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Sorry for my absence your honour, I struggle to find the words in this format. Much like a disgruntled middle aged man with little time for jury duty, I am tempted to follow the path of least resistance and continue aiding Tirin against the Perfidious Firedemon, but I know such an action with little information would not be righteous. Though it would take much deliberation and meditation to consider Tirins now confirmed and documented self sex orgy strategy righteous also.
I'm following suit on Defendant Andy's post. I've been eagerly observing the court case, but I did not want to bumble into the crossfire of such an intensive court case. For now, I will try to play the part of an unbiased jury. While Defendant Tirin may be degenerate in his personal life, that is not the matter of the court to decide on.

Something that I would like to bring up is the concept of this being akin to a bastard mafia game. I am not certain if that is the case, but I would like to keep it in mind.


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TC showed himself to be thoroughly discriminating against multiple individuals in this courtroom based solely on their race, an act which in fact violates the constitution of Mach Entertainment (see Article 3) and so would be considered illegal not only within the confines of this courtroom, but elsewhere on the site and technically anywhere in my jurisdiction. Of note is that I have done no such thing throughout the duration of these trials.
While the Prosecution does stand corrected that a specific law was violated by the condemned, the Prosecution points out that the very same law outlines the punishments for such an offense. The Court did not sentence the condemned to any of the listed punishments, demonstrating that the Mostest Honorable Supreme Justice W. Man's power clearly is not bound to the letter of the law. The Prosecution again notes that the Court has the power to punish without violation of specific, well defined laws, again citing the punitive moniker "Perfidious".

However, the Prosecution has reconsidered all of the evidence, and is no longer concerned with possible causality violations. The Prosecution is not satisfied with the Defendant's blanket and unspecific assessment that any apparent causality violations are in fact not, but does not wish to press the matter further at this time. The Prosecution has instead developed a much more definitive line of questioning for the Defendant. Defendant Tirin, are you in fact a walrus or part walrus?


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Day 2 - Execution

This day saw a heated argument between the Perfidious Firedemon and the man on the stand, Tirin.

This court has no words to respond to the sexual deviance detailed and displayed by Tirin, but this court does have words for other matters.
Clearly the law is not well defined and instead much is left to the discretion of the Impeccably Honorable Supreme Justice W. Man. Therefore, the accusation that I am accusing you of breaking non-existent laws is irrelevant, as the existence of a particular law is clearly not entirely pertinent to punishments.
In this matter of the definition of laws to this court, the Perfidious Firedemon is entirely correct. For matters within this court's jurisdiction, much is up to the discretion of the Supreme Justice, and not only when pertinent to punishments, but also when pertinent to rewards. Perfidious Firedemon, this court hereby bestows upon you the honouourary title of "Insightful."

Oh Perfidious Insightful @Firedemon - your questioning exposed uncomfortable truths about Tirin's sexual activity. But no point you made was logically sufficient to sway this court into executing the time lord. You brought expectations of a causality fueled argument that was never delivered. And Tirin, so much of your content was either sexual in nature or focused on the definition of laws, a point to which this court rules in Firedemon's favor. The truly concerning matter brought forth in your exchange - the degenerate title of "Degenerate Wannabe Justice" - is one that this court ultimately cannot (or at least, will not) rule upon this Day with the current evidence.

Though certainly the most abundant, it is not the words of the time lord Tirin or the Perfidious Insightful Firedemon that have moved this court today.

The Menace == red

Firedemon's profile, and nature of being a demon of fire, is red/orange...Looks like an open and shut case boys.
@Andy - Your use of colouour continues to impress this court. You painted a profound argument. With your illustrative point at the foreground, and Tirin's words as less important supporting drapery, this court hereby executes the Insightful Perfidious Firedemon.

Firedemon has been executed!
Firedemon was Heroic Prosecutor Walrus (Neutral)

You are Heroic Prosecutor Walrus (Neutral) - Each night, choose one other player (not yourself) to be a Defendant. You must choose a different player each night. There may be multiple Defendants at a time. You cannot choose a dead player!

When you die, you win IF all Defendants are dead. The game cannot end while you are still alive.

