Tales of Driftmoore [Rebooted]


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Setting: The setting will focus on an older Massachusetts town: Driftmoore. Driftmoore is a small, but thriving city due to the influx of richer visitors that live in the forested bay. In the city, the school system is small - two public schools and a private university. The town is mostly filled with wandering teenagers and the occasional businessman that is there for a meeting. Massive chain stores have yet to reach this area due to their low population as they are lucky to even have a shopping center with a super market.

Name: (Please put your name here. Odd names and nicknames are acceptable, but nothing incredibly ridiculous.)
Age: (How old you are? The age range is from 10 to 80. As long as you are able to move and investigate.)
Gender: (Self-explanatory)
Appearance: (Describe your character's appearance. How they look, birthmarks, scars, clothing style.)
Personality: (Describe your character's personality. This doesn't have to be very detailed, just enough to get an idea of your character.)
Life History: ( Major events that happened in your character's life that guided them as a parents. Parents, childhood trauma, a first love, etc.)
How did you come to Driftmoore?: (You have come to Driftmoore at some point in your life. You could have been born here, moved here, visited a relative or a business partner. You MUST have interacted with the town in some direct way.)
Personal Memento: (Everyone has a memento. It could be a wedding ring, your parent's old school ring, a toy from when you were a child. What is it and do they still have it?)
Misc: (Any sort of trivia about your character)

Character Sheet
Life History:
How did you come to Driftmoore?:
Personal Memento:
A final note:

My philosophy of role-playing has immensely changed. I'm not sure how this will translate into forum RP though. I've had players in my Dungeons & Dragons game send me a .doc file with five pages of their family heritage and back story. They insist that it's the best character they've written, but when they come to the table, they're bland and vapid. Your back story does not define your character - your actions do. If you write about how your character is observant in a back story, demonstrate it.

For example:

Observant Player lost his train of thought when something blinded him temporarily. He looked over at the glimmering golden watch that stood out against Tony's tanned skin. The watch look was worn as anyone could tell from the scratches along the gilded loops that clung tightly. The watch clung tightly... Tony must have visited the watchmaker recently. "Hey, New watch, Tony?"

Lastly, please feel free to build the world and interact with it. If you're a school kid and you have friends, feel free to control them and use them as props. I will control them when it matters. If you personally don't like the butcher in town because of his scar or his bald head - there is a bald, scarred butcher that doesn't like you.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.


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Can you say "blast from the past"?

Victor Primus
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Appearance: Victor is a well-built man who, at six feet and an inch, is noticeably taller than most of the people of Driftmoore. His large, powerful form combined with short blonde hair and cobalt blue eyes give off an impression of majesty and importance, which Victor is more than happy to use to his advantage. Victor's figure and facial structure are both far on the masculine side, and consistently prove attractive to men and women alike. The only unusual mark to be found on his body is a long, thin scar on his right hand, seemingly from a knife or other sharp object. However, even this would be quite difficult to find, as he does his best to keep it covered with camouflage cream.

As far as clothing goes, Victor does what he can to keep it classy. His standard attire is a well-tailored black suit, as well as a white dress shirt coupled with a red, black, or gold necktie - just about the only variation his day-to-day clothing has. If necessary, Victor will bring along weather- or situation-appropriate accessories such an umbrella, heavier jacket, or bathing suit, though it is rare that he finds himself in such positions. Finally, the most noticeable - for that matter, only - accessory Victor possesses is a ring made of platinum, which has a small star ruby set into the bezel and the letters V and P engraved on it.

Personality: Victor is a gregarious and generally pleasant individual who does everything he can to please people around him. Having had plenty of experience in interacting with other people in both informal and business capacities, he makes an excellent negotiator and charmer, and is quite enjoyable to spend time with; perhaps the one aspect of his charm that could use work is romance, as while his features are quite attractive to women, he has nowhere near as much success as he could between his looks and money. This stems in part from a fear of rejection and in another from a strong desire to keep most of his thoughts and feelings private.

Victor does what he can to make his presence known in informal conversation, typically through large gestures and loud, enthusiastic speech; however, he makes strong efforts to keep discussion on his own terms, steering it away from topics involving his thoughts and feelings. When it comes to business, he is markedly more polite, and intense moreso than energetic; he sets his mind to a goal and pushes hard to achieve it. He has a special talent for discerning what other parties want out of a business deal, and leaving them feeling like they came away getting the better of him. Generally speaking, Victor is more intelligent and better-educated than the people around him, though he isn't the sort of person to make a point of it.

