must post everything in the best Spanish they can manage, with outside assistance of necessary, and is SK role

Buttigieg also does the best Spanish they can manage, but is not SK

Kamala Harris is Cop, looking for Not Real Progressives who might have had anything other than hostile relations with anything other than the most progressive of fellow Senators decades ago

Yang is only allowed to post three times over the course of a Debate Phase, only when directly called upon by the GM to do so and with each post not to exceed 500 characters in length.

That's all I've got so far.

Via @Jeroth

I would say Harris works as an Executioner who needs to kill Biden

She has to get him lynched.

Also have Gillibrand role requires to interject into every conversation and be the town leader

Swalwell is a jester that just provokes shit and has to be lynched.

Bernie has to type in caps to some degree and constantly rotate in his main point

Have Williamson as a one shot vig that has to kill the Donald Trump mafia role

Colonel Thunder

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Williamson should be an underpowered vig, but one with a bit more flavor. Like, the metaphorical stars have to align in order for her to successfully kill someone with the power of love. Also it takes one less vote to lynch her because she doesn't have any real qualifications.

I like the Harris ideas. Maybe include something about a mechanic she has that ties her to Biden in a fight over the black vote.

Pete Buttigieg: can target a player each night to make them seem gay. This causes unfavorable polling with Republicans the following day phase.

Elizabeth Warren: Must pretend that she has a plan and associated policy for every development in the game. Also has a nighttime ability, "Spirit of the Ancestors". Warren uses her ancient Native American bloodline to summon native spirits that haunt a target player and afflict them with white guilt. The target player is roleblocked, unless they are a Republican or a minority.


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My suggestion is don't do what I did for my Republican Primary Mafia. Half of the roles in that game either had multiple votes, zero votes, or something to do with votes. I thought that was fitting since it was about elections, but that just made it pointlessly confusing.
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