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((All right. With the Mach Games and Machpocalypse, I feel like I’d give writing forum lore an actual shot. I’ll still be updating Elder Tales, but with that being on the way out - I wanted to write something that was a little more freeing and with a larger cast. ))


“… Take one down, pass it around! Now you have no more threads that say COLONEL%20THUNDER on them! How about that gang? Wasn’t that fun?”

“TC, that was the dumbest fucking thing that I ever had to listen to.”

“Aww. Come on, Tirin! I thought it was a very touching story of triumph over the forum blunder that I made!”

“Y’know. I don’t like to agree with Tirin, but yeah, that was pretty dumb, man.”

“Not you too, Easy! Gah! I’ll have to try writing it again.”

“I might have to include that in my next CYOA…” Coolpool muttered, writing more down into his notebook that had “CYOA Ideas” written on it. Tolvan, sitting next to him, caught a glimpse of the pages - lots of paragraphs were violently scratched out.

“Oi. Tolvan. Why the fakk are you wearin’ a cloak and carrying a rapier?”

“Because, Andy, a rapier is re-“ Tovan started to answer before being interrupted. “Really lame. It’s really lame, Tolvan.” Shadow spoke from the back of the bus, polishing his magnum while the rest of Team Dash laughed at his quip.

“Shadow and Tolvan? Hm… Yeah, I can ship that. Give me a moment - I might have a meme on my phone to portray how I feel.”

“Req! You weren’t supposed to bring your phone! No technology! Didn’t you read the pamphlet that I had Artist draw up for this trip?”

“Uhm.. Yes…. no. No, I didn’t, Recon."

The chatter on the bus came to a close as Jeroth cleared his throat.

“Rotten Elms. The spookiest trip of the century. Our lovable guide, TC, is going to show us around a haunted camping site that was sponsored by Recon and Artist. Ghost stories galore - this trip will have everyone shaking in their boots. Also, be sure to check out my stream at: where I’ll be- Really, TC? You advertised your Twitch channel in a camping trip for a week?”

“But I added so many cool things! Like points and hot robots!”

The bus was packed to the brim with forumers all on their way to Rotten Elms. It had been hours since they were on a major road, managing to make turns through what seemed to be an abandoned residential area within a forest.

“Go over the bridge, Tag, and follow the road into the forest. We should be there soon.”

Tag gave a nod, driving the bus as Stealthy gave instructions on how to reach the ghost town that TC had blundered upon. A heavy mist swirled around the bridge and the woods as the tires of the bus slowly crunched over the pebbles and twigs on the dirt road. The bus bounced and rocked on the uneven dirt road as everyone’s chattering was reduced to a silent awe at the eeriness of the area. The lights on the bus began to flicker on and off while the dark branches of trees scratched and slammed against the windows. The bus abruptly stopped as the sound of the engine could still be heard.




The sound of the ground underneath of them gave way as the bus began to lurch backward. The tires rolled against the cliff as the lights on the bus went out, leaving them in darkness.

Groans could be heard before accompanied by the sounds of flashlights turning on. Beams of light bounced within the bus as the forumers began to get their bearings.

A beam of light hits you in the face as you hear:

"Hey, are you all right?" You hear a name that follows afterward as you let out a groan .

- Whitetiger
- Tolvan
- Rondait
- Coolpool
- Custom (Choose a character) from the cast listed below:

Artist "The New Jesus" Unknown


The Old Guard

The Underdogs / Walrus Re-Election Committee
Lotus - Fate currently unknown.
Tag Ross
The Hound

Ward and the Warden

Team Dash
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I'd love a Team Dash character, might help draw some of them back onto the forum. I miss them :3

But even more so, I'd like to get Art or Recon a main character position. They deserve it as much as anyone! I'm gonna flip a coin between the two of them and...

I vote Art.


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You know, I might have picked me, but some jaggot askin' me if I'm alright doesn't make any sense on account of how I obviously would be.

I'm gonna vote for Druby for now, might change it later.

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I'll get on the Lotus bandwagon as well, but here's hoping Whitetiger gets a ton of screentime as well. Dude's been around awhile and has very little forum lore behind him.

Also, here's hoping Team Dash act as the Goldfish Poop Gang


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Lotus - 4 (Easy, Tirin, TC, Coolpool, Req)
Whitetiger - 1 (Whitetiger)

“Hey, are you all right, Lotus?” The voice was firm and had a slight static to it.

“Yeah, 13th. I’m fine. Just a bit surprised is all.” Lotus rubbed the side of his head where it smacked against the window.

“All right. Good. Y’know I need you here.”

“Yeah. I got it.”

Lotus glanced over at Tim who was surprisingly cheerful, given the circumstances. Wearing a dress shirt and a sweater vest, he seemed like a normal person - too normal. Whether that was because of the medication or the re-education, it was still unnerving to Lotus.

“Hello Lotus! It seems you’re okay and that’s great!”

“Y-yeah.. Thanks Tim.”

A shiver ran down his spine. Tim being this polite and friendly bothered him. There was no threats, no yelling, no shred of animosity.

“Remember, Lotus. Don’t tell anyone else about Tim. We don’t need him to be ostracized and relapse.”

“I know. That’s a bad idea.”

- - -​

Easy single-handedly got the bus out of the ditch with a little bit of elbow grease and polish strength in a few minutes. The real trouble was with the bus itself - somehow everything managed to break under the hood.