Life History: Born into the wealthy and influential Primus family of New York, Victor had a more-than-privileged upbringing owing to his grandfather, and later father's, increidlbe success in business. As a result of said wealth, Victor was afforded the best private education - in, of course, the form of professional tutors - that money could buy. The friends he made at this period in his life were predominantly close relatives and the children of other wealthy people - all, of course, potential business connections for later. As a result of this excellent tutelage, Victor scored extremely well on standardized tests throughout his life, making it clear that - in conjunction with his family's wealth - he would have his pick of universities to attend.

He elected to go to the University of California at Berkeley, taking a double major in Economics and Mathematics and intending to go into law school soon afterward. Victor excelled in his studies there, working hard with the intent of making his family proud. He made no small number of friends (and, of course, connections!), and in his final year started a relationship with a slightly younger woman attending the same university. Following his graduation just last year, Victor and said woman returned to live in New York with his family prior to his entry to law school. It was in this brief period that a scandal surfaced, allegedly involving wandering eyes on Victor's part, and the pair separated; the woman was paid no small amount of money to keep quiet about the affair, and Victor's stint in law school was exchanged for getting practical experience somewhere where it would be difficult for him to damage the family's - or his own - reputation.

How did you come to Driftmoore?: Victor came to Driftmoore on the heels of a tightly-wrapped scandal. While most of the details were covered up quite well through his family's connections, anyone who dug deep would easily be able to find out that it revolved around Victor's relationship with a young woman and some sort of difficulty therein. For now, he has been told to relax, keep his head low, and try to make connections for his family.

Personal Memento: Victor's memento is the aforementioned ring, which was commissioned for him by his (now-deceased) grandfather to celebrate his university graduation. While he does his best to remain professional-looking if he can help it, Victor is incredibly - it would be quite fair to say "unreasonably" - protective of the ring and uncharacteristically vicious to anyone trying to interact with it in just about any way, with the exception of examining it.

Worst Fear: Victor's worst fear is that someone in Driftmoore will discover his reason for being there, and either blackmail him or force him to leave town as a result. Aside from that, as a direct result of said scandal, Victor is absolutely terrified of getting into another relationship, and so intends to keep a bit of distance from the people he meets in Driftmoore.


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Can I just redo my judgement day character for this?
Yes, feel free too. This applies to any character from my previous games - Judgement Day and the original Tales of Driftmoore.

However, I do have an executive authority to veto certain characters.


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Name: Yu San
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Appearance: Standing at 5’3’ Yu is a fair skinned lady with black hair and brown eyes. She has a gentle disarming appearance, someone easy to approach. Her gentle smile is a little infectious, she can raise the mood of a room by just being in it. She’s often bouncing around when she gets excited with her nimble frame. Her favourite fashion pattern is checker squares.

Personality: A cheerful, capricious and friendly person. An earnest person who always seems to be full of energy. She isn’t very direct and often times gets carried away with being silly. Yu cannot handle pressure well and she cannot concentrate while panicking. She can be a hard worker when she puts in effort and determination, and often gets a bit carried away with things when excited. She’s not very good at reading people but has pretty good intuition when it comes to social situations. Sometimes yu has trouble expressing herself or wording a point properly, but she’s not stupid by any means. Over the years she has developed a mild inferiority complex and often tries to hide it. Sometimes she struggles to feel useful or have self-confidence. Overall she’s a very pragmatic and philosophical person that always does her best to stay positive.

Life History:
Yu was born in Driftmoore and was raised by her family as the first child with a younger sister. She lived a fairly normal life in the middle class and a had a pretty happy family life. Her parents always raised her to kind and caring, and were a bit too soft on her. Growing up she wasn’t able to make many friends, but the ones she made were very close. She spent most of her time with her best friend she had since elementary school until her friend moved away for university out of the state. Yu always looked up to her best friend the most out of anyone, and during high school Yu started to have strange feelings for her. She wasn’t sure if it was love, or something else. Due to her uncertainty, she never brought it up, and kept her feelings close to her chest. The two still keep in touch online and meet up occasionally when her friend has time to visit. Yu does her best to be a supportive friend now that her best friend has a boyfriend.

She currently still lives with her family while studying at the Driftmoore university as a physics student. She has a part time job at a nice Chinese noodle restaurant to help pay expenses. Yu has considered finding an apprenticeship in metalworking, but doesn’t have the confidence to pursue it.

