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Ghent's voice was smooth and firm. "I don't see anything. I don't hear anything. And I don't tell anything. As long as you don't fuck with me, that is." He smirked. "How does that sound, fella?" The elf stood mockingly with his arms hanging limply at his sides. "What I can tell you is what the precinct does and doesn't know about any given individual, even each of you, given enough time. That information goes wherever the money does." The officer knew that showing any amount of fear or caution would force him out of the circle, or make him dead, or both.

"For those of you that do not know, the local precinct knows me as Detective. I work the arson unit mostly. I also offer my skills as a private detective. Like I said before, I work for whoever has the most money. That's really all you need to know."
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