[Literature] Fate: Cookie - Outline of the Remaining Story

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Chapter 19: The Last Master Redux

"There's at least one witness still," said Headmaster Recon, drumming his fingers on the phone he held. "Yes I'm certain, they're interviewing him on the Inquirer right now! Lucky for us he sounds mad."

"Are Druby and Rondait on it?" asked Blooky, from the landline at the Adventurer's Clubhouse.

"They've been on it," sighed Recon. "Druby's been wiping memories of non-mages all night, but we don't know who may have slipped through the cracks."

"Do you want me to help?" asked Blooky, staring at the empty clubhouse.

"No, stay there," ordered the Headmaster. "We don't know if anyone survived the mana storage explosion, and there were no dead mages at...whatever the hell happened at this bar."

"You think the Masters could be keeping a low profile?" asked Blooky.

"It would be smart," said Recon. "If they've survived but lost their Servants, they'll need to be undetected moving to the clubhouse."

"I'll keep it as a neutral ground," affirmed Blooky. "Anything else?"

Someone knocked on the door to Recon's office.

"No, thank you," said Recon. "I must be going."

"Please, come in," said Recon, putting his phone away and brushing crumbs off his robe.

A middle-aged man in khakis and a Hawaiian shirt entered the room. He had a full blonde beard and short hair. His teeth shined as he smiled.

"Professor Requiem," said the Headmaster, bowing slightly. "Thank you for coming on such short notice."

"Please, 'Req' is fine," laughed Requiem. He gestured towards his attire. "I'm clearly retired."

"But yet to live your finest moment," said Recon, and they shook hands as they had before.

"Tell me about this war," said Req, taking a seat.

"See for yourself," groaned Recon. He unmuted the television.

"-ig creature made of fire!" shouted the Officer from Unit 13. "He distracted the magic demon and that's when I ran for help!"

"That's not good," said Req. "A Team Dash member?"

Recon nodded. The news channel shifted from the interview to the lead news anchor back in the studio.

"Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the fire that burnt down the Pork and Ham this evening," said Rondait. "What we do know is that a large supply of drinks served by the establishment were spiked with hallucinogenics. Police advise that bar patrons head home early while this story develops. You do want to experience the delusions this ex-officer witnessed."

"Nice coverup," said Req. "I'm glad Rondait's doing damage control now, he's much better at this."

"He is," smiled Recon. "Druby is on the streets wiping minds of what they saw, but we're stretched thin."

"I saw the crater," said Req sadly.

"Yes, the Cookie war has come to Academy grounds yet again," said Recon. "There was some damage in the dormitories, and colossal damages to the mana storage facility and its surrounding area."

"I'm hoping to deliver you a clean war," said Req earnestly. "I won't repeat the mistakes of Andy Sr."

"I'm counting on it my friend," said Recon, as he led Req to where the final catalyst was stored. "When Andy Sr. failed to control his Servant, Professor Stealthy sacrificed his own chance of victory to stop the damage from destroying the Academy. But it's clear to me that the Professor is not acting as selflessly this time."

"Don't blame him too much," chided Req. "Stealthy has lost more than any of us in order to keep magedom secure. I'll accept the role of the responsible party in this War. Do not punish Stealthy too harshly."

"Tim is a very difficult servant to control," said Recon, dodging the question. "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

"I'm ready," assured Req.

Recon nodded, and opened a hidden drawer.

A dark purple light shined out of the drawer. Recon moved some papers aside.

"No! Noo!" shouted Recon, as he pulled out a purple glowstick. "The catalyst! It's gone!"

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Chapter 20: The Last Master, For Real This Time

"Yes! Finally!" cheered TC. A vial of blood shone on the floor of his messy apartment. Dark purple light pulsated from it and grew stronger.

TC took a sip of his coffee and rocked back and forth on his heels. It was the dead of night but he was wide awake.

The vial of blood shattered and blood spilled out on the floor and formed a puddle. It grew larger. Hands grasped the sides of the puddle and a young man in normal dress climbed out of it. He had shaggy black hair, and a blue eye. The other had no pupil. He held a knife.

"Welcome to the Cookie War, Assassin!" beamed TC. "I'm your Master, TC!"

