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Okay. So. Let's try this again, with the person who actually had the idea getting to use it and not some thread stealing asshole. And hey, look, I actually remembered to post up some odds!

So it's straightforward. Take your guesses as to who's gonna die in this one. And, to make it clear, we're talking about just Infinity War, not Avengers 4. And, to preempt talking about infinity stone rezzes, the rule is that they have to be corpses at the end of all post-credits scenes. If rezzed mid-movie or in a post credit scene, it doesn't count as a death. Dying and getting rezzed in Avengers 4 is kosher, for the sake of this pool, if you wanna gamble on that happening.

Odds were taken as some guesses on my part then we pieced through them on Discord. Enjoy.

Cast of Heroes

Iron Man (5:1)
Thor (8:1)
Hulk (5:1)
Captain America (15:1)
Black Widow (8:1)
Hawkeye (1:1)
Vision (.1:1)
Scarlet Witch (10:1)
War Machine (3:1)
Falcon (5:1)
Bucky Barnes (5:1)
Ant-Man (100:1)
Black Panther (25:1)
Okoye (T'Challa's head bodyguard) (1:1)
Shuri (T'Challa's sister) (25:1)
Ramonda (T'Challa's Mom) (2:1)
M'Baku (1.5:1)
Loki (3:1)
Heimdall (1:1)
Valkyrie (8:1)
Dr. Strange (10:1)
Wong (the Asian guy from Dr. Strange) (1:1)
Peter Quill (15:1)
Mantis (15:1)
Nebula (3:1)
Drax (15:1)
Gamora (10:1)
Groot (15:1)
Rocket (7:1)
Spider Man (75:1)
Pepper Potts (10:1)
Happy Hogan (3:1)
The Collector (6:1)
Maria Hill (3:1)
Stan Lee (.95:1)


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Tirin's Guesses

Iron Man (5:1)
Thor (8:1)
Vision (.1:1)
Okoye (T'Challa's head bodyguard) (1:1)
Loki (3:1)
Heimdall (1:1)
Wong (the Asian guy from Dr. Strange) (1:1)
Drax (15:1)
The Collector (6:1)
Anyone with a stone either dies or gets the shit beaten out of them. There are bound to be at least one or two Wakandan and Asgardian casualties (possibly more) owing to the number of people active in that cast; I suspect there'll be at least one main. Dunno what it is, but I can genuinely feel both Thor and Iron Man getting blammed here.


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I can't see anyone else's death that would fit. War Machine and Falcon haven't added anything to the other films for a long time, Vision is basically guaranteed because he possesses a stone and Bucky's redemption story seems to be a handing of the torch when Cap dies. None of the female heroes, in my opinion, will go into a direct confrontation that will allow them to be killed. Most of the Black Panther cast I think will be safe as it's the most recent film. Perhaps more characters from Guardians of the Galaxy will die, but I'm not invested enough in them to really notice.
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