A Proposal For Community Twine Games

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Twine is a text-based game engine that's really easy and quick to use. Given our penchant for CYOAs that work as forum fanfics, I'm surprised we haven't been using this for years.

A few days ago, I asked some folks in Discord for a prompt, to which Tirin replied "Tirin Slash Fiction".

In less than 30 minutes, I made the following game: Tirin Slash Fiction (Slightly NSFW)

It's not a very long game, but it was a good laugh or two with an insanely quick turnaround, right? Let me show you how easy it was to make.

  1. I downloaded Twine
  2. I launched Twine and clicked +Story
  3. I typed this in the "Untitled Passage":
  4. By putting [[two brackets around the bottom two lines]] I created a choice that will lead the player down two separate paths. When I clicked the x in the top corner of the passage, two new passages were automatically created. I continued editing passages in this fashion until I had this:
  5. Then I clicked the "^" symbol in the bottom-left, and selected "Publish to File" to create an HTML document.
  6. I uploaded the file to Discord so that anyone that downloads the file and opens it in their browser could play the game.
  7. To create a satandalone webpage where I could link people to the game, I went to http://philome.la/ which is a free Twine hosting site that just requires a Twitter account.
And that's it! There's more in-depth stuff that Twine can do if you want to get into variables and some lite programming. But, I think we can make some seriously great shit just with the bare-bones mechanics.

I'm really excited to see what you guys and gals make! I especially think it would be fun to do a stream of Twine development wherein the viewers co-write the game.

If you've ever got ten minutes to kill, please please please check this out. It's great community content and it can be done at your own pace, in very little time and with no skills required.

Zach and I have bit of experience with this, so hit me up if you have any questions!

Colonel Thunder

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I'm thinking of making a collab Twine game that we can all add different branches and options to. That way there's no pressure to create a full game, or commit to anything substantial upon starting.

Colonel Thunder

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Think this Twine idea is cool but don't want to commit to creating an entire game by yourself?

Here's the source file for the Tirin Slash Fiction game in the OP!


It may look like an ugly text document, but if you download it, you can play the game in Chrome or edit it with Twine!

Feel free to add different options, storylines, switch character entirely, etc!

Add as much or as little as you want, just make sure to share what you create!


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My "Why did I do this it's 2 am now is this even good what the fuck are commas and coherent thoughts now" version of the Tirin Slash Fiction. Mostly just playing around with how choices can lead you to same place but with different options.


Also apparently I accidentally left one of the final decisions blank. Guess that's reflective of my mental state at this point.

edit: Will replace incomplete sleep deprived work with completed update shortly.
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Any interest in a stream wherein the viewers (mostly you guys) give suggestions as to what goes on in it? That way it's less "go build a game by yourself" and more "hey let's actually build this together".
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