Tales of Driftmoore


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Nestled away from civilization, Driftmoore is a small, but thriving city in Massachusetts. A retreat for the rich that want to avoid the public eye or for those that want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city. In the town, the school system is small - two public schools and a private university. The town is mostly filled with wandering teenagers and the occasional businessman that's on retreat. The town is small enough that everyone knows everyone, except for the occasional wealthy fellow. Massive chain stores have yet to reach this area due to their low population as they are lucky to even have a shopping center with a super market.

Day 0

October 3rd, 2014. It was a Friday morning as usual. The sun rose and as it hit the town, it came to life. Shopkeepers opening their stores, teachers and professors walking to their classrooms. Students started to stir and this where our story begins.

((Please start off by posting once about your day from start to finish. It's assumed that the students know one another, so feel free to include one another. If you want to collaborate a story between two characters, feel free to do it in the OOC thread. Future Days will involve more posts, but for Day 0, just one post.))


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October 3rd, 2014. One day, a day that acted as a reminder of easier and simpler times. The day before everything began to change. The sun rose, its rays glazing over the town restoring vigour and life to the residents a much needed boost as they edged closer to the winter months.

Admiring the views from the tranquillity of the Coves Restaurant, Danielle the owner of the esteemed establishment sat with her co workers. Like most mornings the crew idly chattered amongst themselves while she and Richard gazed into the view, warming their hands from the heat of the coffee.

The view of the sunshine remained beautiful as always, the light streaming through the town shining down onto the park. It was one of the many benefits of being stationed in the centre of Driftmoore, being close to the park made it easier for free time and the restaurant was close enough to the public school that the combined visits of students, teachers and the odd passerby was enough to keep the business afloat.

Richard glanced at his gold pocket watch quickly registering the time. 7am..

As if on cue, Danielle clapped her hands with authority, demanding everyone’s immediate attention. “All right folks! You know the drill, get the tables set and ready for the mites coming in, they pay well for a good breakfast. Just watch those fingers; I don’t want Jones thinking he can swipe another free meal.”

Shuffling into the cafe the caterers and waiters began preparations for the oncoming rush for bacon. Catching the glint of light Rich’s inscriptions seemed to burn from his watch into his eyes. Squinting, he shoved his beloved pocket watch into his front shirt pocket clipping it into place. Catching the pain on his face as he entered his work station, Danielle reassured Richard with a gentle tap. “It will get easier,” she promised. “It’s just another day and we’ll be here if you need anything.”

Unable to find the words for a suitable response, Richard nodded solemnly. Regaining his composure, he continued on with his work. Preparing the first five tables as he usually did, taking orders from the loyal customers who enjoyed a traditional breakfast and serving them with a smile and sociable conversation.

Time seemed to fly by. Lunch was unusually busy, which suited Rich just perfectly acting as a much needed distraction from his life’s woes. As his shift ended, Richard changed into his black tank top and jogging bottoms, Richard stuffed his uniform into his sports bag. Heading out on his daily circuit, he left the Coves swiftly giving a short wave to Danielle and the staff as he ran by.

Taking time to stop by the local stores for his parent’s groceries he managed to beat his personal best 8 miles in just under an hour. Returning to his abode at the older part of town, Rich hesitated for a moment.

It will be fine..just put the groceries on the table, place them away, make small chat and get out.

Using his own key he began unlocking the door, pausing for just a second before entering. Just as he feared, the atmosphere completely changed, the house was unsettling quiet.

Trying to breathe some life into the house Rich called out to his parent’s hoping for some response. “I’m home!” As usual his efforts fell on deaf ears, hearing some movement from the living room he peered to see his mother flicking through the channels before glancing at her son. Rolling her eyes and tutting with disapproval she moved to the study to be left alone.

Looks like Dad’s still working...I’ll just leave these and go.

Sorting through the groceries and packing them away, Rich swiftly closed himself off in his room. Closing off the world and trying to distract himself from the world below.

It will get better tomorrow. It will get better tomorrow.


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October 3rd, 2014. It was 4 AM, and Tolvan was on his way back from the midnight release of Super Smash Brothers 3DS. He got home (well, to his uncle's house) and dropped into his bed, exhausted.