Stealthy poked his head out from the hood of the bus, giving a yell: “TC! Did you try to fix the bus or something? Shit’s so fucked under here!”

“No! I swear, I didn’t! I just was on the bus, keeping track of people.”

Shadow gave a sigh as he shook his head at the sight of the bus. “Well, I can’t even fix it.”

The hood of the bus was promptly closed as the forumers gathered around the back, collecting their belongings as TC consulted with Recon and Artist about the pathway to Rotten Elms. “All right everyone! Light up your flashlights and follow me - on Twitch AND to Rotten Elms!”

The forumers began to devolve into small cliques as they walked.

TC, Null, Recon, Artist, and Danny all led in the front while discussing what to do about the schedule and getting back. Thunderclaw had his arm around his son, explaining to him what it was like to be in charge and how to lead a community. Rondait kept nodding his head before turning back to the group behind him, listening in with a slight smile.

“Then I yelled out: ‘SWAAAAAAGAAAAAAAA!’ and smacked that baddie with Maulice, if you know what I’m sayin’ “
"Ye man, after I dropped so many smites on that big bad, you had to go steal the kill.”

Easy and Tirin were loudly recalling one of their sessions as Jeroth gave a wide grin, listening to their excitement as Coolpool looked around the dark forest, twirling a dark parasol. “Y’know, I really like this atmosphere, I think I’l write a scene in my CYOA about this…” Jeroth gave a nod towards Coolpool before joining in the conversation with Easy and Tirin. “ Hey - Don’t forget about when Wilger tried to hide in a bush a-“

Jeroth couldn’t finish his statement before Tirin and Easy burst into laughter at the memory.
"Tenouttaten Comedy, right there."

“Hey Coolpool - why are you using that parasol? It’s pitch dark?”

Req yelled towards the roleplaying group as he was flanked by Stealthy, Firedemon, Druby, and Tolvan.

“Because it’s for a CYOA - a character that I’m writing uses one and I want to see the purpose of one.”

“Ah..” Requiem gave a nod towards Coolpool's response, trying to think of what to say before letting the conversation fall off for a good reason - Druby had been struggling with the gear. Firedemon looked over at Dragonruby before checking in on him. “Druby, are you all right, man? It’s just a sleeping bag - granted that thing is huge.”

“Yeah, I mean, I should be fine. It’s just really heavy. Did someone put their gear in it?” Dragonruby rolled his shoulder before setting the sleeping bag down roughly. A groan could be heard from it as Shizno’s head groggily poked out of the sleeping bag. “What? Are we there already?”

Dragonruby didn’t seem to surprised: “Oh, it’s Shizno, that’s why.”

Tolvan’s eyes widened at the realization that dawned on him: “Jesus! Dragonruby, you were carrying Shizno for that long? We’ve been walking for miles!”

“Yeah, and?”

The group were excitedly chattering about Dragonruby’s strength of being able to carry Shizno that far.

Flanking behind Requiem’s group were the forumers that had been around for a while: Walrus, The Hound, Andy, Dunsparce, Tag Ross. Joining in their group was Wilger and Tolvan. The group was mostly silent, listening to Walrus talk about re-elections. Tolvan had been wearing his purple cloak and brandishing his rapier, fencing at the air.

“Cute sewing needle, Tolvan. Why don’t you get a man’s weapon?” Shadow and Team Dash laughed as they were quietly talking among themselves. It was hard to hear what was being said, but it was likely to be something mischievous and cruel. Their gazes jumped back to 13th, who led the rear with Tim. Tim was looking eagerly at everyone, trying to figure out which group to join as 13th insisted that he stay close to him.

Which group does Lotus join with? [ This will decide Lotus' primary interactions.]

- The Administrators
- The Roleplayers
- Req & Friends
- The Walrus Re-Election Committee
- Team Dash
- 13th & Tim
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I'm not sure that most in the administrator group besides TC have that much build up and since that seems to be a theme of the CYOA I'll choose there.


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Well, 13th says to stick by him, and 13th's pretty trustworthy even for a Ukrainian. That said, what's Lotus's choice here?


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While the roleplayers are obviously the superior group to join, of any group I'd say that the Walrus Re-Election Committee (though foolish and misguided at best) is most in need of characterization.

For that reason, I'm sorry to say my vote is for Lotus to temporarily join the Walrus Re-Election Committee. No doubt he'll be smart enough to bail when he sees how big a clusterfuck it is.


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I agree, it probably wouldn't take long for me to take over the election.... I mean...

I'd probably try to hang with the Admins. The Roleplayers are pretty cool, and I'd try to push them into trying out my new game, but I'd easily and arrogantly consider myself 'above' a mere roleplayer, because I'm a game designer.

I would definitely have the most fun with the Forum Politics, so I think I'll hang there, til I get sick of Walrus.

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Even if he's new to the community in lore, I think Lotus is pretty smart. I'm fine with having him hang out with the Walrus crowd for now, since he presumably doesn't know about him or the people there much, but he definitely shouldn't stick around long. I kind of see Lotus as a younger, less evil, Stealthy-in-training kind of person.


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I also see Lotus like that as well, but more magical instead of weapons and gadgets. Like a mystical killer as opposed to an AssCreed assassin.

I'll go with Lotus' vote of the election committee. Personally, I'd like a hybrid of the election committee and the admin group, but I don't know how that might affect the game.

Whatever we can do to flesh out both groups is cool with me. They all deserve it, honestly.
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