Personal Memento: A very sturdy purple umbrella. It appears rather mundane, but has served her well. It was given to her by her best friend many years back as a gift from an old shop. Yu takes it everywhere with her in case of a rainy day and to remember her friend. She often goes out for walks in the rain with it, even in windy weather. She's very careful to maintain it properly because of its sentimental value.

Misc: Hobbies include: Cooking, reading, browsing message boards, observing wild creatures, and playing the erhu. Areas of interest: Astrology, Metalworking, Physics and Chemistry.

Worst Fear: Losing control of her emotions.


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Name: Matthew Power
Age: 25
Gender: Man
Appearance: Matthew is just over five and a half feet tall and largely physically unassuming. He’s slim but not skinny. Though he smiles easily and seems generally relaxed, when he makes eye contact, there is a purposeful look in his eyes that often catches others off guard. He dresses smart-casual, with a light or patterned button up shirt worn loosely over a t-shirt and linen trousers.

He has black, straight hair with a fringe that he often styles to the side when attempting to look professional. With his smallish, dark, rounded eyes, soft facial features, and high cheekbones, he resembles his mother much more than his father.

Personality: Matthew carries a quiet, easy sort of confidence in himself. Rather than project this outward in an attempt to bend the world around him to his will, he largely keeps to himself, staying relaxed and cool under pressure. When he puts his mind to something, he is usually sure of his decisions and the consequences surrounding them.

Matthew is tactile with his friends and communicates through touch as often as through words. Clasping a friend’s shoulder in encouragement, pulling someone into a hug in celebration, or holding hands to keep someone steady, he has no problem sharing his physical and emotional space with other people. Though he isn’t effusive, and prefers to listen before speaking, he’s not afraid to let others know how he feels.

When he’s pensive or nervous, he has a habit of fiddling with something around him, for instance unbuttoning and re-buttoning his cuffs.

Life History: Born in Honolulu to a loving and happy family, Matthew spent the first years of his childhood in relative comfort. He had a robust social and family life until his mother died at the age of 8 and his father shut down emotionally. Moving away from his mother’s side of the family and all the painful memories that remained in Hawaii, Matthew’s father settled in Driftmoore in hopes of finding a new life. Matthew, too, became a reminder of what his father had lost; they became more isolated from one another, and their relationship never fully recovered.

Though they aren’t close, Matthew’s father did the best he could to provide for them under the circumstances, and Matthew graduated from college with a degree in Business Administration. During school he was sociable, and he still maintains a few close friendships from that time, but he’s never had a romantic relationship. He runs a print shop in Driftmoore adjacent to the university, which is enough to pay the bills, but not enough to quell the feeling that his life is missing something.

How did you come to Driftmoore?: Matthew and his father moved to the city after the death of his mother and remained there ever since.

Personal Memento: Matthew has a locket with a photo of his mother and father together, which his father used to wear. A little while after the death of his mother, his father threw it away, but Matthew reclaimed it and has kept it safe.

Misc: Matthew is a skilled roller skater.

Worst Fear: Deep, dark water – especially the fathomless emptiness of the ocean. He isn’t sure if it’s the fear of what lurks in the unknown, being pulled under and drowning, simply being immersed in something so vast and pitiless, or perhaps all three.
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Name: Lucy Degarmo
Age: 24
Gender: Cisfemale

Appearance: Floral print shirts, hoodie, jeans and hiking shoes. Unless she's not in public, then it's always a bunny hugger and pajama pants.

Long haired ginger. Freckles and brown eyes. Way too much legs. Kind of awkward and flitty like a child raised by fairies that got returned around puberty.

Personality: Sometimes deadpan. Frequent witty stabs. Seems to fear nothing - except maybe murderers and the like. Kind of ghost like, but animated about the right subject matter. She puts effort into figuring out what makes people tick and responding to that tick if she likes the person.

Life History: As a child who shouldn't have been leaving home alone, she frequented graveyards and the community hospital. The front staff knew her so well they walked her home when they spotted her. Death (and birth, sometimes) always fascinated her. Those interests eventually evolved into career goals. Her parents were boring and not recceptive, but took relatively good care of her as far as parents go. A few grandparents and community members died on her - but the only death(s) that broke her heart and produced intense emotional responses were the death of three kittens she found in a box the night before they passed.

