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Anyone got any fun characters they've made that we might not know about? Basically just a thread to talk about characters.

I made a Tiefling Cleric that worships Pharasma, the Goddess of Death. Her name is Leona Baeweave. She lost her family at a young age, lived a life on the streets as a child prostitute before eventually finding her way into a temple of Pharasma. The clerics there healed her and educated her, eventually leading her to take on the role of a cleric herself, but only so she could get the power to perhaps one day bring her brother back to life, the one family member she had the chance to save but wasn't able to.

She's particularly sexual in how she handles most situations, but when it comes down to it, her cleric training and devotion to Pharasma come into play. She saves who she can and fights hard in battle.

That's the basic stuff though, haha. Currently, she's got a pocketful of frog smegma and the Horn of Eridesh, a magical artifact that will call every dragon within thousands of miles to where the horn was blown. It's so tempting to use, you have no idea, lol.


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Every time I hear you guys talk about D&D characters, I always think "Shit, that's way more elaborate than anything I've made."

I'm in the midst of a campaign where I'm a sleazy scam artist, who thought he could never fall for a scam himself, but wound up getting scammed by a demon and becoming a warlock. I don't even know which demon he made a pact with yet, or what the nature of the pact is, but the other players seem to like the shitty New Yorker accent I do for him.


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A lot of that backstory for Leona was pieced together over time and multiple sessions, so don't feel too bad. You'll add layers over time to your character!


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This will blow your minds.

So in that same party with my tiefling cleric, we had a female elf ranger who was also a hermaphrodite with a detachable penis. Through random shenanigans, the DM allowed the penis as a dagger weapon, but it does blunt damage. It also got dipped in dragon's blood, so it became a magical dagger that did extra damage and the ranger had the ability to control it through whistling like the arrow thing that Yondu has in Guardians of the Galaxy. Eventually when we completed our campaign for the year, the dick got upgraded even further and now it does even more damage on top of being barbed and spiky. It literally is a dragon dildo now.

The character's name? Well, she was made by an Australian who really likes Spanish, so he called her Puta 4 Moolah. It was ridiculous, lol.


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I don't ever get to play, so let me run off my players and then my own personal character that I'll be running in Storm King's Thunder.

Tilloc Ironbearer - Tiefling Lore Master Wizard - Cursed Spawn as a result of his family's ill dealings with devils. His parents own iron mines and sent Tilloc off to a Wizard's Tower to educate him and keep him far away from them. After an infernal incident gone wrong, the tower was left as a smoldering husk and Tilloc the only survivor. Making his way towards Arkala, he joined Joarn Lithefinger's guild: The Threads of Fate. After the fall of Arkala and the invasion of the fey, Tilloc was thrown in charge of renovating the fortress belonging to the Order of the Sun's Dawn, bequeathed to Loseria from Sir Delandel Hyth. Tilloc Ironbearer has dubbed the fortress "Dawn's Cradle" as they seek to protect the refugees from the terror of the Fey and other foul beasts. Tilloc despises his infernal bloodline and seeks to find a way to change his form permanently. A bookish naive boy at first, he's grown cold and taken to liquor to cope with the things that he's seen. He's attempting to investigate the foreign pollen that cursed most of Arkala's residents, warping them into bizarre trees. Currently, he bitterly dealt with the fact that Jurok was petrified by a Medusa and told Tavon to abandon Jurok, in fear of losing him as well. He is gathering the rest of the party to lead a raid and kill this Medusa.

Loseria de la Guerroros de Fuego ( I forgot the last name, we just call him Loseria) - Human Oath of Vengeance Paladin - The oldest son of a nobleman; his father remarried a woman with an insidious nature. Witnessing the murder of his only blood sister, he fled from his family filled with his stepmother's children. Found moping in drink and swearing vengeance on her, Loseria was invited to the Threads of Fate by Joarn Lithefinger. Fighting alongside his allies, he aided Sir Delandel Hyth in destroying an artifact of Orcus. Using Pelor's light, Loseria eased Sir Delandel's Hyth cursed existence by freeing his soul from his skeletal corpse. With his final words, Delandel bequeathed his armor to Loseria and requested that he kneel before Pelor. When doing so, a hidden door opened revealing a vault of gold and ownership of the keep. When Arkala began to fall, he sought to aid the people, distraught that it was too late. When the Threads of Fate and Joarn Lithefinger were flung into the Shadowfel, Loseria used the ancient artifact Clef to whisk the party away to safety after Joarn sacrificed his life to distract the Ancient Red Shadow Wyrm and the legion of Fey. Thrust into a position of leadership, he took to rescuing the people and starting to train a militia. Using some religious doctrine to enforce discipline, his focus was mostly on combat and not pushing the order's goals. His goals of vengeance has subsided as he seeks to protect those under him. As proof of such, he led a party out to slay Khalavar the Foul, an adult green dragon that raided the food routes of Dawn's Cradle. When he had originally attuned to Clef, Loseria found himself deafened if ever leaving it 10 feet away. When Jurok and Ora disappeared in the mouths of Dire Anglerfish, a voice called out to him and asked for a sacrifice to save them. Loseria agreed to it and uncontrollably uttered a single word in an ancient language that rang out. The anglerfish were killed and the party recovered Ora and Jurok.

