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Role PM's will go out later today. (I was hoping to be able to knock this all out at once, but I gotta bounce right now, and can get back to those in a couple of hours.) In the meantime, here's the detailed set-up. I advise you get acquainted with the particulars, since I'm aiming for this game to be much more fast-paced than usual, and so you won't have all year to get the hang of it:

Active Huntsmen (2/9)

Fallen Huntsmen (7/9)
W1LG3RtheCyan - (Blake Belladonna) (D1 Lynch)
Jeroth - (Weiss Schnee) (Killed N1)
AndyM03 - (Emerald Sustrai) (D2 Lynch)
Anatronman - (Ruby Rose) (Killed N2)
Tag_Ross - (Yang Xiao Long) (Killed N2)
Ro Ro Ro - (Nora Valkyrie) (Killed N2)

Firedemon - (Neopolitan) (Day 3 Lynch)


Please be sure read the rules below before starting play, as many significant changes have been made compared to the rules used for previous games.

Phase Time
Day phases will have a maximum duration of 72 hours, or until a player is hammered.

Unlike previous iterations, I'm going to make this a hard limit to phase time. This ain't Season 5, yo - we can't all just stand around talking forever, when what we all really wanna see is action. Let's try to keep things moving on this one.

Talking of keeping things moving, the Day phase will not end in a no-lynch if a hammer isn't reached. The only way to No-Lynch will be if a majority of votes cast are for a No-Lynch, compared to any individual lynch. (As with other lynches, a majority of surviving players having an active vote cast for No-Lynch will 'hammer' the No-Lynch, immediately ending the phase.)

Otherwise, the player with the most votes will by lynched at the end of the Day phase.

Night phases will have a maximum duration of 48 hours. I will not necessarily get on your case about submitting an action during this time; any failure to send in an action by the 48-hour mark will result in a no-action for that player.

"Twilight" phases will be treated as Night phases for the purpose of conversation.

As usual, role PM's may not be quoted. Less usually, they also may not be paraphrased. Very general summations like "doctor," "vig" etc. will be permitted.

If you have any questions on just how much detail you can get into, feel free to PM me on the specifics.

Each player will be assigned a "Huntsman" role. Huntsman names may also not be roleclaimed.

Each Huntsman has a Night attack, one or more active abilities to choose from, and individual stats that vary between each of them. These stats are Aura, Stamina, Attack, and Defense.

Aura is the bulk of your HP bar, with different roles having different amounts. Mafia players have slightly more Aura than (most) Town players do.

Stamina is a small value (10) of HP left over after Aura is depleted. In the (somewhat unlikely) event that somebody has their Aura depleted, but has Stamina remaining, they will lose their lynch vote, but remain able to attack Grimm or other players at night.

Attack is exactly what you'd expect - the amount of damage a player is able to target other players or Grimm with at Night. Mafia players will have, generally speaking, substantially higher Attack values than Town.

Defense is effectively a damage reduction stat, applying per-hit for every phase. Every role is different, but Mafia players will, in general, have slightly higher Defense than Town players.

Up to one active ability (unless otherwise specified) may also be used in a given Night phase. There is, unless otherwise specified, an Aura cost for the use of every active ability - meaning that the player must sacrifice a portion of their HP bar to use it.

By design, not all player's active abilities will be of equal cost and power. All of them, however, are of roughly equal importance - depending how you use them, of course.

Day-talk is unrestricted, barring specifically mentioned exceptions.

Night-talk is allowed, provided that:
- No player makes two consecutive posts at any time during the night, and
- Any post made during night phase is limited to 20 words or less in length. Images, GIF's, videos or other media containing more than 20 words of substance will be treated according to transcript.

(Please do actually follow this rule, for this game.)

Talking about the game to any forumers outside of specifically approved channels is always and absolutely disallowed.

Dead Chat
Unless otherwise specified, dead chat is allowed only provided that:
- Dead chat takes place within the chat specifically created by the GM for such purpose, or individually with said GM, and
- Dead chat does not contain any content likely to influence the future course of the game, either directly or by unintended leakage.

Post Edits
Editing your own posts is allowed at any time. If you wanna risk getting called out on an edit, so be it.