How did you come to Driftmoore?: The private university in Driftmoore is home to one of the nation's only mortuary science programs. Lucy chose it over the other three schools in the states and uprooted from the bay area when she was accepted. She picked up a part time job at a coffee shop (The Beans Knees) to offset student debt. Her contact with her family dwindled to near nothing by the time of her graduation. Lucy graduated recently and continues to work at the coffee shop. She is hunting for mortuary postings, but it's not a lively field - no pun intended. Anymore, Driftmoore acts as a cozy trap that keeps her content with being a barista. She probably knows the order of any customer who has been in more than twice.

Personal Memento: Once upon a time, Lucy watched a tutorial on how to preserve an entire dead bird. So she found a dead crow, put it in a jar with high concentration alcohol and sealed it. It lives in her room but is seen by no one. She likes it more than she likes most people.

Misc: What are muscles? Lucy doesn't even lift.
Lucy loves nature but nature usually doesn't love her. Especially not the bugs.
Hobbies include getting lost in the weird parts of the internet, walking through town on sunshiney days and baking.
She doesn't have close friends. She has people she knows and people she talks to - and people on the internet, who tend to know her best.
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So, so, can you give us a bit more information about the stuffs we will be doing and such?

Mm. I don't want to give away too much. The last version of this was telling for the theme. It's very much a supernatural/mystery/thriller-ish. You'll be uncovering the mysteries of Driftmoore and the odd nature of the area.


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I have work in six minutes, but I posted an OP. Enjoy! I'll add more to it later along with more posts. I just wanted to get the ball rolling.


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So far, I'm thoroughly enjoying everyone's posts. I'm going to be blatant in straight copying the original few posts of Driftmoore - strictly since there was not much progress. Also, it's been years.


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Name: Page Lawson
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Appearance: Page has blonde hair and tends to dress between business casual and street casual on any given day. She dresses in darker tones to offset her bright hair, though she mixes in some white here and there when she feels like it. When she's not expecting to run into anyone she knows or just in general not wanting to deal with social situations, Page tends to dress a little more than casual, opting for comfortable jeans and a hoodie, though when she's at home, she tends to stay in her pajamas mostly.

Other than her clothes, Page almost always carries with her a cane that she wood-worked for herself years ago after an accident affected her ability to walk. Though she healed from the injuries sustained rather well, Page is known to suffer muscle spasms on occasion that make walking a little more difficult with her right leg, specifically her knee. The cane isn't too elaborate, it has no handle and instead looks more like a long rod, but over the years Page has added some carvings to it as well as sawing the cane into two pieces and reconnecting them with a screw in attachment, like a pool cue. The bottom half of the cane is finished with a reddish, earthy tone while the top half has been sprayed with copious amounts of chalkboard paint. Page likes to go on walks and sometimes jots down things she wants to remember for later on the cane itself with chalk she keeps on her.

When actively working on an article for the local Driftmoore magazine, a fairly new publication, Page keeps a camera on her at all times, never knowing when inspiration might strike, giving her the perfect opportunity for a picture.

Personality: When Page was 16, she was a prominent, young high school athlete in Ellettsville, Indiana. She was a gruff, intense young girl who was used to getting her way. She had the charm when necessary, the strength to take what she wanted, as well as beauty and brains to match. After her accident, Page was brought down low and forced to re-evaluate who she was and how she treated others. Though shades of who she once was still linger, Page is now mostly a quiet homebody, content with her role in the community of Driftmoore. Though her beauty and brains have not faded, she is not as strong as she once was, which led to a drop in her confidence and inherent charm.

Life History: Page was raised by two loving parents who saw in her a raw, indomitable strength. They fostered that side of Page, pushing her to test her own limits and see just how far she could take herself. She loved nearly every sport she played, but it was Lacrosse that spoke to her on a level no other activity could. The physical aggression of the sport, as well as the power and control she felt when she scored a goal, was almost intoxicating to her. At only 16 years old as a sophomore, Page was being scouted by various colleges. Suggestions of full ride scholarships pushed her forward, but the more she played, the more she realized she wanted nothing to do with school. It was the game that appealed to her, nothing else.

In one fateful away game, Page fought and pushed her way to her opponent's goal, ready to score. Losing sight of the field around her, Page focused on the goal and only the goal. With that lack of situational awareness, one of her opponents had charged her and lunged towards her legs illegally. Whether by accident or not, the two collided and Page felt her right knee collapse as it failed to support any of her weight. Many doctor visits later, Page learned that though her leg would heal and she would make as close to a full recovery as one could hope, she would never be able to play sports like she once had. Immediately, all her plans to just play the game were gone and all of the back up plans to go to school went with them.