Tim did not respond. He looked around. The floor was strewn with various guides on summoning servants. The runes Tim stood in reflected poor understanding of the craft.

"I think you've already been in a Cookie War before, so I'll spare you the details," said TC. "In fact, you probably know more about it than me! Gosh, I'm so excited to work with you. Would you like any coffee?"

Tim did not respond.

"I'll get you some coffee, just make yourself at home," said TC as he walked to the kitchen. "This is my first Cookie War, so I'm hoping to count on your expertise to win it."

TC grabbed his favorite mug and began pouring the drink. He paused for a moment.

"You were...probably hoping to be summoned by someone with experience," said TC sadly. "I know that I'm not as experienced as the other mages. And sometimes I feel like I'm a lot less smarter than them. But I know that we can make a great team!"

TC walked back to the living room with the coffee.

"I just want to be recognized by my peers as someone who's competent, that I'm worth more than what they credit me for!" said TC. "And if we win the Cookie War, I'll accomplish that! I don't even need to make a wish, winning itself will fulfill mine."

TC set the coffee down next to Tim.

"I think you should be treated as an equal in this war, especially since you'll be doing most of the work!" TC continued. "So you get to have your wish granted when we win, as compensation for your efforts."

Tim did not respond.

"So whaddya say?" smiled TCC, extending his hand. "Partners? Maybe even...friends?"

Tim stabbed TC in the stomach.

Before he could respond, Tim slashed upwards with unholy strength, cutting his master's torso in half. TC's body slumped to the floor and his organs spilled out around Tim's feet.

Tim chuckled. He picked up a book on the ground, and shook the excess blood and spilled coffee off of it.

"Summoning servants for beginners," said Tim as he read the title. "Interesting..."


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I won't be finishing this series, which is pretty obvious. However, I thought I'd buff up the outline I had of the remaining story with all of the big plot and character moments. The roles of many minor characters (Tag Ross, Anatron, Artist, Professor Walrus, 13th) aren't included here, but their relevance to the story is pretty minimal.

I still need to beef up my outline of the last few chapters that finish the series, so consider this a bit of a cliffhanger until I finish beefing up the outline tomorrow.

Chapter 21: Jeroth and Jow recover from their wounds (sustained during the mana storage explosion) at Dr. Frilzer's. Tirin had been able to stop time long enough to get Jeroth out of the explosion. They cross paths with Dunsparce, who's also getting a checkup after his fight with Andy/Firedemon.They do not recognize each other as masters, and recount Dunsparce's brief stint as a student at Chocobo Academey, and how he was ultimately kicked out for his arguments for the use of forbidden magic. Jeroth says he had presented his ideas poorly, and that the ideas themselves were not without merit. Dunsparce takes personal offense to this, though he silenty appreciates being compared to
Regis, an infamous magic-political thinker. Dunsparce does not like Jeroth, and welcomes their paths seperating again. As they leave, Jeroth subtely lets Dunsparce know that he's aware Dunsparce is a Master.

Chapter 22: In Stealthy's mansion, Tirin speaks with Stealthy, Spiffy, and Ro about possibly switching Masters, since Stealthy is more powerful.
The talks go well at first, but Tirin finds Stealthy's method of tricking and capturing the original masters dishonorable.
Setting up the Cookie War so that Stealthy would only have to fight novices is pathetic in Tirin's eyes.
Tirin looks into Stealthy's past and tells him he used to be an honorable warrior. He will need to prove himself as a mighty warrior again to get Tirin to defect. Stealthy is frustrated at this development, as his gaols have remained the same even if his methods have changed. But he vows he will win the war, with Tirin or without him.

Chapter 23: Shadow bemoans being followed by Andy again. Andy berates Shadow for killing innocents to consume their mana, to no avail.
After his demands and insistent friendship become too annoying, Shadow opena a portal to the deadly Shadow realm and throws Andy into it.

Chapter 24: Coolpool and Shizno stop by the Clubhouse (DMZ) to give up their stake in the Cookie War. Coolpool says he has no wish, and therefore no use for the Cookie. He abandons Shizno to the Clubhouse and leaves. Blooky warns Coolpool that, as a recent Master, he should stay in the Clubhouse for safety. Coolpool expresses that he doesn't care, and leaves.