Editing another player's posts is in no way allowed, ever. If you wanna risk me modkilling and/or blacklisting the shit out of you, so be it.

I'm a pretty big RWBY fanboi, and so this game has been developed with a great deal of effort devoted to keeping it both balanced and faithful to the flavor. Regardless, as previously stated, knowledge or ignorance of RWBY content will not confer an advantage or disadvantage in gameplay or in-game interpretation of information/decision making. Please keep this in mind; you're welcome to try using meta-knowledge to speculate on any unknown mechanics, if you like, but fair warning: I've already given you everything relevant anyway. (See below.) All you're doing is throwing out spoilers, really, and that's not very nice. =(

Not all of the following roles will be included in the game, but all roles in the game will fall under one or more of these broad categories:
Mafia Roleblocker
Mafia Witch
Mafia Strongman
Mafia Bus Driver

Town Doctor
- Potential Subset: Grimm-Blocker
Town Vigilante

- Potential Subset: Grimm-Slayer
Town Tracker
Town Watcher
Town Cop

Town Veteran
- Potential Subset: Grimm-Trapper
Town Bus Driver
Town Support
Town Roleblocker

Disclaimer: Some roles may fit more than one of the above categories, some may only partially fit any given category, and multiple players on each side may fit into a single category. But if something's not on this list, (e.g, "Paranoid Cop" or "Hider"), then you can safely assume it's not going to be in the game.

Finally, here's the full scoop on Grimm:
The Grimm Counter
The World of Remnant is full of countless soulless, vicious, murderous monsters, and humanity makes do by living in a few scattered kingdoms behind mountain chains and massive walls. Outside of these defenses, one must travel in strength or do their best to go unnoticed... so it's too bad that's where you Huntsmen are fighting.

Grimm can sense negativity, you see: Anger, sadness, despair, or fear; any and all of these emotions can send Grimm swarming for miles, flocking to your location and generally exacerbating the situation on arrival. As you fight amongst each other and see your friends fall in battle, the Grimm Counter will keep track of your collective emotional status.

At the end of each Day phase, and the end of each Night phase, Grimm will be spawned in numbers according to the following formulae:

- The number of Lvl 1 Grimm to spawn will be equal to [Grimm Counter / 50], rounded down.
- The number of Lvl 2 Grimm to spawn will be equal to [Grimm Counter / 150], rounded down.
- The number of Lvl 3 Grimm to spawn will be equal to [Grimm Counter / 250], rounded down.
- The number of Lvl 4 Grimm to spawn will be equal to [Grimm Counter / 400], rounded down.
- The number of Lvl 5 Grimm to spawn will be equal to [Grimm Counter / 500], rounded down.

At the end of each Night phase, once all Night actions have been resolved, every individual surviving Grimm will attack a random player. This means that early on, when Grimm stats are low and Town ratio is high, Grimm pose significantly more threat to the Town than to the scum. Later in the game, as Grimm attacks get stronger and Town proportion drops lower, the threat posed to each side pulls closer to even.

The Grimm Counter does not decrease while both Mafia members are alive, and will be increased by the following:
- Day Phase length: For every hour to elapse between the start and end of a Day phase, the Grimm Counter will increase by 1.
- Townie death: Every time a Townie dies, the Grimm Counter will increase by a number equal to [# of surviving Townies at phase end] x 10.
- Townie damage: Every time a Townie takes damage without having their Stamina reduced to 0 or below, the Grimm Counter will increase by an amount equal to the damage taken.
- Mafia damage: Every time a Mafia player takes damage without having their Stamina reduced to 0 or below, the Grimm Counter will increase by an amount equal to half of the damage taken.

When choosing attack targets (if any) at Night, a player may choose to target Grimm rather than another player, thereby decreasing the number of active Grimm in play for that phase. In this event, the player should specify the order of priority for targets; damage dealt to one individual Grimm will carry over to the next target, should it prove more than sufficient to destroy the first one.

If and when only one remaining Mafia player remains standing, the Grimm Counter is halved at the end of each subsequent Day phase.