11:30 AM. Tolvan strolls out of the house, his sweater fluttering in the wind. He has his rapier and dagger in sheaths on his belt, and walks to a nearby park. It is abandoned, and as he draws his blades he revels in the peacefulness of the world around him. He begins practicing thrusts and slashes, parries and footwork, and quickly falls into a familiar rhythm. When the sun begins to sink noticeably in the sky and Tolvan starts hearing the voices of children getting out of school, he packs up and begins to make his way back home.

On the way back, Tolvan stops for lunch at a place called the Coves Restaurant (OOC: This is okay, right?) and eats a quick meal before heading home.

3:00 PM. Tolvan finally gets back. He decides to relax for the day, playing Smash Brothers online (and winning every match). He stops at about 7:00, and eats dinner before reading for a couple hours and going to bed early.

(OOC: I wish my internet was good enough to play Smash online.)


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That day was a day like any other: uneventful.

Danial woke up by the sound of his alarm. He groaned as he reached over and pressed the button to shut it off. He sat up from his bed and rubbed the fatigue from his eyes. As he gathered his apparel for the upcoming day, he heard his mother waking his little sister from down the hall. After his morning shower, he sat at the kitchen table with his family, casually discussing the recent events of their lives. He ate his breakfast slowly, enjoying the times that he can spend with his family. The moment ends as most moments do, the time for school slowly approaching. After finishing his meal, he grabbed his bag and left; leaving his sister who goes to middle school. His mother goes to work later in the after noon and into the night, so she will be staying home until then.

The walk to school to school was pleasant. The Autumn breeze was something Danial had always found comfort in. He walked alone, musing over over his plans and the possibilities that the day has planned. 'It's Friday, so will math have a test today? Wasn't Mr. Hughes going to give us a project over the weekend?' He continued as such. When he finally got to school, he went to class to officially start the school day. He spent most of the time either taking notes or discussing various topics with his friends and fellow students. This being the last day of the workweek, his typical tormentors didn't bother with anything extreme; a few childish names, but nothing that he couldn't ignore. He did mentally note that Tolvan, one of the assistant teachers, was missing. He didn't talk to him personally, but he found the young man's impulsiveness interesting, if not enjoyable.

After school, he immediately went home. He opened the door with his key and walked inside, throwing his schoolbag into his room before heading into the kitchen. His mother would not be back until much later, so it was his duty as the eldest to cook dinner for his family. He pulled out the items that he needed and started to plan the steps in his head. It's a fairly complicated process and is still at it when his sister runs into the house. They talk as he continued to cook their meal. A few hours later, both of them have eaten; their mother's potions are in the oven to be heated when she got home. Their mother returns at two AM, long after both of her children have gone to bed. Tomorrow would be another day as this one, if changing a few details. This is Danial's life; there are times he loves it and times he laments it, just as anyone else.
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Erm... Tolvan doesn't actually go to school in Driftmoore, he's doing a gap year and currently visiting his uncle...

Actually, no, I'm an intern/teaching assistant at the school. This is now canon. Erm... Monday through Thursday.

EDIT: Y'know what, that's too much trouble. However, I guess I could be tutoring some kids or something... But eh.
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Thomson woke up to the sunlight filtering through his window and an analog clock reading 6:30. Morning already? Well I guess I'll make the most of it. What day was it today? Oh right the third, I think that new smash bros games comes out today, I heard a lot of my classmates talking about it. I'm more of a book person though. Thomson changed out of his long cotton night gown and started preparing for school in front of a mirror. I always look so odd, and different, it's no wonder why I have no friends, of course the problem most likely lies in me, my looks are only the instigator of the problem. Well I shouldn't fret over this so early in the morning. Thomson preformed his morning routines and headed out for the day.

Thomson had a fairly normal day at school, and the classes were simple. Although he knew most of his classmates he didn't talk to anyone other than a few hellos, and spent most of lunch reading a book about sickle cell anemia. Before he knew it school was out, and he started walking back to his home. Hmm, today's a Friday so I don't have any work, the clouds are looking really lovely today, all nice and grey(OOC: Since this takes place in america should I use gray?). When you really think about it, most of the water in the world has probably been part of a cloud at one poi- Thomson suddenly trips on a large rock left in the middle of the road. Ow ow ow, just ignore the pain, it'll go away in a second. I really should try to focus more. Thomson spent the rest of the day on his hobbies, and cooked some fried rice for dinner.


