First Communal Rewatch: Cowboy Bebop (12/26)


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We will be starting off the first anime rewatch with the classic - Cowboy Bebop.

Summary: The Bebop crew is just trying to make a buck, and they’re the most entertaining gang of bounty hunters in the year 2071.

This is a series of vignettes pertaining to an eclectic cast of characters. I have never watched the sub and I've been tempted to give it a watch, but I'm just an absolute sucker for the dub.

Note: You do not have to watch the dub; if you want to watch the sub, go ahead!

With that in mind, Cowboy Bebop is notoriously good for its english dub. I'm dead serious. It managed to survive above all odds with the weirdest phase of bad dubs and stood out as a crowning gem.

For the scheduling of Cowboy Bebop, it will be as follows:

July 1st, 2018 - Asteroid Blues
July 2nd, 2018 - Stray Dog Strut
July 3rd, 2018 - Honky Tonk Women
July 4th, 2018 - Gateway Shuffle
July 5th, 2018 - Ballad of Fallen Angels
July 6th, 2018 - Sympathy For the Devil
July 7th, 2018 - Heavy Metal Queen
July 8th, 2018 - Waltz for Venus
July 9th, 2018 - Jamming with Edward
July 10th, 2018 - Ganymede Elegy
July 11th, 2018 - Toys in the Attic
July 12th, 2018 - Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)
July 13th, 2018 - Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)
July 14th, 2018 - Bohemian Rhapsody
July 15th, 2018 - My Funny Valentine
July 16th, 2018 - Black Dog Serenade
July 17th, 2018 - Mushroom Samba
July 18th, 2018 - Speak Like A Child
July 19th, 2018 - Wild Horses
July 20th, 2018 - Pierrot Le Fou
July 21st, 2018 - Boogie-Woogie Feng-Shui
July 22nd, 2018 - Cowboy Funk
July 23rd, 2018 - Brain Scratch
July 24th, 2018 - Hard Luck Woman
July 25th, 2018 - Real Folk Blues (Part 1)
July 26nd, 2018 - Real Folk Blues (Part 2)

Today's episode will be The Asteroid Blues. Topic starts from now until 11:59 PM the next night.

The episodes can be found here:


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First Communal Rewatch: Cowboy Bebop

First Impressions

Cowboy Bebop has been the signature anime that everyone has told me to watch. Based on what I’ve seen, the anime appears to have a unique art style that appears to have aged well. As Jeroth stated earlier, the dub is of very high quality and arguably the best I’ve seen from the anime I’ve watched. In terms of storyline, it seems pretty light-hearted considering the protagonists' career choice. It may be too earlier to say at this point but I am concerned how they can create an engaging arc with the current characters given the 25min timeframe.
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Episode 1.

00:00 - Alright fuckers, I have never watched Cowboy Bebop so let’s see if it lives up to the reputation it has amassed.
01:04 - And that OP that I have heard a thousand times, despite not having watched a single episode has begun.
04:46 - “Speaking of beef they say in TJ the carnitas are outta this world.” I don’t think anything is gonna top that line.
[TR's Note: Carnitas are made from pork, not beef]
06:44 - Holy shit, that dude is carrying a stick of cotton candy, they really did go to Mexico.
14:55 - Wait, is she supposed to have a spanish accent? It sounds more like a bad French accent.

It ended with them the same as it started, well, it is the pilot episode and they have yet to introduce the rest of the cast so it’s a decent introduction to the lead character. It held my attention well and it didn’t feel like a decades old show. At this point I would usually queue up the next episode, and watch the next three, but I’ll leave those for their designated days and give this episode a 7/10.


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I had watched the first six episodes subbed earlier last year. Just watched episode 1 dubbed for the first time.

-Dub is good! Very glad to be watching this dubbed now.
-Spike's fist fights are insane in a beautiful way
-Should have stolen more food from the bad lady


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Wow racist much?

She was just a Mexican woman who wanted to escape her shitty life of crime and tried through nonlegal means, I bet you voted for space Trump so he could build a space wall.