Tavon Morrowsworn / Tahvo Farthwright - Fallen Aasimar Hexblade Warlock - Middle son of a wealthy merchant lord. As a young boy, Tahvo and his brother Astrich would work on the docks, helping load and unload cargo. A scarred black armor set and matching sword was being carried when Tahvo was distracted by the sword. His hands loosened, causing the rope that he held to slip out and the armor set to collapse onto Astrich. His brother began to bleed as Tahvo screamed for help and tried to save him by pulling out the sword, but it was too late. Feeling responsible, Tahvo held the bloody sword and ran towards the canals, diving in and running. Days later, he found himself at a cave, realizing he still held the bloodied blade. With rage, he struck it against the wall before the tip snapped and a sharpened end piercing his foot.

Going by Tavon Morrowsworn, he seeks to evade the Farthwright family, believing that they despise him. He joined the Threads of Fate as a way to earn money and grew to appreciate the party. Usually evasive about his past and superficial enough to focus on his past, Tavon found himself as a useful warrior to the group, proving himself in the wave after wave of devils in the Order of the Sun's Dawn's Keep and being responsible for Khalavar the Foul's death. When dealing with a Werewolf Lord in Montre who pleaded for death in response to the chaos he caused, Tavon found his silvered great sword changed to that of a regal executioner's blade with golden trim. The act becoming the namesake for his blade: Salvation. A voice called out asking for him to seek out the lair of Khalavar the Foul. Once there, he found the accursed armor set and broken blade. Grasping the broken blade, Salvation formed over top of it with angelic runes. Recently, Tavon is distraught about the petrification of Jurok.

Ora "OakenFist" - Dwarf War Cleric of Ulaa - A philandering dwarf that sought to enjoy life and booze wandered away from his mountainous home on many days. After a rough night, Ora returned home to a terrible sight. Death and burning flesh filled his nostrils as a pile of burnt corpses remained in his clan's home. One of the bodies was recognizable as his father by the holy symbol of Ulaa that was resting on the blackened skull. Doing what he did best, he wandered. He wandered until a voice guided him to Arkala, leading him to Joarn Lithefinger.

A boisterous cleric who spent too much time away from society, indifferent about his appearance and gross nature. Ora is always eager to praise the name of Ulaa; his own personal light in the world. He befriended Lord Baldrich the Bold during his party by arm wrestling and drinking with glee. Underneath of his typical dwarf self, he has the best interest of the party in mind. The namesake "Oakenfist" comes from his diseased left hand. His hand growing pale and brittle akin to a white oak with purple veins running through it, as a result of the party failing to stop a series of plague explosions in the sewers of Arkala.

When the hunters of Dawn's Cradle went missing, Ora took his allies to find them and recognized the eerily familiar land. Heading north and following tracks, they stumbled upon Ora's ancestral home only to find that Fire Giants took hold and have been enslaving the smaller races to dig down in search of an artifact. Filled with rage, he seeks to return there and obliterate them with a righteous fury.

Recently, he humored a Marid that was trapped in Khalavar the Foul's lair, who bequeathed a dwarvern thrower to him (or just revealed there was one in the hoard, but details.~). Seeking to ride his donkey, Sleipnir, he wishes for his friends' safety and the glory of Ulaa to be spread.

Vin Son - Human Monk of Shadow - An orphaned boy who learned the ways of the shadow, he worked at the bar Martini, his foster mother, ran. He took odd jobs on the side of stealing or beating, using his training. Currently, his nemesis, Nobu, appears to still be alive and his hunting him with the reach of his Eight Hand Clan. After a deadly encounter with one of the assassins, Vin bears the tattoo of the Eight Hand Clan. He is capable of sensing where members may be, even though they are aware of where he is. Wielding a cursed blade that he stole, he seeks to eventually start an orphanage to guide kids. Overall, he's incredibly cocky and eager to learn about the other monks.

Vin was essential to stealing Clef from the Ancient Red Shadow Wyrm, almost dying from its tail lashing against him.

(Smaller since the player is inconsistent and doesn't really get involved in the story.)