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Victor's day started with him being awoken suddenly by his alarm clock at ten minutes to seven, prompting him to lightly tap the snooze button, roll over, and continue sleeping until 7 AM. It was then that his day truly began, as he pulled himself from the velvet confines of his bed and into the bathroom to shower. As unscheduled as his day was, he took his time with showering - well over half an hour, in fact, and emerged extremely satisfied with his (now perfectly-groomed) appearance. He then continued the day's preparations, donning the suit typical of him, making sure to hide his scar, and finally deciding on what color tie he would wear. After a short mental debate, he decided on gold.

His next step was actually deciding on what to do during the day, and he quickly settled on setting up a meeting with one of his father's contacts - an aging man by the name of Michael Sanford. It took nothing more than a quick call from his cell phone to set a time and place; 12:30 PM at the Coves restaurant, a cozy, well-reviewed cafe near the center of Driftmoore. Michael was reminded to bring along a few wealthy acquaintances so they could all meet and talk with Victor over lunch, preferably with their business cards ready. By the time everything had been planned out, it was slightly after eight, leaving Victor with more than four hours to do what he would.

The handsome young man decided to spend his time out and about the streets of Driftmoore, leaving behind the rather large and comfortable apartment building (paid for, of course, by his family's money; after all, it was significantly less pricey and upscale than most anything that he would be doing at home) to simply relax among the quiet, peaceful autumn scenery offered by the town. A leisurely stroll in the warmth of the sun, coupled with a gentle breeze, did much to soothe Victor, and he couldn't help but think that, despite the fact that his being sent to Driftmoore was intended as a punishment, it really was for the best for his mental health. The air was clear, the weather pleasant, and and the people polite, more than willing to greet even strangers on the street - a sentiment which Victor was more than happy to return.

All said, Victor spent more than three hours enjoying the peace and quiet before his meeting, thinking on what he would say to whoever Michael might bring along. Even with so much time dealt with - wasted, even - he still had more than an hour before the meeting proper, and decided on walking to the Coves, making it there shortly after noon, and taking a table with room enough for half a dozen people, which he assumed would be enough to accomodate everyone else. Come 12:30, he was proven right, as Victor and Michael were joined by three others; Felix Faraday, Jonathan Jaynes and Richard Rutherford. As the group exchanged business cards, Victor couldn't help but note how strange the alliteration in their names were, though was far too tactful to bring it up to any of the men. Besides, it would've been a textbook case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The meeting was winding up by the time 2 PM rolled around. During that time, Victor had learned more than a little about Felix, Richard, and Jonathan's respective businesses. The most promising among them was Felix's; he intended to make Driftmoore something of a resort town, accomodating the wealthier among its visitors with opulent hotels and luxury stores. Second was Richard's, also advocating tourism, but in the form of a destination spa. Finally, and in Victor's opinion by far the worst, Jonathan intended to build a paper industry from the abundance of lumber in and around Driftmoore. Not only would it have been extremely costly to start up and have to be heavily monitored, but the chances of the citizens allowing it were slim to none. The man just wasn't suited for business - at the very least, not for business in Driftmoore.

As the day wound down - for Victor, at least - he returned to his apartment, spending most of the remainder of the day doing research on Driftmoore's demographics and tourism industry, taking only a short break in between to cook himself some supper. Come 9 PM, he had reverted to browsing news pages online, business news and particular, and by 11 he had made the choice to go to bed a little earlier than usual, in the hopes of sleeping better than the night previous.


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Bryce's Apartment, October 3, 2014, 8:15 AM

Bryce yanked another drumstick from the kit and hurled it at the heavyset young man in front of him. The man quickly dodged the projectile, which bounced off the door-frame and landed softly on the floor. The other band members kept their distance and watched the showdown with wide eyes.

"Dude, there comes a time when you have to just be done with it. Look, Bryce, you roped me into this band thing seven years ago--"

"SEVEN FUCKING YEARS, LES! Doesn't that mean something to you?"

Les sighed and looked to the ground.

"I mean, I'm not saying it hasn't been fun, okay? I've had more fun than I ever though I would doing this with you--"

"If it's so fun, why are you bailing on us now?"

"Dammit, Bryce, will you let me get a word in edgewise?"

Bryce clenched his jaw and curled his hands into tight fists. He nodded slowly.

"Look, man, you know as well as anyone that I want to do something with my life. And five years ago, I naively thought that we could go places, you know, as a band. Dude, I missed college for this, you know I love you guys."

Bryce grunted, keeping his eyes trained firmly on the doorframe.

"I have to be honest with you, Bryce. I don't think we're going anywhere. We're stuck I'm this no name town in the middle of nowhere."

