Continuous Mafia Sign-Ups & Discussion Mega Thread

Ro Ro Ro

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Man, 17 players in thingyman's mafia game. 10 games all with 17 players. That's just astounding. Have we ever had 17 players? Maybe back in Salsy's Hayday? I've played in a 26 player game, but that was actually insane. I couldn't keep up with all the posts until day 3, and even then it was a commitment.

I'm in game 9 starting on June 11. Game 1 started on monday this week.


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I've recently become a bit too much of a busyboi to run a game, go ahead and skip me on this one.


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I believe @Dunsparce is next on the line then. I'm keen on doing a very barebones, basic game afterwards if people would like to do that.


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Gauging interest for another game. Could do a sequel WW2 mafia with roles of similar designs to my first one. Or another historical setting entirely.
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