You are also Heroic! If you are night killed, you are instead MORTALLY WOUNDED. You will die at the end of the day phase. Use this chance to eliminate a defendant during the day phase! As you are an important figure in this community, the fact that the Prosecutor was mortally wounded will be posted in thread at the start of the Day Phase, and an obituary will be posted in esteemed forum newspaper the Rogue Tusk when you die. looks like the red in Firedemon's avatar was not the telltale color today...this is a tragedy.


All Night Actions need to be received by 5:30pm EDT on Wednesday 10/17
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oi fuckos get your night actions in
The fact that you need a third person to use your account to organise the game is tricky Walrus! Hope it isn't slowing you down too much.


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Order in the Vessel of Aquatic Life!

We all gather here today while mourning the death of beloved hero Prosecutor Walrus. Our tears (or at the very least, my tears) fill this vessel's brim to a satisfying quantity.

During the night, while my tears gathered in this judicial chamber where the Supreme Bed also resides, another valuable asset of this community was lost. Walrus Logic, the very logic that has guided this community in moments of crisis, has been murdered!

Jeroth has been killed!
Jeroth was Walrus Logic (Town)

You are Walrus Logic (Town) - Each night, you may choose a player other than yourself. They cannot be executed by Walrus next day phase, no matter how convincing of an argument is made against them.

You win when there are only Town aligned players remaining. You lose when there are no Town aligned players remaining. The game cannot end with a Town defeat as long as a Town aligned player is still alive.

@AndyM03 @Tirin - To save time, The Honorific Superb Justice W. Man hereby preemptively calls you both onto the Stand. Two separate, opposite stands have been provided for your standing obligation and pleasure. This court shall heed the most convincing argument on how to proceed.

The Fish Bowl is flooded with tears! All players will be forced to swim, paddle, or find some other means to stay afloat.

Day 3 Begins! Day 3 will end Monday 10/22 at 6:30pm EDT.


Colonel Thunder - Doctor Walrus (Town)
Firedemon - Prosecutor Walrus (Neutral)
Jeroth -
Walrus Logic (Town)


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Your honour, I promise we are close to getting this right.
TC, a known scholar and gentlemen of the green Town faith, has advised us to lynch on Race.
Firedemon the Perfidious, killing him based on the colour red, and his likeness to The Menace, was incorrect.

The clear answer is that the beast that is the menace would not be shining their colours willy nilly during the day. No, The Menace is a devious creature indeed. It is far more likely that it posts in TEAL, in a vain attempt to mask it's true nature. Vain, I say, because I have you now Tirin. Your tricks end here, Villainous Timelord.

Also to put it far more bluntly i've played terribly and had no reason to assist you in attacking Firedemon, and flip flopped like crazy due to the format of the game, and yet you've ignored me entirely, which against most other players isn't much of a statement, but against the Mafia king of aggressive play, the man who leaves no stone unturned, it's fishy as all hell that you haven't clobbered me over the head yet during the day. It does make more sense however, that you cared not at all what I did during the day, so long as you could post and post arguments endlessly and ensure Walrus killed a townie and not you just by sheer volume.

And a pre-emptive defence of myself, your honour, if I may.
Your Honour, I am a player who has taken a leaf out of your own book. My arguments, while potentially silly, short, and mis-informed, have struck true to your heart throughout this tragedy. My use of bold, colour, and most importantly wit, has kept you smiling and hopeful in these dark times. No, it was not the legal foreplay that Firedemon and Tirin conducted that decided our actions, but my quips and jabs that reminded you of yourself in your younger, Walrus life. Tirin, despite the mask he wears today, cannot change his nature that is The Menace. He is a snake in this courtroom, using knowledge and words to take life, instead of bringing hope. Using his powers to destroy rather then create.

I see a future with you and me rebuilding this town Your Honour, one built on hope, kindness, and bright colourful letters for tusks to munch on. I implore you with all my might, and the most seriousness I've felt all game, to put this Villainous Timelord to your hammers justice.


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-The courtroom is flooded in tears (Superb Justice, page 4)
-Walrus Logic was murdered! (Superb Justice, page 4)
-Tirin posts in TEAL in order to hide his true RED nature. (Andy, page 4)
-Tirin has been entirely ignoring Andy (Andy, page 4)
-Andy uses "potentially silly, short, and mis-informed" arguments (Andy, page 4)
-A vision of the Superb Justice rebuilding this town on hope, kindness, and bright colourful letters for tusks to munch on (Andy, page 4)

Day 3 ends in ~48 hours.


