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All aboard the Tirin bus
choo choo motherfuckers.
*thinking emoji*

i've been vry inactive i promise it's not an emotional response to the lack of conclusion of our mafia game. Just got my Chinese visa and am vry excite, will be my first time flying overseas. (I've done a little south pacific cruise so can't really say i've never been overseas but basically this trip will be my first 'real' time).

Saw you had a post in the feels thread Tirin, bit late but love u buddy. Hope you're doing better.

surely the phase out of the forum should be giving TC full access and just waiting.


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'Cause Red Dead ain't on PC and I ain't got dough for the PS4 or Xbox especially if I'm only going to play 3 games on them.
sad reacts

This is why you buy the console like 3 years later and rort your mates for games. Made an exception to actually buy Red Dead myself. Gonna borrow Spiderman soon.

In other news i'm writing a web scraper to compare alcohol prices. I've named it You're welcome, fellow friends of puns. Keen to make a website once i've got it working on a few retailers, but it'll be very Australia centric. Not really a new concept but a project i'm already having fun with.


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sad reacts
Made an exception to actually buy Red Dead myself.
Might pick up a PS4 on Black Friday just to play some of the console games I've been missing.

So long as we all got some prior notice, that sounds fine. Heck, whenever you want to pull the plug, just give us a month's notice if possible.
One of these days I'm going to put in the work to get my local server setup properly and worse comes to worse, the site will live off that.


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You know I was considering getting facerig so that I have something to show if I ever stream. But I decided not to. Since I'm too busy with university to stream much anyways. Also Jeroth tried doing a west marches before but we didn't get enough people.
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