[Literature] Fate: Cookie - Chapter 20: End of Season 1

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Chapter 18g: Pork and Ham

Shadow grabbed Andy and threw him away from the greatsword. Fire Demon's weapon crashed down on top of Shadow, but he vanished. A dark circle moved across the ground, behind Fire Demon and towards the entrance of the alley. Fire Demon spun around and charged forward, just as the dark circle reformed into Shadow, holding a knife.

"Do you mean to stop me with such a tiny blade?" laughed Fire Demon.

"Not for you," smiled Shadow, as a curious citizen walked by the alley.

"You guys need to move!" the poor man shouted. "That building is on fire! You-"

Shadow cut the man's head off with a single stroke, and a fountain of blood erupted from his neck.

"Shadow, what the fuck!" yelled Andy, as Fire Demon closed the gap.

Shadow instantly absorbed the dead man's latent mana, it was just enough for what he needed. Berserker charged into him. Shadow created a portal just in time, and he tumbled into a new realm with Fire Demon.

When Fire Demon stood up, he was alone in a dark place. Uncanny whispers and inhuman shapes moved across the sky, and the ground itself seemed to boil with a horrible coldness.

"What is this place?" grumbled Fire Demon, struggling to keep his flames lit.

"This is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it," said a voice.

Fire Demon turned and saw Shadow standing in the distance.

"My realm is bey-"

"Oh, it's a reality marble," interrupted Fire Demon. "Basic Caster stuff. And you are foolish to bring me here. In a land of darkness, fire only shines brighter!"

Fire Demon began channeling his energy, becoming brighter and brighter to dispel the shadows nearby. Shadow began floating towards him, laughing as he began to grow in size. Fire Demon burned brighter and hotter, but Shadow's form grew exponentially - and light died when it met him.

"Idiot," laughed Shadow. "The larger your flame, the greater the shadows!"

Shadow punted Fire Demon across the strange land. Fire Demon tried to correct himself mid-flight, but crashed and burned as he hit the ground.

"I can't win while I'm in this place," thought Fire Demon, struggling to stand.

Shadowy wisps from the ground began to bind his legs in place as Shadow drew closer. Fire Demon cut them with his sword, but Shadow's presence alone was starting to extinguish his flames.

"Shit," thought Fire Demon as Shadow readied the final blow.

"Shadow, we need to go NOW!" shouted a distant voice, and the reality marble vanished.

"Berserker, we need to regroup!" shouted Dunsparce. "They win for now."

Shadow shoved Andy to the ground.

"You're a dead man for summoning me from my realm," growled Shadow, as sirens drew near.

"Hear me out," said Andy as Shadow drew his knife. "If the cops and firemen see you, we'd need to kill them to keep our cover. If you do that, you won't be able to keep a low profile. The mages of this city will hunt you down for going berserk, just like they did to Tim."

Shadow stayed his hand. His idiot master had a point. He readied another portal and threw Andy into it before entering himself.

"Come on, come on!" urged Dunsparce.

Fire Demon grabbed Dunsparce and threw him over the alley's dead-end wall. He then entered his invisible spirit form just as the police rounded the corner.

"What?" shouted the Officer of Unit 13 from before. "They were right here! An evil wizard and a giant fire guy and a..."

"You're stepping in dead guy," said another officer.

The Officer recoiled and stepped out of the dead man's blood. The Pork and Ham Pub began to collapse from its structural fire, and firefighters moved into position.
Kaidart: paper
Shadow: scissors

Kaidart: 5 = 5 (major defeat)
Shadow: 18 (+5) = 23 (major victory)

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Chapter 19: The Last Master Redux

"There's at least one witness still," said Headmaster Recon, drumming his fingers on the phone he held. "Yes I'm certain, they're interviewing him on the Inquirer right now! Lucky for us he sounds mad."

"Are Druby and Rondait on it?" asked Blooky, from the landline at the Adventurer's Clubhouse.

"They've been on it," sighed Recon. "Druby's been wiping memories of non-mages all night, but we don't know who may have slipped through the cracks."

"Do you want me to help?" asked Blooky, staring at the empty clubhouse.

"No, stay there," ordered the Headmaster. "We don't know if anyone survived the mana storage explosion, and there were no dead mages at...whatever the hell happened at this bar."

"You think the Masters could be keeping a low profile?" asked Blooky.

"It would be smart," said Recon. "If they've survived but lost their Servants, they'll need to be undetected moving to the clubhouse."

"I'll keep it as a neutral ground," affirmed Blooky. "Anything else?"

Someone knocked on the door to Recon's office.

"No, thank you," said Recon. "I must be going."

"Please, come in," said Recon, putting his phone away and brushing crumbs off his robe.