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00:40 - A brief glimpse into the life of Spike's past.
1:00 - The infamous opening. Also, I'm surprised Sunrise did it considering it's not a mecha.
1:30 - Seriously, this opening is beautiful 20 years later. It holds up amazingly and the music by Yoko Kanno is jazz-packed and demonstrates the character traits in their small actions with their legs and arms.
4:09 - The small interactions between Jet and Spike. The two pillars of the Bebop.
5:10 - I feel like they never really address these ever again.
7:40 - I love how discreet the deal is. The thieves cant is real.
9:30 - God.. The Red Eye is terrifying as a drug.
10:20 - There's an interesting blend of cultures and religion here.
11:20 - You can really start to see Jets' background here as well as earlier on.
14:00 - The accents are a bit rough, but they work really well for the times.
17:25 - I.. honestly really like the recurring gag with the old guys.
18:44 - The jazz and playful nature of Spike is amazing.
21:40 - Fuck. I feel awful every time that scene hits. The Red eye floating of her is a nice touch.
22:05 - Immediately back into the usual business of the Bebop.

Overall notes: I really like the first episode of Cowboy Bebop. It sets the tone phenomenally for the events of the series and does a great job of hinting at the backstory of Spike and Jet without spelling it out. It does a good job of telling a tragic story and showing how jaded Spike and Jet have become. This is their every day life.

Episode 2 is now available to watch.


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Initial Thoughts: Oh man! Stray Dog Strut. This is another good one that I enjoy and it's where I started to love Welsh Corgis.

2:00 - Oh man. I guess they do use those things again.
3:00 - Oh man! BIG SHOT BOUNTY HUNTERS! Another standard of the Bebop.
5:40 - Another psychopath. Damn. All the bounties are so hyper aggressive, but it takes sense.
6:58 - More about food. These folks just want to eat right.
9:00 - Absolutely adorable. Also 2 wulongs for a dog? That's hella cheap. I wish I could buy a dog for that much.
9:55 - An ostrich? Jesus. You can buy everything on mars.
10:12 - Oh man. A great Yoko Kanno song for the chase!
12:17 - Bruce Lee poster in the background! Fun fact: Spike practices Jeet Kune Do which was created by Bruce Lee.
13:28 - "Seems that way" guy actually gets me. I don't know if he's a gag in the sub, but it works well here.
14:57 - More mysticism.
15:35 - God damn it. Once again, no idea if it's the dub or an actual translation.
16:20 - Ooh. Another classic Bebop song.
16:48 - I'm losing it at the groom just casually ask him what's going on only to be punched.
17:21 - God, this ramped up. On foot, to car to space ship.
18:30 - I really like this moment.
22:05 - Preview: Oh man! The next member of the Bebop Crew! Faye Valentine, the more modern Fujiko from Lupin.

Ending thoughts:

The first episode portrays the series as pretty hardboiled, but this one throws it out the window. With the preview of Faye and realization of her being akin to Fujiko, I'm starting to see comparisons to Lupin. Not anything concrete, but just the fact that it's a gang of misfits that travel together with episodic tales.


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Initial Thoughts: I Love Dogs!

The second episode was a big improvement on the first. I liked the parallel of tones between the first couple of episodes, the first being gritty while the second being a light-hearted chase scene. I'm enjoying the developing relationship between Spike and Jet and while they proclaim to be experienced Bounty Hunters they can still enjoy mishaps.


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A little late, what with Canada Day and all, but I figured I can spare the time to get into this. Big-ass post incoming.

Like Riyant mentioned, we get that sweet glimpse into Spike's past and then the quality af intro. I'm already hype for the watchthrough. The chill Western music with the shots around Mars and intro to Jet and Spike is good shit. Spike gettin' pissy at Jet for the lack of beef is great, and I'm already enjoyin' that spicy dub. Mmm, delicious.

"Tijuana" being an asteroid city instead of the actual thing is great, especially given [spoilers I can't even spoil in here]. The lady's accent sucks pretty bad, but the way Bloody Eye is set up to be "tested" is pretty fucked. Seems like it turns you into a berserker-packin' man and a half, but I really have to wonder how the fuck you can hit actual bullet-time jukes like that. I guess the realistic answer is "you couldn't, it's sci-fi deal with it bitch".

Spike's bounty hunting methods are clearly a little on the unorthodox side, goin' to the Native American mystic and all; Jet's make a little more sense, though they're sketchy as shit. Why Spike doesn't wreck Asimov upon meeting him fuckin' puzzles me, but I guess a man just wasn't prepped. Too hungry for food to be hungry for the bounty, maybe.

Spike looks dope as fuck in that sombrero, and outplaying Asimov followed up by kicking the shit clean out of him was some fine work. As things progress it gets more and more clear that this man is real bad news; his lady was left with one option at the end of it all, and it was a pretty shit one. Makes y'feel bad for her, even though she was complicit - she didn't wanna hurt nobody, just live the good life on Mars. It looks like crime... doesn't pay.

