And also Scarvexx was there.


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Hello everyone; Dearest regards.

I'm Scarvexx, I like old-school RPG's and running games. I think a lot of you know me (because I'm egotistical) but it takes a little nudge before I tend to remember people (because I'm an idiot).

I'm mostly here to try to run and play in forum games, I've always like the concept and I know for a fact you're a great bunch of fellas (and lady) to do it with. My reading comprehension isn't superb so bear with me when I miss something. Just pretend you're talking to a sea sponge, get those standards way down.

Hope To Play Well, Scarvexx.


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Hey man, sorry for responding so late. Glad to have you here again! I can't wait to see what you do, Scarvexx!


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Hey there, Scarf; it's good seein' you. I hope to play some shit with you in the coming months, and if I ever get off my ass and run something you're more than welcome to be involved!

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Welcome Scarvexx, glad to see you back. I was Sideshow Bob back in the day, wanted to let you know in case you were confused at my identity.


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Welcome to the forums and don't worry about disappointing people here. Just go ahead and you do you, we could use the activity.
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