uhhhhh.... Hi?


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Suh dude. Really have no reason to be here except to maybe torment Alex *cough cough* I mean RECONmaster on his dang forum. It's pretty annoying when his loud, yappy dog poops in my bedroom. Please do something about it. And for some reason, even when I bug him about it, he won't give me mod. I know, right? Who wouldn't give their cousin mod???


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Hey my man, nice to meet you! RECON probably won't give you mod because we've got plenty as is, but if you get more cool people to pop by I'm sure there'll be room for more on the staff team.

Make sure to annoy the hell out of him whenever you get the chance; I'll demonstrate. @RECONmaster hey, just wanted to let you know that Prince is dead. I know, I know - none of us saw that one coming. Tragic.
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