The intro scene wherein Abdul Hakim slam dunks three guys with loaded guns pointed at him is hella satisfying. The existence of Big Shots in-universe is pretty fucking funny, though it's also a little depressing that there's a market of three hundred thousand bounty hunters. New bad guy is a total dick; not really a big surprise, as to the best of my knowledge a majority of targets in Bebop are. Him getting ripped off for my boi Ein is value.

Spike's got a real knack for finding what he's looking for, even if it's not always the way he was hoping. I'd buy Ein for two wulongs any goddamn day of the week, how the fuck you gonna leave that boio to probably get eaten? I'll say that "Seems that way" guy is a solid gag through the entire episode; you gotta appreciate a man who can get some real casual-ass reactions out to strange situations.

Gotta have some mad respect for Spike's cardio and those hops, but not nearly so much for when he knocks over whatever board game the boys are playing. Ein is clearly god-tier, judging by his own jukes, planning, and ability to avoid getting wet. I'm glad that Jet is at least nice enough to appreciate a good boy, even if it is completely for his own self-interest. The three-way collision of the scientists, Abdul, and Spike is a classic ends-meeting sorta thing, especially considering it's a twist on that first chase scene and comes about from Abdul listening to that old man with the fortune-telling bird. Maybe there is something to shit like that in Bebop?

Finally, Spike actually being a good enough lad to go catch Ein even though he had eight million wulongs on the line is sweet as all fuck. It was also the objectively correct play, given the amount of damages he would have had to pay out of that eight million.

The animation isn't perfect, but it holds up damn well for twenty years - and the sound design does so even better. It terms of tone I feel like it sits somewhere in between Firefly and Pulp Fiction, at least so far - that solid balance of comedy and serious shit. Looking forward to the next episode already!


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Episode 3 is now available to watch.

Initial Thoughts: Oh man. This is the casino gambling that introduces Faye. I have a vague memory of how this is, but let's dive into it.

2:11 - They do a really good job of the culture blend. East Asian herbal shop to a mexican bar.
3:00 - They do such a fantastic job of showcasing Faye here. She comes across as a strong, badass only to be caught.
4:25 - The Roulette Satellite is dope and not something I truly appreciated until now.
4:50 - Fun Fact: Charlie Parker was one of the most influential jazz musicians and considered the primary musician of the "bebop" form of jazz, which is faster and relies more on improv with harmony. Seems oddly fitting.
5:10 - More culture! The massive amounts of different languages does a good job for the feeling of being in space.
6:09 - AYYY! It's the old men! And Spike just leisurely took some chips. I'm wondering the value of them.
6:44 - I'm triggered by blackjack, given my history.
9:45 - ... How does Spike manage to eat this all this?
10:56 - Poor Jet. Earned all that money and now he's going to have to Jet.
11:20 - Damn, Spike. Don't bring attention. Let the man cash his chips in. WE NEED THAT BELL PEPPER AND BEEF!
11:50 - The absolute madlads!
13:09 - I do really like Faye's voice actress.
14:04 - Like Tirin said, I do love how Big Shot is actually popular.
15:28 - I kind of love how casual she is about having a bounty on her and the bounty cost.
17:15 - Jet is so smug. It's fantastic.
17:50 - AYYY. JET'S BACKGROUND IS DROPPED. He was a cop for those that just figured it out.
20:38 - A more jazzy rendition of the fight music from episode 1!
22:04 - Damn, man. That was a terrible ship design. Gotta go for small and lightweight.

Ending thoughts:

Great introduction to Faye Valentine. The Fujiko to Spike's Lupin. The casino is a fun place to take the Bebop crew and it's almost comical to see how they treat it like a vacation. Even when they aren't on a job, they're wrapped up in some bounties.

I need to head to work, so I did it a bit early today!


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Initial Thoughts: How do you guys even function!?

- A small herbal shop managed to complement Faye's mystique and highlight several layers of depth in a very short period of time.
- How can they miss that badly?
- Enjoying the returning gag of the old troupe. I hope they're in more episodes to come.
- Triggered by mistaken identity story thread, they look nothing alike. Not in the slightest.
- Spike throws away the opportunity to get rich by drawing attention to his partner.
- Casino Ship vs Bebop was very confusing to watch. I was under the impression they seized the Bebop and Jet/Spike managed to slip away by using the chip. Apparently..that didn't happen at all.

- Faye don't leave! Become part of the ship's crew!