Chapter 25: Bob and Easy do some reconassicance on their competition. They follow Coolpool from the Clubhouse to a comic book store, where he's selling his old comics. Bob and Easy realize that Coolpool is no longer a Master, and Bob approaches him. Bob wants to know why Coolpool quit, and if he'll give Bob advice as he is an inexperienced mage. CoolPool dodges the question about selling his comics, and is shocked that someone older than him wants his input. They speak for a while, but very little about the War itself. They bond over a mutual feeling of displacement, since they do not feel closely aligned with a cause. During their discussion, Coolpool overhears news that his
favorite anime is being cancelled, and becomes distressed. Bob encourages Coolpool to join the war again since he's found a wish.

Chapter 26: Recon has a videocall with Dragonruby, Rondait, Req, and Blooky. He shares the news of TC's theft, and that they could have another disaster on their hands if Tim is summoned. Recon's speech about the state of the War and its Masters act as narration for a brief montage of the other characters. CoolPool rushes to the Clubhouse and reclaims Shizno, and the two reconcile. Jeroth and Jow eat ramen while planning their next move, while Tirin is amused. Firedemon teaches Dunsparce some advanced chemistry, and Andy begins to appreciate the deadly beauty of the shadow realm. Bob and Easy spar in an empty stadium. Spiffums snores while Stealthy reflects sadly on an old photo of his deceased peers.
Lastly, Tim finishes summoning his first Hero* from the Demonic Plane; Salsy.

Chapter 26: Coolpool and Shizno casually go to Eliot's convenience store to buy junk food. They are easily tracked and ambushed by Jeroth and Tirin. Coolpool recognizes Jeroth as his Clas President, and Jeroth is a little embarrased to say that he does not recognize Coolpool as a student.
But he promises to remember him after he's been vanquished. They fight. The tight confines of the convenience store work to Shizno's advantage, but even then he rarely finds an opportunity to go on the offensive. Jeroth fights Coolpool and realizes Coolpool is holding back. Jeroth promises that he will not relent, and that Coolpool should fight his hardest and thereby die an honorable death. Coolpool holds back regardless. Shizno and Coolpool are able to escape, thanks to Shizno's Noble Phantasm (being able to use his massive reserves of stored energy all at once).

Chapter 27: Recon confronts Steatlhy due to his manipulation of the Cookie War, and the unintended consequence of Tim being summoned by an unworthy Master. Recon insists that if another disaster ocurs, he will hold Stealthy responsible and require him to lead the containment efforts, or else to be fired from the Academy. Stealthy laughs at Recon's threat, stating that the Headmaster's threats are useles to someone about to obtain the Cookie. However, Stealthy is a responsible man and promises to stop Tim once again if he emerges.

Chapter 28: Shadow plays video games with Firedemon at Dunsparce's apartment while Dunsparce is out. While trying to retrieve magic booze from the shadow realm, Shadow accidentally allows Andy to escape from it. Shadow is impressed that Andy survived the shadow realm, and pleasantly surprised that Andy likes it. Andy shares that it's not unlike his home of Prison Island, and that it is quite beautiful. Shadow is a little touched, and spares Andy's life. Firedemon insists that they leave before Dunsparce returns.

Chapter 29: Dunsparce finally meets with his idol, Regis. Regis is a controversial magic-political thinker who believes that forbidden magic restrictions should be lifted. Dunsparce seeks Regis' advice on how to best implement their shared thesis' through a wih to the Cookie, if Dunsparce wins the war. Regis fails to realize that Dunsparce is a Master. Dunsparce soon realizes that Regis has become a drunk, paranoid conspiracy theorist who's withered away after allowing himself to be isolated from criticism and friendship. Dunsparce questions his core beliefs as he leaves, wishing he had never met his personal hero.

Chapter 30: Jeroth, Jow, and Tirin hash out the nature of the war. They put together the pieces of Stealthy's scheme and realize what even Recon did not. Tirin was given to Jeroth due to TC's error, as Stealthy wanted the most powerful Hero for himself, not his strongest competition. Tirin does not share that Stealthy had tried to court him to his side, as he is still considering the offer due to Jeroth's failure to kill opponents in the two previous fights. Jeroth also reveals his wish; that those with limited mana in their bloodline have equal power to those that do, that they may be afforted the same opportunities in magedom. Tirin scoffs at this wish,as he believes this goes against the natural balance of the weak serving the strong.

