Introducing "Pollywogs" - A New Webcomic

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    Yesterday I posted the first page of an ongoing webcomic I've been wanting to start for a while now, Pollywogs, a spinoff of FrogMan the Series, starring Toady and some other kids we'll meet later. A new page of the comic will come out every Saturday, and it's an ongoing story so hopefully there will always be something to look forward to!

    This comic is also special because it's the first comic to be uploaded through the new comics part of the website!
    The comic is also on Newgrounds, but it's probably best to keep traffic here, heh.

    So go check out the first page if you haven't already:

    I'll probably also make a subforum for discussion of the comic, if Alex is okay with that, since comments on the actual comic page don't work apparently.

    Okay, that's it.
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