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It's possible to create custom games of Quiplash in Jackbox, so why not do that? This thread will be an attempt to crowd-source the prompts for such a game. Then, on a date and time when lots of us are available we can play it together/stream it!

Our community has a uh..."rich" history that I think lends itself well to quiplash jokes.

If this experiment goes well, maybe we'll expand and do a custom cards against humanity game or something!

Anyways, please share your community-flavored quiplash prompts in this thread!

Here's a few to start us off!

-The real reason Recon owns a fursuit is...
-What is Danny up to now?
-What does Req do when he's not on the forum?
-Shadow bitches about his job so often, he must be a...
-The only thing stronger than Easy's biceps are...
-The most Jewish aspect of Bob is that he...
-What would actually happen if Tirin created a clone?
-What would have made the Pizza Party even better?
-Coolpool denies his cuteness because...
-The best part of playing mafia is...
-The worst part of playing mafia is...
-Ro3 probably has a backup career as a...
-Vance will probably go to jail for...
-Why did Rob close the forum on 9/11?
-"Mach Entertainment: Come for the ____, Stay Because _____."
-The video game that best represents this community is...
-Who is the worst forumer ever and why?
-Who is the best forumer ever and why?
-Summarize the "trap" argument in one sentence.
-What could Dunsparce do to improve his likability?
-The only thing bigger than Tirin's ego is his...
-Why is the forum population so male?
-TC's latest forumfic will be about...
-To improve his mafia game, Andy could...
-To increase forum activity, FD could...
-To increase the forum population, the Mayor should...


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Did you know FD's mackerel is named _________?
Several former forumers once published a collection of memoirs called _________
The first "SWEET NEW RULE" was brought on by a debate about ________
The original campaign slogan for Cool "Cutie" Pool's Mayoral run was _______
The popular Get the Cookie RP had many warring factions, but one lesser known entity was _______
Which forumer was fired from clerking for Justice Easy Rider and why?
The moment we realized 13th was a spambot was when he posted _________
Not many have bothered to read the Forum Constitution, but even fewer have read its predecessor, ____________
Many forumers have flirted with streaming over the years, but the best stream we all miss dearly was called ____________
It's common knowledge that TC is literally Hitler, but fewer people are aware that he is also ____________
Which card in Walrus's custom Cards Against Humanity game gave him such apprehension about the whole thing?
There have been many forum podcasts over the years, but the most unforgettable one was __________

Ro Ro Ro

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The last time Team Dash threw a pizza party, they _________
It's the team dash theme.

Salsy may be the Most og pimp hustler on the forum, but who is the most og pimp hustler on the planet?
Pally and his shipmates will never tell anyone about the time he _________ while on the submarine.
Team dash has a lot of colorful characters. Their newest recruit is a ________________
You might think that Vance Landow's real name is Vince, but it's actually _______________
The current name of Team Dash's discord call: _______________
Ro3s greatest achievement is when he danced to ___________
______________ has been a secret member of team dash the whole time.
Since being left behind by team dash, Shadow has found a new group of friends. They call themselves ______________
Every time a forum host shuts down their forum, they start to hate something. Danny hates pizza, and Rob hates ____________
Youma doesn't actually work as a crane rigger. The reason he goes to bed so early is because ___________

Eh, some of them are good.
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