Chapter 31: Dunsparce and Firedemon track Bob and Easy to the hockey stadium. Dunsparce and Bob fight, and express a mutual excitement for the new opportunities the War has given them. Easy has a difficult time in his fight, as his weapons are ineffective against a being of demonic flame. Easy gets creative, and tricks Firedemon into triggering the stadium's sprinkler system. Firedemon and Dunsparce retreat. Bob has an opportunity to kill a retreating Dunsparce, but doesn't take it. Easy disapproves of this reckless mercy, but Bob insists that he feels Dunsparce
has a role to play.

Chapter 32: Shizno hangs out with Coolpool and eats a lot of food to regain energy after using his Noble Phantasm. Shizno imparts the wisdom of self-love to Coolpool, insisting that he himself is more valuable than that which he can give to other people. Coolpool is not sure he accepts this sentiment, but regardless he begins to climb out of his depression.

Chapter 33: Stealthy and Ro track Andy and Shadow to their hideout, due to Shadow's reckless use of magic. They fight, andexchange many words while doing so. Ro knows Shadow, and mocks him for being cast out of Team Dash. This angers Shadow, causing him to become reckless and giving Ro opportunities to land some blows. Meanwhile, Andy holds his own against Stealthy, who seems to be injuring him with information more than attacks. Stealthy knew Andy's parents, the Masters of the Assassin Tim in the last Cookie War.
They were unable to control Tim due to being second-rate mages, and Stealthy had to clean up their mess. Andy's parents were killed by Tim, and blamed for the disaster he nearly caused. Their infant son (Andy) was sent to be raised on Prison Island, and their bloodline forgotten to history. Stealthy observes how Andy is too weak to control Shadow, and tells him he is doomed to suffer the same sadfate as his parents if he does not surrender. Andy refuses to surrender, citing that he is more than the legacy of his blood, and that he will accomplish great things in his life. He attacks Stealthy with renewed strength. He spares Stealthy's life after seeing his metal leg, realizing that Stealthy, too, suffered unjustly due to the failings of his parents. Ro recovers Stealthy, who is injured, and they retreat.

Chapter 34: Tim finishes summoning Ibix, who joins his side next to Pally, Salsy, and Vance. Tim states their plan will be to kill the already isolated Masters, and gain the Cookie to take over the world. Vance asks if the others will join them, and Tim says they will do so or die. Dragonruby is eavesdropping and relays the conversation to Recon. He implores Recon gathers all the Masters at the Clubhouse, as fighting together is their only chance of stopping Team Dash. He is then found and gutted by Tim, to Recon's dismay.

Chapter 35: Recon hosts a virtual meeting at the Clubhouse with all the Masters. He informs them of Tim's plan to ambush and kill them to retrieve the Cookie. He announces that a temporary ceasefire has been called in the Cookie War, so long as Tim and his demonic Heroes are a threat.
Recon and Stealthy have put together a plan to stop them. One of the Servants will act as bait in a shipyard not too far from the Academy.
The other Servants will each be hiding nearby, with their magical energy cloaked by spells from Recon and Blooky.
When Tim's group shows up to ambush the bait, the other Servants will a charge in and kill the ambushers.
Everyone ultimately agrees to the plan, though some have more hesitance than others. Easy volunteers to act as the bait, citing that he has the most experience fighting multiple foes at once, in case the others are delayed. Recon casts a spell allowing the group to communicate telepathically, and gives them the coordinates for the shipyard. The meeting ends.

Chapter 36: Stealthy ends the virtual meeting, and muses to Spiffums how its up to him to stop Tim again. Spiffy doesn't respond, and then falls dead with Tim's knife in his back. Tim quickly retrieves his blade and puts it to Stealthy's throat before he can make it to his panic room. Tim shares that he wants revenge for how Stealthy defeated him in the previous war. He had planned on torturing Stealthy device, but his servant managed to convince him otherwise. A wounded Ro enters the room, apologizing for not detecting Tim's presence, which is hidden due to his Assassin class. Tim tells Stealthy to choose between death, or selling out the other Masters.

