Active Walrus Court Mafia (2/5) - ...?


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“How is he?”


“So, same as usual?”



The Honorary Superlative Judicial Wall Rusm Ann hereby declares that the time has come for an official ruling on this case. Lengthy, proper waiting was prescribed to lead up to this moment. Now, finally, is the moment for ultimate action.

To be continued.


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"Truly puzzling is the case of this chap," commented an outside observer. "Yes...he lays there oh so feverishly, and appears to be shouting words. Most exquisite words, mind you. Those of a truly righteous individualist! But, it does appear, that not a single sound has been made for quite some time."


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It is the will of this court to enact justice. Justice, the word which, when enacted, punishes all wrongdoings to the point of their elimination from the book of society. But an an underlining force, The Menace has been threatening to tear this book asunder, and, even worse, is now threatening to withstand the specifically supreme power of justice.

It has persisted despite multiple en-actions of justice. An unimportant doctor, a gravely missed hero, and even an advanced method of thinking have been eradicated from the confines of my...yet The Menace is still here, asphyxiating everything.

This method - justice - was specifically chosen to eliminate this hidden palooka. Yet it is still here, in this very room.

Justice is not a game. Andy, Tirin, one of you is The Menace - and The Menace will B


To be continued


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"Was this a bad idea?"

Standing in the hallway, staring through the glass, the Mayor mumbled these words.
"Mr. Mayor." - A doctor walked through the door.
"Usual condition, sir."
"The fundraiser was a huge success, sir. We couldn't have gotten here without it."
"Yes, but this results yet...was it really our best approach for savin-"

"It will work." - a menacing voice entered the room.

" was your recommendation that set us on this path, this method. He hasn't moved for months. Is this really what he needs!?"

"What he needs is simplification."
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