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Go forth, and harass all the people I've forgotten.

I'm gonna be giving this two, maybe three days to get between 8 and 9 players. Two scum, six to eight Townies.

This game will feature a bunch of unusual mechanics:

Third-party monsters (Grimm) will spawn every Twilight (between Day and Night) phase, at increasing rates and power levels based on what happened in the preceding phases, and on how many Grimm are currently active at Day's end.

Grimm will attack players at random after Night actions resolve. If players choose to attack Grimm at night, rather than other players, then any damage remaining when an individual Grimm is destroyed will be carried over to the next. Grimm stats and numbers will be revealed as they spawn.

Everybody gets Aura, Stamina, Attack, and Defense.

Aura is the bulk of your HP bar, with different roles having different amounts. Mafia players have slightly more Aura than (most) Town players do.

Stamina is a small value of HP left over after Aura is depleted. In the (somewhat unlikely) event that somebody has their Aura depleted, but has Stamina remaining, they will lose their lynch vote, but remain able to attack Grimm or other players at night.

Attack is exactly what you'd expect - the amount of damage a player is able to target other players or Grimm with at Night. Mafia players will have, generally speaking, substantially higher Attack values than Town.

Defense is effectively a damage reduction stat, applying per-hit for every phase. Every role is different, but Mafia players will, in general, have slightly higher Defense than Town players.

Additionally, each player role has a unique active ability, or Semblance (some with multiple different functions to choose from). Every Semblance costs Aura to use; some will be very powerful when used correctly, and have relatively high Aura costs. Some will be much less powerful, but come in handy more often, with relatively low Aura costs. None of them, I think, will make for a boring role to play. I'm pretty hyped to see you guys put them into action.

That said, I'm pretty much gonna need at least an 8-player roster to run this with. So, let me go ahead and answer some expected FAQ's:

FAQ Check

Am I gonna need to know what RWBY is, for this to not suck for me?
A: Nope! If you've made it this far, you pretty much already know all you're going to need to know about the setting - besides what shows up in your role PM, of course. Now, previous theme-flavor games have almost always had some point where players who know about the flavor start speculating on what kinds of roles to exist on each side, giving them a potential edge on others when it comes to theorycrafting and such. I'm going to go ahead and bypass that issue by putting up a list of general role descriptions in the OP, which will include all of the actual roles as well as some unmarked extras.

Q2: What about spoilers, for if I want to watch RWBY later?
A2: Nawh. Some things will be revealed that you otherwise wouldn't find out until sometime Season 3 in the show, but I've got it down to minor stuff. No big reveals included.

Q3: What about various rules and more detailed explanation on game mechanics?
A3: They'll be in the game's OP, but that's a big post to write up before I even know that I'll be able to run this game right now. Additionally, each role PM will include a little info, from me, on how each of your stats match up with the average, and what makes your abilities different from everyone else's, so you can decide what kind of strategy you'll want to run with.

Q4: (I dunno; anything else I missed?)


So yeah, sign your shit up!
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Nice, nice. Need another 4, up to 5. @Tirin isn't feeling man enough to handle this intense gameplay and his regular shit at the same time, in case anyone else finds that news encouraging. ;>)


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Huh. It might also have been because I edited you in after posting and remembering stuff - although I'm not actually sure if that was the case with you.

How 'bout it, @Zircom ?


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So lemme get this straight. You remember to tag Dunsparce. Fucking Dunsparce. But somehow you just forget about your old friend Xander? Ya know what, fuck it. If I'm not invited, then I'm not signing up. Fuck you, Easy.


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I was told to sign up. :)
Welcome back!
Q4: How many Mafia games am I gonna play based on this shitty wannabe anime before I actually watch it?

Idunno. Maybe... one more?
So lemme get this straight. You remember to tag Dunsparce. Fucking Dunsparce. But somehow you just forget about your old friend Xander? Ya know what, fuck it. If I'm not invited, then I'm not signing up. Fuck you, Easy.
Yeah, that's cause no one likes you, dude. (Seriously - are you not sensing that?)


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Excellent; that makes eight. Still a slot left for if someone wants to sign on tomorrow. Otherwise, I'll be starting it up on Thursday.


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Alright then, that makes nine. Starting today!
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