Chapter 37: All of the Masters and Servants get in optimal position in the shipyard. Easy acts as bait by loudly benching shipping containers.
Recon wonders where Stealthy is when all the Masters receive a panicked communication from him. Stealthy warns of a massive attack on Chocobo Academy, the site of Tim's previous defeat. He calls for immediate backup as the Academy is attacked on all sides, and his message cuts off. Recon orders everyone to return to the Academy and secure the areas Stealthy mentioned were under siege. Right as the Masters scatter, the telepathic link between them is severed. Back at Stealthy's mansion, Stealthy finishes the spell that severed the telepathic link. He tells Tim that he trusts he's a man of his word. Tim says that he is, unlike Stealthy, and leaves.

Chapter 38: Easy and Bob are on their way out of the shipyard when they are ambushed by Tim, Vance, and Ibix. They realize Stealthy's warning was a ruse, and can't communicate to the other Masters for help. Easy and Bob fight valiantly, but are easily overwhelmed and taunted by their foes. Bob promises to stay with Easy to the end, but Easy politely declines. Bob insists, so Easy sacrifices one of his gauntlets to jettison Bob many miles away for his safety. With one gauntlet, Easy fights a 3v1 against Tim, Vance, and Ibix in what is definitely the second-coolest, but most desperate fight scene in this series. Easy is wounded many times, but continues fighting knowing he is buying time for the others to regroup.
Tim is able to stab Easy through the stomach, and he falls to his knees.

Chapter 39: Recon reaches out to Rondait to check the state of the assault on the Academy as they draw closer. Rondait is confused, and reports that the Academy is safe. Recon realizes that Stealthy has betrayed him. Meanwhile, Tirin uses his abilities to view into the immediate future. He realizes that he must return to the shipyard at once.
Jeroth insists he comes, but Tirin forbids it, as he sees Jeroth dying in most timelines if he returns to the shipyard.

Chapter 40: Tim, Vance, and Ibix taunt Easy as he begins to lose consciousness. Tirin arrives on the scene and uses his Noble Phantasm to rewind time in a concentrated area, healing Easy's wounds and even restoring his lost gauntlet. Tirin expresses that he wants to duel Easy again, but it will have to wait until they vanquish their mutual foes. Easy echoes this sentiment, and they move to a back-to-back position as they are attacked by their enemies. Easy and Tirin augment each other's abilities and go on the offensive. Tirin uses his time powers to teleport Easy across the battlefield while Easy uses his keen eye and gauntlets to defend Tirin from Tim's sneak attacks. This is definitely the coolest fight scene in the whole series. Tim and Vance soon retreat, but Ibix is too wounded to make a clean getaway. Ibix uses their noble phantasm, which is to create an impenetrable barrier that will protect him from Easy's blows and isolate them from the other Masters. Easy uses his Noble Phantasm, Justice Punch, which can penetrate any magical barrier, to destroy Ibix and his barrier. Easy then collapses, realizing his wound from Tim's knife never healed.
Tirin is unable to heal the wound, and they realize Tim's noble phantasm is a knife that can create wounds that never heal. Tirin stays with Easy as he dies, and they express their wish to drink and duel together in another world. When Easy passes, Tirin begins returning to Jeroth in order to prepare for their final battle with the traitor Stealthy.

Chapter 41: Shizno and Coolpool share a happy moment as they rush towatds the Academy, eager to save their home. Coolpool is suddenly slashes by Tim and knocked aside. Tim, still exhausted from his fight with Easy and Tirin, remarks that it's much easier to kill the Master first. He makes a move to finish Coolpool off, but Shizno intervenes. Shizno fights a 2v1 against both Tim and Salsy. The fight is extra difficult for him, as he must protect Coolpool at the same time, and his noble phantasm is still recovering. Shizno fights valiantly, but is mortally wounded and thrown down next to Coolpool so that they can bleed out together. Shizno apologizes for failing to protect him, but Coolpool insists that Shizno showed him the value of accepting one's self and just having a good time. He has no regrets. Shizno is relieved to hear this and dies. Once he's alone,
Coolpool quietly sobs and says that he doesn't want to go. He dies.

