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I'm getting my shit together and trying to see if grad school is gonna be a habitable environment. So far it seems pretty good!

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A buncha people at Telltale (all but 25 employees) were layed off today without severance pay or insurance, with all of them having lived paycheck to paycheck in an expensive area.

Fuck man, I like their games and I'm friends with some of those affected on twitter. This is so sad.


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Oh neat, so what kind of stuff do you have in mind for the D&D thing? I'm curious.
I never answered this, whoops.

The long and short of it: They start at level 0 as a commoner, 10's across the board with no background. They make decisions on their pilgrimage to a temple of bahamut (All humans, age 13-16) as their escorted by adventurers with other children. They're background will be shared and the skills they develop are their background.
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