If and when both Mafia players are eliminated, the Grimm Counter will drop to 0 after the next Grimm spawn. If the Town is unable to clear all remaining Grimm after this point, then the game will end in a draw.
- If multiple players choose to attack Grimm at Night, those attacks will be applied one at a time, rather than all at once. The order of these attacks will be the same as the order in which they were declared. (Whoever declares first/second/third etc., makes their attack(s) first/second/third etc., respectively.)

- When a Grimm takes damage that is greater than the amount needed to kill it, any remaining damage will carry over to the next Grimm in line.

- Therefore, if you have any kind of preference for attacking one type of Grimm over another, you should set your order of priority when declaring your attack(s). For example: If you declare something like "Lesser Beowolf > Ursa Minor > Alpha Beowolf," then you'll hit any damaged Lesser Beowolf first. If it dies, any leftover damage goes to another Lesser Beowolf (if any), or an Ursa Minor (if no more Beowolfs remain standing).
-- If there's already a damaged Ursa Minor at this point, then it takes the hit before any other one does.
--- If the Ursa Minor then dies, and you still have damage leftover, then your remaining damage goes next to another Ursa Minor (if any), or an Alpha Beowolf (if not). (Again, with any damaged Grimm taking the hit before any other Grimm of its type.)

- "Damaged Grimm" is not a valid category for setting priority. Priority must be based on Grimm level. The only way damage multiple types of Grimm with one attack is to finish off all remaining targets of a given type, at which point you move on to the next-highest priority type in your attack order.
-- If a player has multiple Night attacks, and chooses to use more than one of them on Grimm, each one of those attacks can have its own, separate order of priority for applying damage.

- If you have declared attack(s) on Grimm, but haven't specified any attack order by the time that Night phase ends, I will apply it to lower-level Grimm first, by default. (Night phase is over as soon as I have at least one action from everybody, or the deadline hits, whichever comes first. You may freely change up your Night actions until then.)

- Damage dealt to Grimm cannot carry over to any player, nor can any damage dealt to other players carry over to Grimm. Any player may choose to attack Grimm or another player, but never both with a single attack. (Although a character with multiple Night attacks may attack Grimm with one attack, and target player with another.)

- Damage dealt to Grimm may not be split up among multiple targets, except by killing them one at a time as described above.

Pretty sure that covers everything. (If there's anything I've missed, though, feel free to ask.)

Lastly, this game can be run more than once. If you die early on and miss out on what looks like fun, don't sweat it! The next one will be even better.
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The Grimm mechanic is actually pretty clever. It gives this game a sort of random element, and also gives us a reason to end the days as fast as possible. Because everybody benefits from fast discussion here, I'm gonna throw out a Lynch Firedemon on the basis that he's the most likely to disappear halfway through the game. He's lurked his way through damn near every game I've played with him.


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I still have a few more roles to send out, so hold your horses for now, please. I'll let you all know when everything's in, and try to start right away when everybody's confirmed.


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Alright, that took WAY long - but I'm done now. Dunsparce, Andy, Firedemon, and Rondait are confirmed. Once I have confirmations from @Jeroth, @Anatronman , @Tag_Ross, @W1LG3RtheCyan, and @Ro Ro Ro, I'll be starting the game.

(Unless that all happens before I go to sleep tonight, because whoah. That was a hell of a lot of stuff to do, and so I'm done for the day.)
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@Jeroth @Anatronman @AndyM03 @W1LG3RtheCyan @Tag_Ross @Ro Ro Ro @Firedemon @Dunsparce @Rondait

Night Zero.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Jaune, Nora, and Ren were all walking along in the woods, when suddenly, somebody noticed something different. "Hey, guys" said Blake. "Why do we all look like Blake?"

"And since when were there nine of us?" Added Blake.

And that's when Blake hit Blake.

Night Zero Begins
Oh-ho! Weren't expecting that Night intro, were you?

All players have 48 hours to send in an action. (If you don't want to take an action, then the fastest way to resolve that would be to PM me such.) That said, Night phase duration will have no effect on the Grimm Counter.

Night Zero will end on 13:55 EST this Saturday, or when I get all actions in. (Whichever comes sooner.)

The Grimm Counter is at 0.


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No players have died!

Day 1 begins.