Chapter 42: Dunsparce and Firedemon rush towards the Academy, admiring the irony in rushing to save a place that Dunsparce hates.
Dunsparce shares that he's not so certain about the Academy anymore, and is still very disillusioned by his meeting with Regis.
They are suddenly ambushed by both Vance and Pally. Firedemon, already greatly wounded by the ambush, implores that Dunsparce run as fast as he can. Dunsparce runs, and Firedemon keeps Vance and Pally from chasing him by using his fire magic. Despite his grievous wounds, Firedemon holds his own in the 2v1 until he is bested by both Vance's and Pally's noble phantasms. Vance and Pally taunt Firedemon as his flames begin to fade, calling him a dumb berserker, and a big brute who's a one-note warrior. Firedemon insists that they misunderstand the nature of fire, that it is both creator of life and destroyer of it. He injects his dying heart with an unstable chemical, and laughs uproariously, sharing that his noble phantasm brings death to his enemies and life to his friends. Pally begins to run, and Firedemon's body goes supernova, causing a large explosion that incinerates both Vance and a large portion of the shipyard.

Chapter 43: Dunsparce continues to flee as told and is distraught at the death of his only friend. The explosion from Firedemon's noble phantasm
throws him into a shipping container. As he slowly gets up, he sees Pally walk towards him. Pally is almost unrecognizable as his form is burnt an deformed from the explosion. Pally says he will need the mana in Dunsparce's blood to heal his wounds, and wants to ensure his friend died in vain. Before Pally can kill him, he is hit by a hockey puck. Bob hops down from a shipping container to Dunsparce's defense, and fights Pally with nothing but a magically enhanced hockey stick. Bob begins to win the fight, but is mortally wounded by Pally's noble phantasm. Bob uses the last of his strength to do a hockey trickshot that releases a grappling hook, causing a shipping container to fall and crush Pally, killing him. Dunsparce tries to magically heal Bob's wound, but Dunsparce knows little healing magic, and the wounds are too severe. He thanks Bob for saving him. With his dying breaths, Bob tells Dunsparce not to make the same mistakes that he did by being cynical and pushing others away. Dunsparce says he'll try, and apologizes that Bob won't get his wish granted. Bob thinks about all he's done recently, all the people he's been able to help in small ways, and all the quiet time he enjoyed just being himself. Bob laughs and says he got his wish. Bob dies, and Dunsparce retreats to the Clubhouse.

Chapter 44: Andy expresses concern about not hearing from the other Masters. He readies himself for an ambush, but instead Tim and Salsy approach and greet him cordially. Tim is thankful to Andy, as it was his parents that allowed Tim to first enter this world. He is also thankful to Shadow, who did not intervene when Tim and his friends killed the other Masters. Shadow, who feared this may be the case, is a bit shameful. Tim offers to forget the past and welcome both Shadow into his ranks, and that he can even keep Andy as a pet. Andy retorts that he will never join Tim's monsters, and that he'd rather die than serve him. Tim grants his wish and mortally wounds Andy before Shadow can intervene.
Tim tells Shadow that Andy will be dead in a moment, and that he better rejoin Tim's crew or else the lack of a mana source will send him back to the shadow realm forever. While bleeding out, Andy tells Shadow to leave him, as at least one of them will finally be understood and appreciated by a group. Andy says he won't hold a grudge. Shadow kicks Andy and laughs, and Andy questions his time with his only friend. Tim finds the kick hilarious and offers to shake Shadow's hand to reinstate him. Shadow takes Tim's hand and, in a rare occasion of dialogue, says "this is for Andy's parents" before impaling Tim on his own knife. Shadow fights Salsy, who is now enraged. After a brief fight, Salsy uses his noble phantasm to launch deadly chinchilla quills which nearly kill Shadow. Shadow uses the last of his strength to open a portal to the shadow realm beneath Salsy, who falls halway into it. Salsy laughs as tendrils from the Shadow Realm begin to drag him inside. He taunts Shadow, saying that he is stronger than him, and that not only can he survive in the shadow realm, but that he will re-emerge as its master. Salsy's speech is cut short as Shadow closes the portal before Salsy is fully dragged through it. This cuts Salsy in half, and Shadow and Andy laugh together. Andy reflects that Shadow is real cunt. And a good friend. Shadow shrugs, and Andy passes away. Shadow begins to fade from the world, but opens one last portal.
When Shadow dies a moment later, his and Andy's souls enter the shadow realm together.

