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[ADULT] Toxic Mafia: Cancer Wins, No Surprise

Who Was the Game-Winning Cancer?

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Colonel Thunder

Renowned Blunderer & Dishonorary Czech
This is a mafia game where standard rules apply, with some fun flavor.

Phase Time

Without a hammer, day phases will be ended in 72 hours. Players may request an extension if there is ongoing discussion.

Night phases will have a maximum duration of 48 hours. I will not necessarily get on your case about submitting an action during this time; any failure to send in an action by the 48-hour mark will result in a no-action for that player.

Role PM's may not be quoted, but can be paraphrased. Very general summations like "doctor," "vig" etc. will be permitted.


Day-talk is unrestricted.

Night-talk is allowed, provided that:
  • No player makes two consecutive posts at any time during the night, and
  • Any post made during night phase is limited to 20 words or less in length. Images, GIF's, videos or other media containing more than 20 words of substance will be treated according to transcript.
Talking about the game to any forumers outside of specifically approved channels is always and absolutely disallowed.


You must bold your lynch vote for it to count. i.e. Lynch TC

Post Edits

Editing your own posts is allowed at any time. If you wanna risk getting called out on an edit, so be it.

Editing another player's posts is in no way allowed, ever.

Flavor Rules

This game is for toxic (very bad, unpleasant, hurtful) behavior only.

Wholesomeness is not permitted until the game is over.

Players should always vote to lynch the least toxic player unless a message from me indicates otherwise.

Players should be wary of Cancer, a force of evil bred by your toxicity that selects a player to kill every night phase.

Players should also be wary of the Emotionally Unstable Admin, a destructive admin nonsensically nullifying you (D.A.N.N.Y.) and being a really overweight bitch (R.O.B.) about it.

This game is taking place in the Shadow Realm, so posts will not be moderated unless Recon believes it to be absolutely necessary.

Disallowed behaviors: Do not post illegal content. Do not use this game as an excuse to do something actually damaging (i.e. digging up someone's personal info and sharing it online). Do not break the rules mentioned in this OP. Even if mafia rule-breaking fits your definition of "toxic behavior", you will be modkilled regardless. Not posting/lurking does not count as toxic behavior in this game.

Lastly, please remember that this game is about having fun and try not to go overboard on being a cuntmuffin.

Anatron - Cancer
Andy - Toxic Player
Dunsparce - Shadow
Firedemon - Toxic Player
Tirin - Emotionally Unstable Admin/Vengeful Destructive Admin
Whitetiger - Toxic Player
Stealthy - Toxic Player
The Hound - Toxic Player
Jeroth - Toxic Player
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God-Emperor of Tealkind
I'm absolutely prepared to play this - not that that was ever in question despite your stupid goddamn "definitions and clarifications", TC. What kind of dumb fucking chimpanzee of a human being doesn't understand what "toxic" means?

The kind hosting this game, I guess.


Well-Known Member
This game is fucking bullshit. You think anyone is going to want to play your stupid baby forum garbage? Did you consider that we have better things to do than pretend to be trying to figure out alignments when really everyone here has someone they low-key (if not openly) hate and just want to target because they can without seeming like an asshole? That's the only reason people still sign up for this trash.

Everyone here just wants an excuse to at some point call someone a retard (oh sorry does that word offend you guys now? I can say autist instead, or just @Dunsparce ) so you play a boring ass game that nobody actually participates in anymore.

You just say some stupid shit on day 1, someone suggests we don't random lynch, everyone suspects that person and says they are advocating for no lynching, then someone says that person wouldn't say something so fucking stupid as mafia so let's lynch someone else. Then the vote barely passes after the mod warns everyone the day is about to end without a lynch cause nobody is participating at all. Some people are busy, some don't give a shit, and some realize the best way to not get lynched is to just have everyone forget you exist.

Nobody has time or fucks to give when it comes to playing Mafia now and I doubt we will ever have another really high quality, serious, or long game ever again on our forum. If it does happen, it sure as hell won't be in game TC is running. I'm probably a role that matters but I haven't even bothered to look at it because none of this shit matters. Mafia is dead in this community. Fuck you all.

I'm ragequitting. Modkill me. I'll be in Korea.


Well-Known Member
You know what, fuck you guys, I don't care that I''m not in this bullshit game, run by a bullshit host, for these bullshit players, screw all of you

/lynch everyone of you pieces of shit


God-Emperor of Tealkind
Just want everyone to know that I'm not gettin' on with some babydick "waaahhh waahhhh this community's mafia is so bad" bullshit like WT is. I'm not playing this game because I hate and wanna target somebody in particular; it's because I think you're all pathetic piles of garbage who deserve nothing less than having your shitty, fragile little feelings broken over my fucking knee. I don't need an excuse to call you people retards, I just need a place to do it without getting demoted or having someone bitch to RECON about how Tirin was mean to them in a Discord server even though they totally deserved it for having shit opinions or otherwise wasting my time - which, even though it's literally infinite per forum lore, is still lost on you inbreds.

The only thing I'm going to enjoy about this game (or, you know, anyone at all in it) is that I get to lynch one of you for being so unbelievably goddamn dense that you can't even properly shit-talk the awful styles, personalities, opinions, and appearances of everyone involved with this game other than myself. Leaning towards Whitetiger because:
1) he's a dumb little bitch
2) he can't even fathom that half of the players in this game are, in fact, hateful and vicious enough to want to kill somebody off every mafia day phase, and with competition like this I can hardly blame them.

The only reason I'm not gonna bother doing it right the fuck now is because he's the only one who's actually said anything - well, that and the fact that he'd make the best possible modkill, because he's the biggest loser I know. Enjoy Korea for as long as you can, @Whitetiger, but I'm gonna spoil your visit: your girlfriend only wants you because you're white and by the time you've been there twelve hours she'll have been thoroughly disappointed by how you're a complete beta with a sub-Asian cock.

As for you, @Tag_Ross: none of us care, either.


Well-Known Member
Well first of all fuckos Lynch Anatron because apparently '\' Substitutes as an '\in' these days, pretty fitting for a bloke who's absence could be substituted with fuck all and nobody would fuckin' notice.