Jurok - Dragonborn Spirit Guardian Barbarian - A silver dragon born barbarian who seeks the cure for his clan. Taking up his mother's glaive, he traveled north to hunt "Solas" - a trickster that infected his tribe with the same disease that struck Arkala. Corinth Goldwater pointed him to the Threads of Fate in Arkala, only to find that Arkala suffered the same fate. Heading west, he found the caravan of refugees being protected by these heroes and sought to join them. He seeks to protect the party as if they were his own tribe and keeps searching for his father using the dragon scale that was left to him.

Recently, he found a silver dragon hide belt that has given him strength and powered up his breath. However, due to an unfortunate encounter with a Medusa, he has been petrified and taken hostage. His fate is left unknown.


And now time for my own that I'm running in Storm King's Thunder.

Vorthas Ajinhoth - Triton Redemption Paladin - Born in the Elemental Plane of water, Vorthas heard tales of his parents. Sentries in the Material World that pushed back the minions of the Kraken and the Merrow. Growing up and hearing of their legacies, he was eager to join them and protect the seas. Once he became of age, he joined his parents in the material world, in his protectorate of Ajinho. A decade passed as Ajinho grew safer and more tritons flooded in from the Plane of Water. Vorthas married a scholar by the name of Shanallah, who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Aryn. Vorthas' parents retired from being sentries and sought to aid Shanallah in raising Aryn. Two decades passed as Vorthas became a respectable sentry, a folk hero in every regard. His life appeared to be peachy until Vorthas pleaded guilty to the murder of another sentry. This shocked the protectorate of Ajinho as Vorthas was seen in good favor as an honorable sentry and an aspiration. Death was not an option given his service, thus he was sentenced to exile unless an atonement was sought. Branded in the white pigments of an underwater herb, Vorthas has a primordial tattoo running down his face - a warning sign for those that he meets.

Leaving his family behind, Vorthas took his trident and swam up. The drowners above had some decent folk and his skills may be found useful up there. Vorthas seeks a quest that would allow him back to Ajinho to rejoin his mother, father, wife and child. He is terrified of what they may think of him. His weapon of choice is a trident and he has picked up an interest in the hand crossbow, finding it to be a fascinating tool. Keeping track of his journey, he scrawls his notes in primordial. Vorthas is slow to trust others and usually has a plan established for when things go wrong - a habit of his from his job as a sentry. Even though Vorthas distrusts others, he believes that within everyone there is a spark of good in everyone.

I haven't played him at all, but I'm absolutely ecstatic when I do. A criminal paladin of redemption sounds great.


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So in that same party with my tiefling cleric, we had a female elf ranger who was also a hermaphrodite with a detachable penis. Through random shenanigans, the DM allowed the penis as a dagger weapon, but it does blunt damage. It also got dipped in dragon's blood, so it became a magical dagger that did extra damage and the ranger had the ability to control it through whistling like the arrow thing that Yondu has in Guardians of the Galaxy. Eventually when we completed our campaign for the year, the dick got upgraded even further and now it does even more damage on top of being barbed and spiky. It literally is a dragon dildo now.

The character's name? Well, she was made by an Australian who really likes Spanish, so he called her Puta 4 Moolah. It was ridiculous, lol.


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That dick dagger penetrated so many improvised holes as "how do you wanna do this?" deathblows, it's not even funny. The original player dropped out eventually, but we kept the character in the party because did course we did. She is spectacular.

Now, don't get me started on forests of pee. The Create Water spell has many interesting interpretations, lol.


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All my characters I've had the chance to play are pretty boring (I haven't really played D&D outside of a couple times with Riyant and Easy's games). I mostly attribute this to me not being able to properly play out the character I have in my head in whatever situation arises.

That one slime I made in golden lore is probably about the most creative I've gotten.


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Monk who dressed like a wizard. Basically, a charlatan who figured out that monsters always go for the squishy mage first and wanted to mitigate that. In terms of cloth armour there’s no difference between beige robes and twilight blue robes with little stars and moons on them. And they’re both good with a staff. A slight issue was that he was really into his character and would talk constantly about magic, which he knew exactly zero about.


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Been a while so I'll post some of my boys. Unfortunately none of them are necromancers.

Jolinn Volinn - Oath of Vengeance 6; an ex-bounty hunter who jumped at the call of justice, or rather vengeance, following a sordid series of events in which everything of value was taken from him: his home, happiness, family, and name. "Jolinn Volinn" is not his birth name, but in fact a cursed moniker forced upon him by the wizard responsibile for his pain (himself named Jolinn Volinn); one of his companions narrowly avoided this curse but still had his own name stripped away. He swore an oath by the gods, sun, and sky never to give in until that man has seen justice.

Unfortunately Jolinn Volinn is stuck in character limbo because he was basically made for a one-shot, and while my friend DMing it is like "oh yeah I should run it again", he's also mad lazy.

