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Greetings, forumers!

Historically, we have hosted the Forum Awards on a semi-regular basis. The idea is that we vote for who is the best roleplayer, debater, comedian, best biceps, best thread, etc.

However, this award format tends to act as an assessment of activity that has already occurred. Our forum activity level this year has been, uh, lesser (election notwithstanding).

What if, instead, we did the Forum Awards in a different format that embraced the spirit of the Awards, while creating new activity by its very existence? A sort of Forum Olympics, if you will.

This would require a bit of planning and coordination, so let's maybe start with some brainstorming? Get all our ideas on the table, and then after all ideas our heard we get to the logistics of what all we want to do.

Please share your thoughts in this thread! I will keep an updated list in this OP of ideas shared in this thread, as well as those previously mentioned in the Discord.

Forum Olympics Ideas:
-olympic themed role madness mafia game
-shitty flash game competitions
-shitty forum game competitions
-cheap steam game competitions (nidhogg?)
-RP competitions
-rap battles
-best biceps contest
-CYOA contest
-bad takes contest
-Yearbook: we submit "most like to ______" for each forumer, vote on best one
-Board Game Online
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Main event: An olympic themed role madness mafia game with medals actually assigned at the end.

Other events: Shitty flash games, shitty forum games, cheap steam games, anything with a high score.
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