Continuous The Forum Court (Tirin v. Thunder: Opening Statements)


Right Honorable Justice
Okay, so firstly, double-jeopardy applies to being tried twice for the same charge, and not to any or all possibly related charges separate from those already ruled upon. Secondly...

Oh boy, here I go presiding again.

Hear ye, hear ye! Court is in session.

The Right Honorable Justice Easy Rider will now preside over the case of @Tirin v. @Colonel Thunder, concerning perjury charges brought forth by Moderator @Tirin. The Court now calls on both parties to name Prosecution and Defense for their case or, otherwise, waive the right to a representative, and pursue the case themselves.


Right Honorable Justice
ORDER. Court is now in session.

@Tirin @W1LG3RtheCyan

Defense and Prosecution may now present opening statements. Each side, having done so, may then proceed to: call witnesses, present arguments, and/or submit any evidence for or against the charges, or any briefs and statements quoted from an outside party, for or against the charges presented.

This trial will proceed until exactly one week has elapsed, or both sides have presented closing statements - whichever is shorter.



God-Emperor of Tealkind
Your Honor, good ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it's clear that once more has Thunderclaw dishonestly reared his head and told a lie to the good people of Mach Entertainment - in court, no less. This lie, that NieR: Automata had been on TC's Streamlabs wishlist and thereby that his compensation of Druby for it was not comparable to his lack of compensation given to Bob, was deliberately crafted so that he would minimize his risk of being forced to pay Bob back in any meaningful manner.

This was knowingly done for the sake of obstructing justice, and furthermore constitutes a lie made under oath to the Court. I intend to corroborate the fact that it was a lie through the testimony of another member who has previously served as a stream mod for TC.
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