[Literature] Poems for Forumers


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I don't know if anyone's done this thread before, but I'll write some poems about different forumers if they want me to.

Just tell me if you want a poem written about you and what qualities about yourself you want emphasized in it. You can also request other details too, so don't be afraid to get profoundly cringy with your requests, I don't mind.

I can also write more than one poem, if you prefer. pls be reasonable with your requests though, I'm not very good.

Starting with yours truly:

Ogre Came Walking By (Regis)

When the ogre came walking by
he had a club in his hand
and a plan for the land
to make all the townspeople cry

He madly thrust the club up high
over his head and smashed
the post button to ash,
becoming the High Post Count Guy

Now the townsfolk sing their love of
the Ogre's great power
in His finest hour,
with His sigil flown above us


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Wrote you a couple limericks.

The Helper

“And I can help you guys out with this,”
said the Colonel, now jumping with bliss;
“We can work like one here.”
“No, not with you,” they sneered.
And so the Colonel was dismissed.

Unappreciated Work

His name’s Thunder. He does his work.
He gets called stupid by those who lurk.
ridiculed and hated.
But still he always does his work.
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