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As some of you may know I'm running a D&D game and trying to do a low effort stream of it. Don't expect any great production quality or something like that. It'll just be us hanging out and trying to have a good time playing a game of D&D. This is my first time DM'ing a game, so I'm a bit rough around the edges, but I'm trying my best to give everyone a good time.

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The players:
Tirin: Warforged Rogue from the elven lands STRIKE9
Jow: Loxodon Paladin from an conquered land Brooj Salinkov
Druby: Human Wizard who escaped from a nation overcome with unrest Warren Ingram
Wilger: Dwarf Cleric blacksmith Thoradin Goblinbane (left group)

==The story so far==

-Session 1: (Stream vod is still saved for now on my twitch. PS, if anyone goes and watches it I appreciate it if you make highlight clips)

Four rookie adventurers are put together by their guild to go investigate a case of missing merchants in a nearby farming village. It is the day before the harvest festival and the first day of fall. There is a slight chill in the air as our adventurers ride the wagon to Sawyl, but as they near their destination they hear a scream in the forests. A young boy being chased by a will o' wisp. The adventurers swiftly take it out and escort the young child Kei back to the village and meet up with the local Sheriff Anna Zane who explains the situation. The group goes around the village investigating and asking about the situation. They manage to find a lead, but decide that it's best to search in daylight. However, while Nine patrols the forests, he seems several hooded figures moving towards the supposed destination of the missing merchants, an old temple ruins in the forest. He gathers his allies and they head out into the dark woods, and stumble across the ruins, illuminated by torch light. They first come across what appears to be a study, containing several documents, hand written notes, and various literature on gods.

-Session 2: (Unfortunately not streamed or saved)

The group explores the rest of the ruins, stealthily taking out the hooded figures that fill it, but discover that most of them appear to be regular peasants from around the village. After discovering an enchanted stained glass window that stayed pristine for who knows how many years depicting the goddess of the sun/moon/sleep, Thoradin decided to try and chip at it to take it and sell. However, little did he know that the mastermind behind everything was on the other side of the window, giving them time to get into a battle formation. The rest of the group approached and found that the leader of the supposed cult was none other than the local lord of the land they had briefly encountered during their investigation. They fought through many peasants who appeared to be under some sort of mind control. Brooj was soon overwhelmed by enemies and fell, then Warren was struck by a well aimed bullet. The party barely survived as Thoradin decided to help out in time to turn things around. Seeing the tide turn the lord Monlow Pane decided to make a run for it, but not before having the mind controlled sheriff hold one of the missing merchants hostage. As he made his escape Nine tried to take out the sheriff, but she was too quick on the draw and blew out the merchants brains in front of them all. After a brief combat, the pain helped to bring the sheriff to her senses. The three of them took chase after Monlow while Thoradin searched through his treasure stores. When the group caught up with the lord they found him face down in the dirt, a single stab wound through the heart. Someone else had killed him, but they could not find any evidence of who. They returned with his corpse, which now appeared to be missing a ring, back to the ruins to deal with the situation.

"Hey Thoradin, did you find anything in those chests?"

"Nope, just a bunch of useless junk" Said Thoradin while trying to pocket the large amount of gold and valuables.

-Session 3: Planned for Friday December 28th at around 7PM Eastern.


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Session 3 went well, we introduced our new player Easy. The vod is up for a while if anyone is interested. Here's a brief summary:

The group deals with the aftermath of the incident, and gets their reward. Nine gets a cool billowing cloak, Brooj gets a fancy clockwork amulet. The gang shows they are of questionable moral fiber and goes to snoop around the sheriff's office. They find a very expensive looking amulet, but are forced to put it back as the sheriff returns. Nine trades the gun he took from her earlier in return for her fancy pirate hat. The sheriff Anna Zane thanks them, and then tells them that she has decided to resign and go back to adventuring in the future. The gang goes carousing around the harvest festival, buying various things and getting intoxicated. In the morning Nine wakes up in the middle of the forest tied up in a rope, Brooj wakes up in a jail cell, and Warren wakes in bed next to a peasant woman who appeared to be not breathing. However soon revealed that she was in fact alive. She taunted him a bit, and revealed that she was the one who killed Monlow Pane and took the magic ring. She quickly vanishes after rounding the doorway, and Warren fails to notice her presence at all. Until he uses detect magic to find out that she's actually just hanging out above him. Embarrassed at getting caught, the unknown woman quickly makes her escape.