With no scholarships waiting for her and the world of sports effectively locked away from her forever, Page fell into herself. Her physical therapy went smoothly, but she would need to walk with a cane on bad days which were frequent in that first year. The lumpy piece of plastic they gave her only angered her. On a walk, she discovered the most perfect Silver Maple tree limb she had seen, appreciating the nature of her home town for the first time since... ever, honestly. She told her father about the stick and with almost an obsession, she took a saw to the limb and cleaved it from the tree. She then dragged it home, paused, breathed and began teaching herself how to woodwork. She discovered it was a task that took patience and calm, something she only knew tangentially through sports. For her, patience had always been waiting for the right opening to strike. Calm was the feeling she felt when the artifice of the crowd and the lights above them faded away and she flowed across the field. Those sensations were now lost to her, gone forever, but in woodworking, she found a semblance of them, something new, yet so, so familiar.

She practiced first on scraps she cut off from the Silver Maple, then eventually found her way to whittling the branch itself. It shed its skin at her touch and the small knife in her hand quickly caused callouses to form in places they hadn't when she held her lacrosse stick. The motions were different, but familiar. Eventually, the perfectly straight, smooth branch had been riddled with simple, yet pretty notches and cuts. She took a chance and cut the stick in half, eventually installing a screw in slot for it, allowing her to break the cane down into two parts for easier travel. Over the years, she finished the bottom of the cane with a red, earthy finish and a clear coat over that and the top was sprayed with chalkboard paint. She had taken the time to enjoy nature more and more after learning to woodwork. She often took a camera with her as well as her cane when she went on walks. Eventually, she no longer needed the cane except on bad days, but she kept it with her nonetheless, almost like a safety blanket, but also as a means of remembering who she had become and why it happened.

After a few years of bouncing back from her accident, Page graduated high school and took a local job at the town magazine. Her nature photos had gotten attention and though she didn't have the same talent for photography that she did lacrosse, her skills got the job done. She enjoyed working for the magazine and even wrote an article every now and then. Though she never went to college, Page was ready for more, to take what she had grown into and push further, just as she had as an athlete. She was quieter, more thoughtful, but there was still that competitive edge under the surface ready to come out when needed.

How did you come to Driftmoore?: Page had worked in her hometown's magazine for a few years. At the age of 21, her boss, having been impressed with her work, gave her news that an old buddy in Driftmoore was looking for a journalist, preferably a photojournalist, but being able to write would be appreciated as well. Both Page and her boss acknowledged this was the chance she had been waiting for, the time to move on and out of Ellettsville. She took the opportunity immediately, packed her bags, kissed her family goodbye in a rather solemn, touching moment, then took a train to Driftmoore. Two years later, Page had taken to the job well, appreciating the freedom it gave her, as well as the many quiet moments of solitude. Page felt oddly satisfied with what she had done in that time and though she did not know what the future might hold for her, she knew she would face it as she always had: ever forward.

Personal Memento: Her cane.

Misc: Her right knee is heavily scarred from multiple surgeries after her accident. She generally has a purse on her, though she is known from time to time to wear a messenger bag which she is able to slip her cane into, essentially strapping it to her back when she needs to focus on taking pictures. She also has a collection of cameras she obtained over the years. Though she would never tell anyone, she knows the various quirks of each individual camera and even has pet names for them. She's a woman in need of a dog who definitely does not have time for a pet.

Worst Fear: She lacks the confidence to admit this to anyone, especially herself, but her deepest fear is who and what she could have become had her accident never happened. Looking back on that time in her life with tried and true maturity and somewhat weather beaten eyes, Page realizes the young girl on that lacrosse field was self-centered, selfish, and altogether a cruel, mean person focused only on the next game. It was unsustainable. She had no goals, no commitments, not even a boyfriend or girlfriend to call her own. She had friends, but never any best friends. Since her move to Driftmoore, Page has become more social, though she makes it clear she appreciates her alone time as much as her social time. Page knows that the loud, brash girl isolating herself from the world only so she can focus on the next win is always lingering just beneath the surface.
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I'm too lazy to find something that fits super well. So I'll just use something I found in my image folder that goes with the feel of what I'm going for.
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