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Last night I was struck with my next writing project, but I was too tired to make a more detailed draft.
I quickly typed down an extremely rough draft for the pilot/first chapter. nobody even has a name yet.
Let me know if you guys think it's worth the effort for me to actually work on.
Remember, I was rushing to get pen to paper before passing out so grammer was not a priority.
Pilot - most popular guy in class notices the hottest chick in class is single for some reason, must be her overprotective twin brother, decides to go for it and ask her out, she says yes. Story plays out like an average romcom. Girl can't stop talking about her brother. Guy asks about her father, tone shifts for a second as she pauses, but then she says she never knew her father but that's okay because her mother worked hard to put food on the table and her brother always kept her safe from the world. Guy's internal monologue about how everything always goes back to her brother.
Jump ahead to the next day in school.
Guy walks passed chick after school. Chick asks when their next date is but guy says he doesn't think they're a good match. At home girl cries in her room because she doesn't think she'll ever meet a guy who likes her back.
Knock on the door.
Girl wipes her tears. Brother opens the door, tells chick his job called him in to work for a bit, saying good night in case he comes home late. Chick asks why he's never had a girlfriend, but brother says he's got his hands full with school and work.
Brother walks into a building and greets his mother, says chick is sad from her break up and that mother should already be on her way home. Brother helps mother pack her things before she heads home. Mother buzzes brother into the office before she leaves.
Back to guy at his job in a movie theater. Some slasher movie ends, guy starts cleaning the isles but finds a guy sitting in the back by himself. Guy shines a flash light on him and wakes him up. Homeless guy is startled and agrees to leave.
After cleaning up, guy walks out of the theatre and heads home. Walks into his house, greets his parents and takes a shower. Walks into his room and notices a knife jammed into his gut and a hand covering his mouth. The towel wrapped around his crotch is moved upwards by the assailant to prevent the blood from making a mess.
Guy collapses onto some plastic sheeting layered atop his bed and passes out without seeing his attacker.
While unconscious the attacker slices guys throat and rolls the plastic around the body.
Attacker carries the plastic wrapped body over his shoulder through the house, says goodbye to the home owners, walks out the door, and places the dead body into the trunk of guy's car and drives it away.
Back to Chick.
Mother walks into her room to console her, their conversation continues as the camera changes to guy's car stopping at some barn.
Attacker pulls the body out of the trunk and carries it inside. Unwraps guy's dead body and stabs it in the heart.
Chick says to mother that she doesn't know why guys seem to stay away from her. Attacker opens some hatch.
Attacker lifts guy's body and dumps him into the open hatch. Chick says to her mother not to worry about her.
Guy's body lands atop two other corpses.
Attacker closes the hatch and makes a phone call, dude answers, attacker requests a pick up for three. Dude says his contact was for two, attacker says this is one of his own. Dude agrees and says this is the fifth one this year.
Chick's phone rings, she answers, brother says the job didn't take long, asks if she needs anything for him to pick up on his way home since it sounds like she was crying. Chick says she's okay, but she just sad that at the rate she's going she might finish highschool without having ever gone on a date.
Cut to brother walking out of the barn as dude parks a van outside. Brother hands dude the keys to guy's car and leaves.
Brother tells sister not to worry about the boys at school, he's just happy to know that she's not dating someone who would hurt her.
Brother gets in his car and says goodbye to chick.
End credits.
After credits.
Next day in school, new guy in class, teacher surprised there's an open seat available since nobody appears to be truant, he thought all the seats were taken. New guy sits at guy's empty seat and looks chick who smiles at him.
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