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I apologize for the delays in my posting. I've been very much busy and would like to request an extension of the day phase; last night's tequila has not been treating me exceptionally well.


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I apologize for the delays in my posting. I've been very much busy and would like to request an extension of the day phase; last night's tequila has not been treating me exceptionally well.
If it's worth anything I accept this request, though I do find the Time Lord's request for a time extension amusing. Perhaps he has taken a humble turn in regards to his powers?


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To me, time is like distance - and I need some distance from last night to recover and collect my thoughts.


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Ahem. My sincere apologies to the court for the delay.

Supreme Honourable Justice W. Man, there is a great deal to read into regarding Andy's argument, but it is unfortunately clear that he is still basing his argument around color and race instead of the content of a forumer's character - despite the irony of him doing so, having been accused of being The Menace by virtue of his own race.

He makes claim to have played for the sake of quips, wittiness, and good humor throughout the entirety of this game... but when it comes down to the wire, he starts to get deadly serious and makes attempt at cold, vicious logic. The truth of the matter is that I have been terribly occupied for most of the past two and a half weeks; I have had to deal with extensive personal issues as well as re-settling into my education after a major move, and done merely my best to try and keep active - hence my requiring this extension to begin with. In any case, it's clear that Andy has been doing his level best to keep his head down so I don't fuck with him, which FD failed miserably at.

On the other hand, Your Honour, Andy's arguments have led directly to not one, but two righteous Walruses - the Heroic (but Perfidious) Prosecutor Walrus (Neutral) and beloved Doctor Walrus - meeting their demise. Yet, he has shown no remorse; he has shown no sign that this was anything but exactly what he planned for. There are many deadly snakes in the fearsome land of Australia - but it's clear that The Menace is the most lethal and dangerous of all of them for our fair forum.

Speaking of Australians... it is painfully clear that Andy has been making generous use of translation software to conceal his heritage: this entire thread does not heretofore contain a mention of the terms "mate" or "cunt", and but a single "oi" was used throughout the duration of it in response to a night phase wherein Andy was clearly stressed, no doubt because he was worried that he had been roleblocked on the first night and thought he would be zeroed in on - hence the lack of a kill.

Allow me to paint for you a picture of what Andy really feels, using postdictive technology (TM) which only powerful, enlightened, and sexually liberated time deities such as myself have ready access to. And, truly, you're welcome for my expertise.

¿ɥɐǝʎ ɯnɹoɟ ǝɥʇ ɟo ʇsǝɹ ǝɥʇ ɥʇᴉʍ ɹǝʌo sƃuoɯ ǝsǝɥʇ llɐ ʞɔnɟ oʇ ʇᴉɐʍ ʇ,uɐƆ ¡ɥʇɐo ,uᴉʞɔnɟ ʎpoolq s,ʇɐɥʇ puɐ llɐ puɐ ǝɔɐuǝW ǝɥ┴ ƃuᴉǝq ,uᴉʍǝds ǝɯ ǝʌɐɥ sǝɯᴉʇ ʇᴉɐʍ ǝsǝɥʇ 'snɹlɐM ʞooɹɔ sᴉ ǝɯɐƃ ǝɥʇ ǝsᴉuɐƃɹo oʇ ʇunoɔɔɐ ɹnoʎ ǝsn oʇ ǝʇɐɯ ɹǝɥʇouɐ pǝǝu ɐʎ ʇɐɥʇ ʇɔɐɟ ǝɥ┴
uᴉ suoᴉʇɔɐ ʇɥƃᴉu ɹnoʎ ʇǝƃ sʇunɔ ʎƃpoq ,uᴉʞɔnɟ ɐʎ ᴉo
And there you have it, Your Honour. His words are upside down. His values are upside down. And if you're telling me that Andy isn't the worst guy ever made, then you're the second-worst guy ever made.

As far as questions, given that Andy is currently occupying the stand... @AndyM03, I would ask of you:

1) Why are you currently in Australia instead of a country that is not a prison? Is it because of an act that you committed personally, or due to a heinous blood crime undertaken by your faithless ancestors which has permanently and irreparably stained your soul? If you are not currently in Australia, will you admit that you left the country to commence maurauding and murdering in our fair forum?

2) Why did you knowingly, willfully, and without remorse assist in the murder of two innocent Walruses? Have you no shame, or merely no empathy?
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