Ended Easy's One Punch Mafia (Game over, Town victory)


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This game is written for 1716 players, as the current sign-up sheet implies. More can be added during confirmation phase, at the cost of slightly delaying the start time of this game (about a day). Rebalancing may also take place if players are dropped during confirmation phase, at the cost of slightly delaying the start of this game (about a day).


Phase Time
Day phases will have a minimum duration of 72 hours, but votes will no longer be counted following a hammer. Without a hammer, day phases will be ended 24 hours after the most recent post of substance is made.
- "Post of substance" is a term to be interpreted at my (probably generous) discretion, but cannot be expected to include posts that are strictly comedic or otherwise non-sequitur.

Night phases will have a maximum duration of 48 hours. I will not necessarily get on your case about submitting an action during this time; any failure to send in an action by the 48-hour mark will result in a no-action for that player.

"Twilight" phases will be treated as day phases for the purpose of conversation up until 72 hours after the start of that day phase. Otherwise, they will be treated as night phases.

As usual, role PM's may not be quoted. Less usually, they also may not be paraphrased. Very general summations like "doctor," "vig" etc. will be permitted.

Each player will be assigned a "Hero" role. Hero names may also not be roleclaimed.

Each character has a passive ability, and one or more active abilities. The passive ability is always in play.

Up to one active ability
(unless otherwise specified) may also be used in a given phase. There is, unless otherwise specified, no cost for the use of an active ability. By design, not all player's active abilities will be of equal power.

Day-talk is unrestricted, barring specifically mentioned exceptions.

Night-talk is allowed, provided that:
- No player makes two consecutive posts at any time during the night, and
- Any post made during night phase is limited to 20 words or less in length. Images, GIF's, videos or other media containing more than 20 words of substance will be treated according to transcript.

Talking about the game to any forumers outside of specifically approved channels is always and absolutely disallowed.

Dead Chat
Unless otherwise specified, dead chat is allowed only provided that:
- Dead chat takes place within the chat specifically created by the GM for such purpose, or individually with said GM, and
- Dead chat does not contain any content likely to influence the future course of the game, either directly or by unintended leakage.

Post Edits
Editing your own posts is allowed at any time. If you wanna risk getting called out on an edit, so be it.

Editing another player's posts is in no way allowed, ever. If you wanna risk me modkilling and/or blacklisting the shit out of you, so be it.

As I myself am a huge fan of One Punch Man, this game has been developed with a great deal of effort devoted to keeping it both balanced and faithful to the flavor. Regardless, as previously stated, knowledge or ignorance of One Punch Man content will not confer an advantage or disadvantage in gameplay or in-game interpretation of information/decision making. Please keep this in mind, and remember that I am not to blame if your unfortunate assumptions to the contrary end up ruining the flow of the game for you.

Anybody spoiling major plot twits or reveals for non-readers or otherwise non-fans of the series will be dealt with very, very harshly. To the maximum level of harsh, actually. As I've told everyone straight-up before, plot details will not be relevant to the execution of this game - after all, I put a bunch of time into designing it so that they wouldn't be. If you risk ruining anything for anyone on the basis that I might be bluffing on this point, I'll fuck you right up. The end.

Current standing assumes a total of 17 16 players. This will include 12 11 Town, 1 Serial Killer, and 4 Mafia. The balancing of the powers of each faction is set with the intention that each of the three should have, compared to a standard game (where an SK stands a very, very small chance of victory), a more roughly equal chance of winning the game, given equally competitive play. If I've done my job right, each individual faction's chance of winning should be about 1 in 3.

5 Heroes Remain...
1) Lotus
2) Requiem - Metal Bat
3) Shizno
4) Andy Handsomely Masked Sweet Mask
5) Null Tank Top Black Hole
6) Riyant Tank Top Master
7) Tirin: Zombieman
8) Whitetiger Superalloy Darkshine
9) Coolpool Golden Ball
10) Tag_Ross Spring Mustache
11) Stealthy Genos
12) Rondait Tank Top Vegetarian
13) Tim
14) TC Licenseless Rider
15) Youma Tank Top Tiger
16) Shadow Watchdogman

Day 1: Req is lynched
Night 1: Stealthy is killed
Day 2: TC is both lynched and executed
Night 2: Tirin is executed
Day 3: Youmer is lynched, Riyant is executed
Night 3: Shadow is executed
Day 4: Ultimate Hellfire Burst Wave-Motion Cannon!
Night 4: Coolpool is slain, Tag is executed
Day 5: Whitetiger is lynched, Rondait is executed
Night 5: Tirin is executed
Day 6: Andy is lynched

Ability use log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yMU5jJ4sGuI78Nm9YdO3yxACdBCy_gRWjpBk9DK_n2A/edit?usp=sharing
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Editing another player's posts is in no way allowed, ever. If you wanna risk me modkilling and/or blacklisting the shit out of you, so be it.
u tink im scard ov u il fukn fite u m8

That aside, confirmed.


Right Honorable Justice
Sending out role PM's, after which point the game will start.
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