Ending thoughts
The series is very enjoyable, but I'm still finding it very hard to believe that you can maintain a ship and a be a successful Bounty Hunter with the characters recent success rate. Unless it's a deliberate goof to highlight how experienced Hunters can mess up and still survive.


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The introduction to Faye, as well as the store owner or whatever she's talkin' with, is brity funny. Less so is the level of getting his storefront fucking obliterated that the dude goes through. The exposition about Faye would be a little much, but I think it merits it given that it's interesting and it's her first episode.

Seems pretty clear that Spike and Jet gonna get rekt at this casino with their prevous luck; Spike swallowing his ciggie is pretty damn gross and highlights how he's the impolite one while Jet's more of a chill, laid-back dude. Faye mistaking Spike for her target is a pretty big fuckup, considering he plays like a king and doesn't look like a mousy fuckin' jabroni. Him not giving a shit about his last chip, its double, and the blatant cheating makes it even better. Kind of a dick move to swallow it, though - especially since he knows for a fact it's been on the floor. How many greasy bar floors have you put those shoes onto, Spike?

"Can you come with me to the office, sir? We have some questions." "Like what?" PUNCH is one of the dankest exchanges I've seen, and I bust out laughing for it. It gets even better when Jet comes in holding a heaping fuckin' pile of chips and he knows that Spike's the reason everything went to shit when they're trying to win big. Those Bebop boys have a knack for getting into it, fuckin' scoundrel-lookin'-asses.

Big Shots getting the dirt out on Faye like ten minutes after they picked her up seems pretty unlikely, but it seems like a pretty spicy deal for Spike and Jet. Clearly she doesn't take well to being locked up, but I can't imagine anybody would if their options are going to the cops or getting fuckin' murdered. Her play on Jet's sympathies to get a hand out was pretty smart; it's like, his one readily-apparent weakness as a bounty hunter.

Jet's knowledge of the poker chip seems pretty goddamn encyclopedic, but it's self-evident that the Bebop has a remarkably skillful crew for all of their bad luck. It was good for dishing out a little bit of his backstory, and the way he pulls that knowledge together into working out a trade is solid stuff - especially from a position that seems pretty shitty. Only too obvious that they're gonna betray Spike and Jet, though. Gotta say, Spike's ability to maneuver himself in zero-G is pretty fuckin' impressive, as is Faye's turnabout on the mobster laddies.

Bitch'll join the Bebop later, you know that's true. Hell, judging by the ending she's probably working at that very casino.

Gotta love a casino episode, man. It's ironic, though, that while they get blasted by luck outside of a casino Spike and Jet both do extremely well within them. I'll chalk it up to beating the odds with skill, perception, and experience instead of relying on RNG.

Looks like the boys are back where they started for cash, though. It's a hard knock life.


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Initial Thoughts: I.. actually don't remember this episode from the title by itself. I'll probably remember later.

3:30 - Jet's delivery got me.
3:57 - Oh man. Those goggles are amazing!
4:18 - I remember the episode now!
4:32 - I'm wondering when this came out relative to the Futurama's Mom character.
5:33 - Wow, Spike and Jet are super relaxed about their bounty dying.
5:48 - Jesus, that's such a morbid juxtaposition. But hey! 24 million bounty!
7:42 - SPACE PETA!
8:50 - Faye's impish nature is so endearing.
10:24 - The smile on Jet and Spike's face is even more endearing.
11:01 - Faye in Handcuffs, again? I feel like this is going to be a recurring theme.
12:11 - I used to love Spike (and still do!), but man, Jet is so understated.
18:10 - Poor Ein!
18:32 - God damn, this music is so good.
19:14 - We can finally see what Spike's ship can do!
19:36 - Faye's intense haggling at a clutch moment.
21:20 - Interesting hint about Faye's backstory.
22:05 - Welcome to the Bebop, Faye!
Preview: Oh man. Ballad for Fallen Angels? For those who are watching for the first time, this is probably one of the best episodes.

Ending thoughts: Honestly, this was one of the first episodes I was luke-warm on, as you can see by my six minute gap of no reactions. However, I absolutely LOVE the excitement and panic of the missile scene.


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Episode 4 - Gateway Shuffle: I was in a terrible mood from work yesterday and an episode didn't cheer me up, so it gets a default thumbs down.

Episode 5 - Ballad of Angels

2:00 - World Building
2:10 - Foreshadowing
3:00 - Ohhhhh Spike Backstory
3:41 - Character Conflict! Life Lesson: When Jet doesn't like something, you don't do it.
7:16 - It's nice to see Opera is still a thing.
8:00 - You're not as clever as you think you are Faye.
13:23 - At this moment Spike sounded a lot like Snake. Is this just me!?
14:00 - Cue Music
18:20 - Well this was a short anime...