A middle-aged man in khakis and a Hawaiian shirt entered the room. He had a full blonde beard and short hair. His teeth shined as he smiled.

"Professor Requiem," said the Headmaster, bowing slightly. "Thank you for coming on such short notice."

"Please, 'Req' is fine," laughed Requiem. He gestured towards his attire. "I'm clearly retired."

"But yet to live your finest moment," said Recon, and they shook hands as they had before.

"Tell me about this war," said Req, taking a seat.

"See for yourself," groaned Recon. He unmuted the television.

"-ig creature made of fire!" shouted the Officer from Unit 13. "He distracted the magic demon and that's when I ran for help!"

"That's not good," said Req. "A Team Dash member?"

Recon nodded. The news channel shifted from the interview to the lead news anchor back in the studio.

"Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire that burnt down the Pork and Ham this evening," said Rondait. "What we do know is that a large supply of drinks served by the establishment were spiked with hallucinogenics. Police advise that bar patrons head home early while this story develops. You do want to experience the delusions this ex-officer witnessed."

"Nice coverup," said Req. "I'm glad Rondait's doing damage control now, he's much better at this."

"He is," smiled Recon. "Druby is on the streets wiping minds of what they saw, but we're stretched thin."

"I saw the crater," said Req sadly.

"Yes, the Cookie war has come to Academy grounds yet again," said Recon. "There was some damage in the dormitories, and colossal damages to the mana storage facility and its surrounding area."

"I'm hoping to deliver you a clean war," said Req earnestly. "I won't repeat the mistakes of Andy Sr."

"I'm counting on it my friend," said Recon, as he led Req to where the final catalyst was stored. "When Andy Sr. failed to control his Servant, Professor Stealthy sacrificed his own chance of victory to stop the damage from destroying the Academy. But it's clear to me that the Professor is not acting as selflessly this time."

"Don't blame him too much," chided Req. "Stealthy has lost more than any of us in order to keep magedom secure. I'll accept the role of the responsible party in this War. Do not punish Stealthy too harshly."

"Tim is a very difficult servant to control," said Recon, dodging the question. "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"I'm ready," assured Req.

Recon nodded, and opened a hidden drawer.

A dark purple light shined out of the drawer. Recon moved some papers aside.

"No! Noo!" shouted Recon, as he pulled out a purple glowstick. "The catalyst! It's gone!"

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Chapter 20: The Last Master, For Real This Time

"Yes! Finally!" cheered TC. A vial of blood shone on the floor of his messy apartment. Dark purple light pulsated from it and grew stronger.

TC took a sip of his coffee and rocked back and forth on his heels. It was the dead of night but he was wide awake.

The vial of blood shattered and blood spilled out on the floor and formed a puddle. It grew larger. Hands grasped the sides of the puddle and a young man in normal dress climbed out of it. He had shaggy black hair, and a blue eye. The other had no pupil. He held a knife.

"Welcome to the Cookie War, Assassin!" beamed TC. "I'm your Master, TC!"

Tim did not respond. He looked around. The floor was strewn with various guides on summoning servants. The runes Tim stood in reflected poor understanding of the craft.

"I think you've already been in a Cookie War before, so I'll spare you the details," said TC. "In fact, you probably know more about it than me! Gosh, I'm so excited to work with you. Would you like any coffee?"

Tim did not respond.

"I'll get you some coffee, just make yourself at home," said TC as he walked to the kitchen. "This is my first Cookie War, so I'm hoping to count on your expertise to win it."

TC grabbed his favorite mug and began pouring the drink. He paused for a moment.

"You were...probably hoping to be summoned by someone with experience," said TC sadly. "I know that I'm not as experienced as the other mages. And sometimes I feel like I'm a lot less smarter than them. But I know that we can make a great team!"

TC walked back to the living room with the coffee.

"I just want to be recognized by my peers as someone who's competent, that I'm worth more than what they credit me for!" said TC. "And if we win the Cookie War, I'll accomplish that! I don't even need to make a wish, winning itself will fulfill mine."

TC set the coffee down next to Tim.

"I think you should be treated as an equal in this war, especially since you'll be doing most of the work!" TC continued. "So you get to have your wish granted when we win, as compensation for your efforts."

Tim did not respond.

"So whaddya say?" smiled TCC, extending his hand. "Partners? Maybe even...friends?"

Tim stabbed TC in the stomach.

Before he could respond, Tim slashed upwards with unholy strength, cutting his master's torso in half. TC's body slumped to the floor and his organs spilled out around Tim's feet.

Tim chuckled. He picked up a book on the ground, and shook the excess blood and spilled coffee off of it.

"Summoning servants for beginners," said Tim as he read the title. "Interesting..."

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