After the gang arrives back in the Armelia Capital, they are told by the guild clerk Carlson that if they want a new member to replace Thoradin there's a new guy waiting in the tavern, the dancing koi. After many discussions and some racism the group decides to let Second Inquisitor Paolo Galeazzo San Pietro di Ordine ad Sancta Rosa (Easy's character) join the team. The tavern's patrons are soon interrupted by an announcement from the royal guard. Political tensions are high, and adventurers are no longer allowed to accept requests coming from the territory to the north called Noir. The group finishes up their business, but as they leave Nine is rudely confronted by a young, frail looking (feminine looking) teenage boy about his newly traded for hat. However things quickly get out of hand as the boy's ability in the guild is questioned, accusing him of buying his way in. Nine argues with the intoxicated kid, before leaving him.


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After discovering an enchanted stained glass window that stayed pristine for who knows how many years depicting the goddess of the sun/moon/sleep, Thoradin decided to try and chip at it to take it and sell.
Not gonna lie, part of me was actually kind of impressed. Truly, Thoradin was a man ahead of his time. (Or just a guy who responds to beautiful, antique stained-glass windows with "I want to pocket the stained-glass window.")

...for a man who's more in keeping with the times, after years of anticipation I wanna thank everybody, and especially Coolpool, for giving me the opportunity to run my PREJUDICED HALF-ELF PALADIN, FROM A CITY WITH TOWERS THAT RIVAL THE CLOUDS, WHO IS BEING PURSUED BY A TERRIBLE MONSTER.


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I enjoyed last session thoroughly, but I genuinely think that my favorite part might have been the recap of "You entered into the ruins and encountered an ancient evil... the stained glass window!"

That's some true storytelling shit right there.


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I should probably write a summary before I forget what happened.

Session 4:
After returning to the guild with their new party member, the group is eager to seek new work. Karlson McCarl is reluctant to give them another job without any downtime, but eventually gives them a minor quest to slay a giant alligator that attacked a minister. The group goes down into the aqueduct below the city, following the flowing water underneath. As they travel along the dim corridors they spot a simple tripwire trap attached to the bell. Easily avoiding it, it is not long until they hear the sounds of a giant rat scurrying about, but before they can do anything, an alligator leaps out of the water and snatches it in its jaws. Mistaking this for their prey, the group swiftly makes quick work of it and takes its head. However on the way back, they are approached by a short dark skinned fey looking creature. The creature persecutes them for being in the aqueducts, but it is soon convinced to help them find their mark as it is a common target. Meanwhile Paolo and Warren have an argument about the nature of magic and heresy. The creature introduces itself as a darkling named Cel, and is soon joined by another darkling named Fah.

The group moves towards the alligator's lair when they come across it. A giant beast covered with scars and marks from time. Paolo is quickly incapacitated with a brutal bite, his limp body stuck in the creature's jaws. However with some luck the group manages to turn things around and slay the beast without any casualties. They carve their proof, when they notice a large horde of coins, mostly copper, at the side of the room. Nine goes to take some, but is stopped by the darkling Cel, who says that he would give his life to stop him. Swayed by his words the group moves on, but discovers a note carved into the underbelly of the beast, along with a sigil of a heart made of chains. "The lord of Noir sends his regards." As the group leaves, they spot an odd creature watching them. A female humanoid with reptillian eyes, but knife like ears and beautiful elf skin with green scales around her neck and jagged teeth. The young lady wearing rags and jewelry made of copper coins timidly went up to the group to thank them before scurrying off. They were told that they would soon receive payment by the darklings after they left the aqueduct.

However, as they leave the aqueduct, they hear the sound of clapping behind them. A women they had never seen before, dressed like an assassin, claimed to have been watching them and wanted to conduct business. After a brief exchange they left to go meet up at the darkling's meeting place, where they were soon led to "The City", the local thieves guild. There they were treated to a feast of alligator meat and other such things as well as payment for their services. The alligator-elf introduces herself as Lakos, and the group is told that they can come back in the future if they wish to perform quests for The City.

Next, the group goes to meet with the mysterious woman from earlier. After entering a normal looking house, the woman takes off her cloak to dispel an illusion and reveal that she was the one from Sawyl who killed Monlow. She explains that her group is known as the silent ones, and are seeking to destroy the Lich and its underlings. As soon as the assassin who calls herself Nero mentions necromancers, the group jumps on board. Surprised by their enthusiasm, Nero trips over her words a bit, but is happy to have their cooperation. The group also receives the magical ring Monlow Pane had as a sign of faith.

Hah... last session was a ton of meeting NPCs and exposition, but hopefully next game will be full of excitement as the group goes to storm the lair of the Acolytes of Bard. Will it be filled with undead? bards? None of the above? Who knows...
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