This episode piqued my interest. I found it surprising how well Jet and Spike get on together and still know very little about each other. I hope further conflicts are explored between the two in the future.
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Jesus Christ, that opening line about the house specialty, sea rat. Sounds like the origin of lobster as a high-class food - which used at the point that people would think of you as poor for needing to eat it, whereas now it's a delicacy. Spike ordering lobster right afterwards makes it even funnier - they had to know, right?

Those anti-plastic-surgery goggles of Jet's are sick af; it's a shame the target got killed by fucking Space PETA. Fuck these space warrior ex-charity dickheads.

Jet blackmailing his ex-coworker is pretty fuckin' savage, especially the info he gets out of 'em. The virus that turns people into monkeys is dank as actual fuck; it's less than surprising that our unsympathetic af villain ends up using it on her own people to show that she's serious. Gotta say, a lotta the bounties in this show are totally reprehensible dickheads. It's only karma that they get dosed with it at the end.

Unfortunate that the crew of the Bebop end up without any extra crash from this job, which coulda been their big break. Less unfortunate that we actually get to have Faye get onto the crew! So far, though, easily the least memorable episode for me - or I think it'll be, at least.

I'm liking the opening. The mob bosses getting their shit together and chilling out, and the Red Dragon capo actually going "Oh sweet, I can not spend all my time looking over my shoulder". Real shame that that prick Vicious is around to fuck up his hopes and dreams. Even better that the Spike backstory gets a nod; he's seem some shit.

Holy shit, Jet called Spike salty? This was made in like 1998, god damn. Spike's being a little bit on the petty side, but it's pretty obvious that he's got his reasons. On the other hand, Jet's usually the more sensible of the two. It's clear he has some idea of how big a shitshow this could turn out to be, otherwise he wouldn't be so pissed off. Of course, since he's the captain - at least nominally, given that he's the pilot - I can see him being little irritable with people bailing the fuck out of him whenever's convenient. I'd give extremely good odds that he ends up backing Spike up later in this episode, though - and that Faye and Spike's plotlines wrap together.

Those kids looking at nudie mags is overshadowed, to me, by the radio talking about conflict between Syria and Israel. Looks like even in the semi-near future the Middle East is a shitshow, but... I'm pretty sure this conflicts with some spoilers I know.

More Spike backstory in the form of his meeting with Ana is pretty chill, especially since it hints at just how thoroughly involved he was with the Red Dragon syndicate. Obviously, Vicious is a big deal or she wouldn't be worried about Spike fuckin' around with him - but on the other hand, Mao said that Vicious wouldn't do shit if Spike were around. They've got some hitman-bro-turned-rival shit between them.

Spike and Jet givin' each other their backstory reveals, if only to a small extent, is a nice bro moment - especially where Jet's like "ey man, this shit is gonna go to shit". And big surprise, Faye's used to draw Spike out to a church (even though it's obviously unnecessary; he wanted to slam dunk Vicious anyway). The music and scenery for the church is just spectacular, I've gotta say.

It's kind of a pussy move for them to blackmail Spike with Faye's life, but that lovable black man, who is my friend cold as fuck just putting a bullet through the guy's head without even giving a shit. Like godDAMN that was savage - and to me highlights that Spike's on a different level more akin to John Wick than any of these guys save Vicious.

OH NO JET FUCKED UP HIS BONSAI TREE WHAT AN ABOMINATION. And, of course, while trying to indulge a peaceful and relaxing hobby he gets a called from Faye to come save Spike's life. The sword-versus-gun perfect standoff moment between Vicious and Spike is some poetic shit; just how Spike gets outta that one is hella difficult to understand, given the ending.

Two things are clear, though - that split between himself and Vicious was to some degree due to a girl (it gets elaborated on more later, duh), and Spike's been shot the actual fuck up before, probably even a good deal worse than this. He's a tough cookie, he'll make it through - though it's hard to say if Vicious will, with shit blowing up like that.

The memory sequences interspersed with the falling are hella poignant and give us more tasty Spike backstory that we can all get behind. Lastly, that final "Y'sing off-key" is funny as fuck, especially with Jet's knowing "he did it to himself" attitude.


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Update: I'm way behind between work, Jojo part 5 and trying to hastily fix cosplay issues. I'll be binging an hour on Saturday!
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