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Colonel Thunder

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I'm a white guy with a decent job, so I think that means I'm supposed to do the fancy gambling with some of my disposable income.

You guys buy stocks yet? Are we that grown up yet? I'd love your thoughts on it.

I've been thinking of moviepass (assuming they're publicly traded) since their stock has tanked so low that even the most modest of a recovery would be a good return. Am I an idiot, or a dumb idiot?

Colonel Thunder

Renowned Blunderer & Dishonorary Czech
Hey now, that thread is in the Shadow Realm. The only stocks you can buy there are probably for like, human trafficking companies or something.

This is a respectable thread for respectable people.

...and our community, too!


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I've invested a little bit of money over the past few years, mostly in marijuana (big surprise), though I regret not putting it into Bombardier when I saw the opening - because since then, the stock price has almost doubled.

In around two years I've made a little over three thousand dollars in profit on an initial investment of ~$11k. That said, that includes a few stocks which I've got unfortunately large (unrealized) losses on and that I hope will recover over the next few months.

My advice is to try and know your industry and understand the trends in both the individual company (as well as, ideally, its business practices and how it's gonna actually make money). Obviously I'm not perfect at that (see the aforementioned losses), but it's also kinda my own fault for putting a bunch of money into two companies on somebody else's advice. I don't know much about Moviepass, but if they had to take out a fat loan just so they could keep their business going at all I wouldn't be super hopeful - even though their stock prices are really low.

Last thing, and probably the most important thing: you do not want to put money into stocks if that's money that you're going to need in the near future. Even if you think a company is going to do well in the long-term, calling how it performs in the short run is kind of a crapshoot without insider knowledge. If you can't imagine hanging onto a company for three to five years minimum, you probably shouldn't buy their stock.
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