Colonel Thunder

Renowned Blunderer & Dishonorary Czech
Chapter 45: Jeroth regroups with Tirin, who shares whats happened. Tirin has felt the death of all the Servants, both Tim's and the War's. Except for Tirin, and Ro. Jeroth asks Tirin what the future holds for them, but Tirin is uncertain. Something is blocking him from seeing much further into the future. He detects a presence, and Stealthy and Ro approach them. Tirin accuses Ro and Stealthy of gross treachery, and promises a terrible death for them. Stealthy understands why he feels that way, but insists that his betrayal was necessary. Stealthy's wish is to be the executor of the Cookie's power, to be able to direct any future Master's wish in a way that is safe for the universe. Tirin accuses Stealthy of just wanting power for himself, but Stealthy insists that Jeroth knows his cause is just, and implores him to step aside. On account of his treachery, Jeroth refuses to stand aside and let Stealthy take the Cookie. He says Stealthy could have shared his wish with the original masters who Stealthy cheated out of the War, as they would surely agree with him. Jeroth loses faith in his mentor, and challenges him to a duel. Stealthy laments that he is is still wounded from his fight with Andy and Shadow to duel properly, but offers to set an appropriate stage for their final battle. Ro uses his noble phantasm, which places the two servants and two masters in a reality marble that looks like a dance stage. Lights and music blast as Ro does magical girl transformation into his fursuit. Stealthy explains that in this reality marble, the enemy Servant must compete in a dance-off against Ro. The loser
will be trapped in the reality marble forever. Tirin laughs and insists he is both the lord of time and dance. Stealthy smiles, and shares that he didn't bring them here to dance. He brought them here because this reality marble permits no violence, and exists outside time. Stealthy raises a small spray bottle and sprays it twice. Jeroth begins to choke and wheeze. Stealthy explains that it was easy to poison Jeroth with a latent chemical, due to how he frequents the same ramen shop. Stealthy merely needed to find a venue to spray the activating agent in the air near him, without
Tirin being able to rewind time or retaliate. Tirin retaliates by striking Stealthy with his sword, but the sword phases through him. Stealthy reminds Tirin that there is no violence nor time in this reality marble, only dance. Tirin tries to rewind time as Jeroth's throat swells shut, but is unable. Ro continues dancing. Tirin promises he will avenge Jeroth, and Jeroth dies. Stealthy makes another offer for Tirin to join his side, since without a mana connection, he will soon vanish from the mortal world. Tirin thinks for a moment, and begins to laugh. This puzzles Stealthy. Tirin explains that Stealthy is arrogant, and misunderstands time. There is no realm without time, not even this one. Tirin explains that in order for a reality marble to exist "outside" time, the time would simply be paused and stored within the caster of the spell. Since Ro cast his noble phantasm with Stealthy's mana, the time now resides in Stealthy's blood. Stealthy drops his cane, as Tirin continues explaining that its true he can't alter the time around him in this reality marble, but he can alter it in Stealthy. Stealthy opens his mouth to beg, but his teeth and gums begin to rot. Tirin rapidly accelerates the time in Stealthy's body, causing him to rapidly age, rot, and dissolve into a pile of rotten goo and bones. Ro continues dancing as the reality marble fades. Ro and Tirin are both transparent now, and their connection to the world is fading. Tirin accepts his fate, and tells Ro he's surprised
that Ro isn't seeking another mana source. Ro keeps dancing, saying there's nothing to do in this life but dance until the song is over, and fades into oblivion. Tirin remarks that despite all his travels across time and space, this War has been the most interesting journey. Tirin fades into oblivion.