Mawgrit Kro Magnon - Totem Warrior (Bear-->Tiger) 7; a young but prodigiously powerful orc (we're in a monstrous races game) who believes that the world should be ruled through the laws of nature, with the strong (generally him) calling the shots. He's constantly embroiled in inter-party conflict, largely against our goblin warlock Scarsnick, because the little cunt gets on his nerves like nothing else owing to all the attempted betrayals, murder of captives, cowardice, and general lack of anything resembling badassery in Mawgrit's eyes. Mawgrit carries several huge weapons and is immensely skilled with all of them (dude's got 18s in both offensive stats); he's "armored" in the remains of full plate that his obscenely jacked body simply outlasted.

Despite his orcish blood, Mawgrit is inclined to negotiate and even release captives where it seems valuable, most recently with a dwarvish paladin (dwarvish being the only non-monstrous language he speaks) who had been sent out to search for an artifact in Mawgrit's possession. Not willing to give it up, of course, he prepared to throw down once their "peaceful search" went to shit.

...of course that weaselly little bitch Scarsnick had to ruin that by trying to betray Mawgrit and get him killed. It didn't take, the goblins ran to try and reinforce themselves, and now the two most violent PCs are on a heavily-armed collision course with 20 or 30-odd orcs and Mawgrit against a few dozen goblins and Scarsnick. There might be a big-ass mess next session.

People have said his name is unmanly owing to its resemblance of the name "Margaret". This is deeply offensive.

STRIKE9 - Assassin 3; a warforged purpose-built to act as an assassin, secret police unit, and [REDACTED] for [REDACTED]. Nine is extremely cool-tempered, a consummate liar, and finds little to appreciate among the unskilled and unwashed masses of humanity beyond the aesthetics of their nobility and artisanal class, most of which is still inferor to his homeland; he makes a point to collect art and stylish clothing for himself, and is currently decked out in a magically-billowing gold-trimmed cloak, sick set of leather boots and a pimpin' pirate tricorne in addition to his elven courtier clothing. Nine's shown himself to be disturbingly willing to make snap decisions that he considers pragmatic such as attempting to outdraw a hostage-taker (see @coolpool2's Sairenoth thread) and killing (undead) captives the instant that they refuse to provide more information. For the time being Nine is biding his time as a guildie and semi-independent contractor with his guild group, in the hopes of [REDACTED].

Nine's damage output is also "fucking insane"; while this is pretty normal for rogues, he seems to consistently roll much better than average even for the already-substantial damage of an assassin.

Second Inquisitor Ser Celador Guilhart - Oath of Treachery 7; a half-elven paladin of Pelor who was trained from adolescence to act as a warrior of the Order of Illumination of the Imperial Knights of Purgation, in essence midway between "anti-supernatural special forces" and "roving army against evil". After his superior officer ordered the slaughter of masses of innocent civilians (which itself was the aftermath of the party shitting the bed and bailing hard), Celador went AWOL, refusing to follow a command which violated the principles of his god. The first group of decent people he met up with was... a literal fucking carnival with a clown. A goddamn clown fiesta.

Celador's look is "blindingly holy"; he joined up in megafancy gilded and adorned plate armor (now destroyed) wielding a sword that burns with radiant energy and a shield bearing a holy symbol of Pelor. Realizing that he could lose his equipment in any number of ways, he opted to have said holy symbol magically tattooed onto his chest, where it glows with golden light as he casts spells, channels divinity, and lays on hands.

In the time since joining up with the party, he's helped slay a roc (nobody died that time!), unfortunately had his wonderfully-named horse Naponyon killed by a monster (and also the aforementioned clown), managed to cop an invite to a party hosted by an extremely suspicious and probably evil nobleman who was exiled from his empire (we're in semi-civilized wilderness beyond the de facto borders of said empire), gleefully killed a bunch of captured monstrous races and demons and shit following an attempt by slavers to capture the party, struck down demon-worshippers (one with smite punches - I know it's not RAW, but any DM who'll fuck you for that when you could have just drawn your sword is a loser), and... sent to the fucking Abyss. A seventh-level paladin got sent to the Abyss to 1v2 a balor and alkilith (CR 19 and 11 monster, respectively) while the remainder of the party fought the rest of the encounter (an incubus and two shadow demons that I could probably have killed in two rounds myself). It was through a combination of sheer good luck and insane damage that he made it out alive, but he did, and is now being hailed as a warrior of almost-unparalleled might. Also I think literally every time he's called somebody out for being evil, he was right

A couple more I haven't posted, one of whom is dead - the guy Celador replaced - while some haven't yet been played, some are in retired campaigns, and that sorta deal.
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