"Don't you remember why we came here, Les?" Bryce burst out, "We're expanding our goddamn reach, Les!"

The anger hiding behind Les' calm exterior finally came through and he began yelling just as loud as his friend.

"We've been stuck here for three years! How can you possibly believe that we're expanding our reach by settling into some middle of nowhere town? You're fooling yourself! All of you people are stuck here, but not me! I'm done settling!"

Bryce's face turned redder and redder as he listened to Les' words. His fingers dug deeper and deeper into the palms of his hands, drawing a bit of blood on the left side. All at once, though, the tension was gone. Bryce's stance straightened out, his face regaining its normal color, and he lifted one of his hands to give Les a good view of his middle finger.

"Fuck you, Leslie!"

Les raised his hands exasperatedly to show that he was done. He nonchalantly turned around and put his hand on the doorknob.

"You better not open that door," Bryce warned.

Les opened the door without looking back.


Les strode out into the hallway and left Bryce's life forever, shutting the door behind him. Bryce glared at the closed door for a good two minutes before turning and ramming his fist into the wall, which did not break like he had hoped. He doubled over, grasping his injured hand.

"Shit, I think I broke my hand."

None of the young men cowering in the corner made a move to help him. It was a good idea to make as little physical contact as possible with Bryce when he was this angry. Suddenly, without warning, their lead singer whipped around and glared at them with a manic smile on his face.

"Well, we gonna practice or what?"


The Coves, 1:20 PM
"He did us all wrong, dude, let's just leave it be."

Bryce shook his head at the curly-haired man sharing the table with him.

"Jack, I don't think you understand. I can't just leave it be, Les was our guitarist. You can't have a band without a guitarist."

Jack sipped his root beer and chuckled.

"What, do you think guitarists are hard to come by? Every kid who wants to look deep learns how to play guitar."

"Sure, they can play pussy guitar, but we aren't little manchildren who want to impress our high school girlfriends. We play metal."

"I'm telling you, a replacement won't be hard to find. Juat put out an ad on Craigslist or something."

"You don't get it, though. Les has been in the band from the very beginning. You and Roy came in later, but Les has always been, you know, a staple. Hey, yeah, excuse me.."

Bryce broke off to tap a passing waiter on the shoulder and hand him his empty glass.

"Could I get a refill on my tea? Thanks."

Jack snickered.

"I still can't believe you drink iced tea now."

"I'm trying to eat healthy, okay? But you're getting me off topic now. We can hire another guitarist, but we can't hire another Les. It's like he uprooted the whole damn thing with that stunt. God, I've got to calm down before I punch somebody.

Jack smiled and shook his head. He pulled out a laptop from his satchel.

"I'm going to post an ad on Craigslist. We can audition guitarists later in the week."

Bryce snorted and checked his watch, wondering what was taking that waiter so long.



Bryce's Apartment, 9:15 PM
Bryce relaxed on his bead and took another hit from his bong. He flipped to Comedy Central, figuring he could watch some Tosh or Drunk History while he waited for sleep to come to him.

You know what, Bryce thought to himself, screw Les. He thinks he's so much better than all the rest of us because he disses on Driftmore. Who cares that we've spent three years here. I could easily spend three more. They love us at the Snake's Pit; we can score easy money there for years. We've got like a hundred free coupons to Merelli's so we'll never run out of pizza, and Roy's got that job at the theater. We're ptetty much set here. I'm even thinking about getting us a gig in the park. All I have to to is talk to Mark--

Bryce suddenly lost his train of thought, coming to a shocking realization.

"Oh shit," he said aloud, "I've become a local."
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Aw crap, I forgot what day the 3rd was. Making a change.

Edit: Also, I think it auto-corrected Tosh as Foam. Wut.


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The Cove - 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

The Cove was filled and bustling. Danielle smiled onward as she kept an eye on Richard. The boy was a sweetheart and was going through a rough time. Even through the rough time, he managed to handle the lunch rush. Danielle glanced over the characters that came into the restaurant - a young man with oddly colored hair and a rapier that always unnerved her, a conglomeration of business folk that were dressed nicely, some punks that were always advertising their band. She gave a sigh. Tons of people, but she had to keep busy. Her eye fell on the young businessman.