Chapter 46: Coolpool wakes up in the shipyard, which is now covered with grass and saplings. He finds his wound miraculously healed. He senses a heart of lifefire beats within him now, and remembers that Firedemon's noble phantasm can restore the life of nearby friends. Coolpool excitedly tells this to Shizno, but realizes Shizno is gone for good. In the near distance, Coolpool sees a magnificent portal open. He recognizes it from his reading as the portal to the Cookie, signaling that the war is over. Coolpool is glad that he won, but distraught at so much needless death. He approaches the portal, but is interrupted by Kratour. Kratour, the seventh master who didn't show up to Recon's summon at the beginning of this series, had finally arrived. Kratour admits he ran a little bit late, and tells Coolpool that as the rightful seventh Master, the Cookie belongs to him. Coolpool claims the Cookie as his own, and the two prepare to fight. Recon and Req arrive on the scene as well. Req berates Kratour for being late, and tells him that Req was pulled out of retirement to replace Kratour, making him to real Master who has claim to the Cookie. The two begin to duel each other. Recon tells Coolpool to hurry up and make his wish, as he's not sure how long he'll be able to keep Req and Kratour from accesing the Cookie. Coolpool enters the portal and is enveloped by light.

Chapter 47: Coolpool finds a pleasant meadow inside the Cookie, as well as a humming man with a pet bird (Azule). He is painting a picture of strange muscular Pokemon. The man (Maelstrom) notices Coolpool and congratulates him on winning the Cookie war. Malestrom explains that he is a previous victor, and his Wish was to be the executor of the Cookie's will, echoing Stealthy's intended wish. Maelstrom asks Coolpool what his wish is. Coolpool relfects on all the friends he made and interesting people he met, and thinks its such a shame that they are gone. He wishes that Mach City and its fallen citizens would live on across time and space, that their consciousness be emboddied in some meaningful way so they are not forgotten and can continue enjoying each other's company. Maelstrom thinks about this wish, and says he could make it happen, that Coolpool and his friends could be the central figures in many universes, some more prominent than others. However, Maelstrom warns that despite his wish, nothing lives forever, and eventually the people of this community will die out, and only the records of their existence will be preserved forever. Coolpool affirms this is his wish. Maelstrom gives one last warning, that this wish will come at a terrible mental cost for Coolpool, for he will be the only one that knows the truth. He will forever have some role as their savior, whether he wants to or not. Coolpool still affirms this wish. Maelstrom happily obliges, and begins creating the community across many realms. Outside the portal, Req, Kratour, and Recon look on as the portal shines brightly - then disappears, and Coolpool with it.

Chapter 48: A few months later, Jow (now class president) leads new student orientation at Chocobo Academy. Jow recognizes Dunsparce among the students, who is excited to continue improving himself and the magic community - even if his ideas are initially scoffed at. The other new students are mages with very little mana in their bloods, who are recipients of the Jeroth scholarship. The others are orphans and troubled/reformed youths, who are recipients of the Andy scholarship. Jow and Dunsparce reflect on their time in the War, and the tragedies and opportunities it brought them. Jow invites Dunsparce to grab some ramen after class, and Dunsparce hesitantly - but happily - agrees. Elsewhere in the Academy, Req has exited retirement and is teaching in Stealthy's vacant position. In the headmasters office, the intended Masters of the Cookie War whom Stealthy had tricked and trapped (Ciflit, Milamber, etc) bicker about how they were cheated out of the war. Recon takes an advil for his headache while Blooky corrals the grumpy mages out of the office. At the hockey stadium, games have resumed and the stadium owner unveils a statue of Bob the janitor. The statue is placed prominently beside the statue of Maelstrom. The owner's assistant questions this decision. The stadium owner (revealed to be Chocobo, in disguise and living a quiet retirement) reminds his assistant that it is often the small, constant, unnoticed deeds that keep the wheels of society turning, and that deserves remembrance just as much as the grand deeds of a grand hero.

Chapter 49: TC is reading a book titled "Mafia for Dummies" when a book is thrown through his window and hits him in the head. It is the Fate:Forum fanfic that Tirin had bought from TC a few years earlier. Tirin yells at TC, telling him that he finished reading his dumb story, and that once again TC cheated his character out of a rightful victory. TC says that people like the story the way it is, and Tirin throws more books through TC's windows, including "The Mach Games", "The Machpocalypse", and a few other forum fics where TC found a dumb excuse to kill Tirin's character. Tirin leaves, and the next day TC tries selling his fanfic to Coolpool. Coolpool quickly thumbs through the fanfic and looks alert. TC asks his what's wrong, and Coolpool wipes TC's memory of the fanfic with one of those memory stick things from Men in Black. Coolpool then burns the fanfic, insisting that the community is not ready to learn the truth.
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