3 Lesser Beowolfs have spawned!

Attack: 30
Defense: 0
Stamina: 35

Named for a totally non-lupine dude who kicked a lot of ass, these lupine creatures really don't kick ass at all. Even entire hoards of them don't pose much threat to an experienced Huntsman - though some of you novices may be in trouble if their numbers get too far out of control.

1 Ursa Minor has spawned!

Attack: 50
Defense: 0
Stamina: 55

Named for a constellation, you're still far from being the star of the show. But hey, at least students look kind of cool when when they one-shot you!

The Grimm Counter is at 150.

Day 1 begins! (5 votes to hammer.)
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Oh, shit, left out a Grimm. (Post updated/corrected above.)


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Alright, well if everyone sits back we'll have nothing. In the interest of time and not wanting the grim counter to go up just because we're sitting around lets get some actual discussion going.

Running under the assumption that no town used their attack last night, (admittedly, this may be untrue, but it's what I'm going with) we can deduce that the mafia did 150 damage. Whether only one attacked or both did, that's the information that we can gleam from the public results of the night.

Now, for discussion, how do we want to deal with the grim? Combined, the ones alive right now will deal 140 damage if not dealt with, and at least another 4 grim will spawn at the end of this day phase giving a total 280 damage before taking defense into account. Add the mafia's assumed 150 damage to that, and we may be in a world of pain if we can't keep this from snowballing.

Ro Ro Ro

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Keep in mind that armor is a thing. I am unsure of this, but I would imagine that Grimm counters go up based on damage dealt after resistances. There might be a bit more damage than 150 on the mafia side. But then again, unless mafia attacked a tanky character, I'm surprised we don't have someone dead or screaming that they've lost all of their aura. Maybe the two mafia can't attack the same player? I dunno. Maybe a townie did attack. All possibilities I would like to figure out soon. I would mostly like to know the grimm counter and armor interaction.


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I was getting buckled and recovering after Australia Day, sorry lads.

Lynch FD for not lynching TC.


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I will confirm that only damage that's actually taken increases the Grimm Counter - so damage dealt after Defense is applied, not before.


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I took some damage last night. I won't say how much, 'cause I don't want the mafia knowing how high my defense is, but let's just say it's more than I'd expect the average attack to be, but less than the total damage dealt last night. I'd imagine that the mafia would want to attack the more experienced townies first, so it was probably the vigilante trying to get rid of me 'cause he thinks I won't benefit the town much either way. It could also be that all the best players are scum and attacking the middling players. Or maybe it's the god damn Autistic Mafia with Anatron and Wilger, and they actually believe I'm one of the better players.

Also, the title still says "Night Zero" when it's Day One.


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Unlynch FD

I just realised the impact of a night zero and how people might actually have things to say instead of 'Fourteen not fifteen' or other 10/10 memes. (Not that we've been doing that, depressingly. Y'all too afraid to make JOKES?)
While none/not many (?) of us attacked last night, other actions could be in play.

I think focusing down the Grimm's makes sense, and then we believe in our scum hunt abilities to take down the mafia. At least in the early game anyway.


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Yeah, we've got nothing to go on right now so we would be stupid to not use our attacks on the grimm.

I know this didn't add like anything, but seeing as I haven't posted on this thread I'm not getting notification emails when something happens so yeah...


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Yeah, we've got nothing to go on right now so we would be stupid to not use our attacks on the grimm.

I know this didn't add like anything, but seeing as I haven't posted on this thread I'm not getting notification emails when something happens so yeah...
Yeah Easy made a different thread for the game instead of using the signup one which I felt was risky considering how shit we are at mafia activity atm.

I was going to condemn Jeroth to a pressure lynch, since a silent Jeroth is a scary Jeroth, but I think i'll pull out the big number two on Anatron.

Lynch Anatron.
I'm going to rely on Dunsparce for a little bit. I can't figure out the probabilities for the three that exist, which are
1) Dunsparce is scum and got attacked
2) Dunsparce is town and got attacked
3) Dunsparce didn't actually get attacked and is baiting things out (Town in this scenario)

it isn't how probability actually works but 2/3 is good enough at this stage in the game haha.
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