Danielle glanced around as she made her way to each table, making sure everything was okay. She stayed at the table of businessmen longer than the others. The young man with the cobalt eyes attracted her. She had rarely seen him and she knew most of the folks in town. The other four there with him were acquaintances and business partners. Felix had even taken her on a “business dinner” to discuss opportunities for the Cove. He tried too hard to be clever as she knew it was a date when his cologne was too strong. After some conversation, she looked over at Jonathan glaring, before glancing to Felix and smiling.

She checked the other tables before helping out in the kitchen. She took note of when Richard left, waving to him when he finally did.

??? - 2:59 AM

S̵̯͚͎͖͇̰͍̞̘̻͓̮̗͉ͯ̉̋̅̊ǫ̶̨̛͕͈͔͎̝̜̠̝͎̱̳̞͍̗̖̲ͬ̂͂̆͋͊̅̔ͮ̅̆͂̓̓̆̚̚̚ ͛ͧ̂͗͛̿̒̊̐ͨ̓̎̍̀̌̈́̕͟͏̦̠̺͍̟̪͎̻̼̭̟͔͇ǐ̶̴̢͖̩͚̯̤̋̇́ͧ̏̆͛̕t̲̣̤͓̠͓̫̦̻͎̙͙̯͇̼̲̞̮͕̏ͩͩͥ̃ͤ͛̔̔͋̂͆͐́̑ͯͧ̏̈͠͡ ̧̢͍͕͙͍̫̘̳̝̙ͫ͑ͮ̉̓ͥ́͛̑̈s̨̗̲͙̮͎̻̞̱̞̮̫ͥ̑ͪ̄ͤ̀ͨ͂̒̓ͦ̑̈̏ͮ̋̚͜͜h̶̡̜̼̰̖̬͗̒͒ͤ͂̓̆ͦ̐́͝ȧ̷͕̫̮͈͉̫̝̻̤̙̯͍͔̟̙͕͈̋ͨͫ͑͊l̛͔̺̲͈͙̙̹͚͔̯͕̭͖̙͛̋̊̊̑̽͛͛͢l̞͖͎͐͋̑̂̿̇ͮ̑̃ͦ͌̉͋̀̀͡ ̢̦̯̙͇͔̻̺̳͚̲͛͂ͧ̉ͤ̒̉̇̋͞ḇ̢̛̜̯͍̗͕̬̺̰̉͆̀̅̋ͯ̈́̔͑̇̃̆̍̑̏͆ę̛̻͉͈̘̞͉̅̊͊̓ͬ̈̏̈́͘̕͞ ̵̧̧̖̹̻̣͖͕̰̲͉̫̳̟̘͚͍̫͒ͣ̌͂̔́͟d͓̯̰̼ͦ̒̐͐̎̿̚͢͠ơ̡̪̫̹̹̦̱̳͓͔̩̏͒̎͛ͯ̕͜͡n͛́̀̆̍͗͆̃͊̌ͮͮ͌͏̦͙͍͓̯͈̹̘̱̬̰͓̼́͘e̸̸̛̮̠̙͖̪ͭ̑̃̽͛̈̈̉͋ͪ̚͝.̷̵̛͖͔̮͔̪͇̱̝̣̝͕̥̜̘̠̝̜ͮͣ̑́̊̄̂̏̿ͭ̒̎ͨͣ̕͞ͅ

The Cove - The Witching Hour

You all awaken to the cold tables of the Cove. You have been there for some reason or another, but something feels different. The normal colors of the Cove are replaced. The bright red of the diner was replaced by a dull, moldy green. The usually spotless white floors were dirty and stained.

The only sense of warmth is felt by Victor. His hand rests on a pallid tome. The tome was bound in something soft. An alarming thought alerts Victor to what it really was - human skin. A clockwork latch kept the tome closed.



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OOC: Oddly colored hair? It's just blond... I think you meant oddly colored eyes. Anyway...

Tolvan groans as he awakens. He glances at his surroundings and starts, surprised and confused. His head throbs with a dull pain as he takes a closer look at the room. He doesn't recognize the people around him, and, nervous, puts his hand on the hilt of his sword.


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Victor was quite surprised to wake and find himself not at home and in bed, but seated at one of the tables in the Cove. For the briefest of moments he thought that he had somehow fallen asleep during the meeting, and chastised himself for doing so, but as he looked around the restaurant it became clear to him that that wasn't the case. While structured like the Cove, it was some sort of... warped version of it. After gazing around and taking fairly careful note of the differences, as well as the people who were actually with him, he looked at the source of the relative warmth he felt on his skin.

He studied the warm, pale material that bound the book curiously, recoiling in shock the instant he realized what it was, but continued to look over the latch to see if it could be opened. Truth be told, Victor was beginning to get the idea that what was happening was just a dream, between the group of people he didn't know gathered in a dark reflection of a place he had recently visited. Not only was it (thus far) a less unnerving than other dreams he had had since visiting Driftmoore, but the disturbing book offered him something to do, and so his fingers made their way to the latch in the hopes of perusing its contents.


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Thomson woke up very surprised, and startled. He could roughly tell the surroundings were that of The Cove, he didn't go out much but it would be hard to not know the town after living in it for so long. A nightmare? Thomson fiddles with his watch winding it back and forth a few times. No it doesn't seem to be one. I never go to the cove so why am I here? Was I abducted? There would have been some sort of struggle, I would have remembered that or feel some sort of pain if that were the case. Calm down, the first thing I need to do is look for any signs of danger and observe my environment.

There are five others here with me, they all look as confused as me so they don't appear to be an immediate threat. I also doubt it would get me anywhere to ask them any questions as to why we are here. The thing that worries me the most is the green environment, add a few coffins and it would be the dark hour, eheheh. Focus, now's not the time for that. One man appeared to be reading... a tome of human skin? This is too unnatural, maybe this is a dream, I'm seeing horror game references. Still, I wonder if it is any good. I need something new to read.
Thomson sits down alerted and ready to face any changes in his environment.


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Richard awoke with a start, the chilling cold from the Coves acted like a shock, pulsing throughout his entire body. Compared to the warmth of his bed the cold was like having a bucket of water being drenched over the unsuspecting victim. Instinctively embracing himself to warm his body, Richard began to look around his surroundings trying to gain his bearings.

It was then he noticed that he had changed back into his Cove uniform. Which he found strange, as he was certain he changed into his running clothes when he finished his shift earlier that day. It was then he recognised the familiar structure of his work “The Cove...” the red walls that Danielle had proudly decorated herself were dank and mouldy. The immaculate floors were stained with dirt and possibly blood. The sight turned his stomach and he began to feel ill, but he wasn’t alone.

Richard noticed the familiar faces of several customers from earlier that day. Did I come back for another shift? Beginning to question and doubt himself he tried to focus on what he could do. Noticing that apart from themselves the Cove appeared to be empty, he decided to check the restaurants exits. While the front door was the main exit there was a fire door both in the kitchen and the back of the staff room.


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You awaken and place your hand on the hilt of the sword. The world around you seems eerie, but the hilt of your sword re-affirms that you have some way to fight back. Looking around, you notice a man dressed in the uniform of the Cove, walking around and investigating.



You toil at the latch, managing to twist a knob as if you were adjusting the time of a watch before it finally opens.

April 28th, 1993.

Jonathan Jaymes was born in New York, New York to Lily and Scott Jaymes. His father was an executive of a paper company while his mother was a secretary.

October 3rd, 2014

Help… me… Victor…

October 4th, 2014

Jonathan Jaymes is found dead in one of his paper mills. In an accident, he tripped into a wood chipper. He leaves behind nothing except for his journal.

As your fingers run along the pages, it evokes the same sensation - flesh. The pages felt… alive. Paper-thin skin had small cuts and red text that gleaned inside of the cuts.



The arms of your watch danced back and forth with each twist of the knob. Looking around, you notice a man dressed in the uniform of the Cove, walking around and investigating.


You walk around, investigating the Cove. The world outside of the Cove was obscured by a thick, purple fog. Walking through the kitchen, bizarre sights caught your eyes. The kitchen was arranged differently here and lacked the supplies. A trapdoor laid in the corner where cardboard boxes were stacked. There were scratches in the floor here and there and a trail of red lead into the storage room.


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Now that I really think about it, that one guy with the sword always wearing a cape seems very familiar, so does that other boy my age, I think I know them from my school, I really should try to talk to people more. Maybe tomorrow after I hopefully survive this odd ordeal. That guy reading the book kind of bothers me though. Thomson goes to see what the man is investigating towards the kitchen. This is definitely strange, I don't think I'll get any worthwhile answers but I should say something to the others here. I don't think it would be as safe to continue alone.

"I don't think I'll get any answers to this, but do you know anything about what's going on? I usually don't go out to eat at three o'clock in the morning, and this atmosphere seems very unnatural."
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